Are We Too Savvy For Letchkov Moments?

Do we know too much about football to truly enjoy a World Cup? Fans now face ridicule for a lack of knowledge in an age when we're drowning in information...

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badwolf (Manchester United) says...

This and recent international tournaments have definitely changed thanks to the amount of information. Now its about which supposed super stars (like Neymar and Cavani) are going to tank, as often its the first chance we'll have had to see them in action, rather than who comes out of left-field. Though we should take a minute to thank Arsenal for keeping Campbell under a bushel.

Posted 1:25pm 17th June 2014

badwolf (Manchester United) says...

My answer is to drag any football hipster you can find to the wide river of mainstream football and drown them in it.

Posted 1:23pm 17th June 2014

kolevlfc (Liverpool) says...

Really enjoyed the article. I was thinking though (as a Bulgarian) Trifon was playing for Rapid Vienna at that time. After a quick check on Wikipedia, I saw Daniel was right :)

Posted 12:22pm 17th June 2014

wholesisckcrew (Manchester United) says...

Nah, the Netherlands Spain game was a revelation. It reminded me of the 5-0 Barca spanking of Real. A thoroughly enjoyable outstanding performance. And as a Manchester United fan who has access to a season ticket and once, before moving away, went regularly, I've never really enjoyed watching football on the TV that much (especially last season). I mean, it does a job, but I do love the idiosyncrasies of a football match. For instance being able to focus on a single player for a bit, especially when they're having a particularly awful game. The exception is the world cup. Especially this one. It's been great. I'm having a great time.

Posted 11:39am 17th June 2014

monkey_d_luffy (Manchester United) says...

@harry hotspur Me neither. And neither has Patrick Vieira apparently who was lightly mocked for his ignorance by Fabio Cannavaro when they were discussing about the Italian players that would walk into England's first team.

Posted 9:11am 17th June 2014

JacobBurns (Leeds United) says...

If everyone knows too much about football then why were all blown away by the scale of Holland's victory against Spain?

Posted 9:09am 17th June 2014

ajsr1982 (Liverpool) says...

This World Cup is full of players I've heard of (thanks Football Manager) or I've at least read about. However, much like bun9 below, not having Sky (thanks other half) means that the only matches I generally watch in full these days are Liverpool games. This means that I'm watching the vast majority of these players for the first time, and it's been ruddy fantastic thus far. I've switched off from the Champions League too, due to my team's absence from it. It's been a revelation. I've heard all about Daley Blind, Ricardo Rodriguez and James Rodriguez but I've never seen them play before. My favourite time at any World Cup is the second game, when you've seen all the teams once, and you start paying closer attention to the players that impressed you in the first round of games; looking for tactical similarites and differences, etc. Brilliant stuff.

Posted 3:41pm 16th June 2014

funboyone says...

Daniel Storey is younger than me

Posted 3:37pm 16th June 2014

tk421 says...

Great piece.

Posted 2:49pm 16th June 2014

hubie22 (Arsenal) says...

This article could be applied to most things in life these days imo. Maybe I'm just getting old (I am), but I'm actually starting to find great comfort in my relative ignorance about this sort of thing :)

Posted 2:47pm 16th June 2014

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