Attack Early, And England Should Make Hay

The way in which Costa Rica were able to pick off Uruguay should make England's task easier, so long as they keep up their attacking intensity. He who dares win, Rodney...

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bleublancrouge (Chelsea) says...

If Liverpool "This Does Not Slip" FC is the template, this will not go well at all for England. On another note, I was amazed by the charity and good will ("glorious defeat") that has predominantly greeted England's whimpering loss to an Italian team in cruise control. How low have this team and its fans' standards fallen?

Posted 7:15pm 19th June 2014

dozzey (Arsenal) says...

England will lose.. and badly. I'm looking forward to the tears.

Posted 2:07pm 19th June 2014

bobsy (Liverpool) says...

however, omitting Terry and Cole, just to make the Chelsea haters happy - pathetic, just pathetic

Posted 1:33pm 19th June 2014

discodez (Aston Villa) says...

Leaving out Terry (retired from international football) and Cole (injured most of the season, second fiddle to a Azpiliqueta) was just to please the "haters" and a small forward line (Sturridge 6 foot, Wellbeck 6ft 1), Rooney (top scorer in qualifying, set up the equalising goal on Saturday) and Gerrard (universally lauded for his performances anchoring midfield for Liverpool this season) not good enough. As Partridge would say "some people!"

Posted 12:55pm 19th June 2014

hump3. (Ipswich Town) says...

Absolutely, lets go at them from the start, no fear, 3 lions on the shirt. Massively looking forward to this, which is in stark contrast to most previous tournaments. P.S. He who dares win, Rooney... *subtle upgrade. Bon mot la douche 365

Posted 12:37pm 19th June 2014

Skoolyad (Bradford City) says...

Personally, I think this World Cup has come two years early for this team in general (although the performance of the Liverpool contingent over the last 6 months makes up for it somewhat). They look promising - but young and sometimes lack the cohesiveness of a team that has played together for a long time. They played very well in spots against italy but then had some very quiet spells also. I wish that Roy had had more time to play his first XI together once or twice. As such, this team is as capable of 'cutting-loose' and hammering a team as it is from having a stinker. The key to progressing in tournaments is to ensure that you deliver your best performances when it really matters and - if you're going to have an off-day - have it against a smaller team that you can struggle by against (a bit like the Dutch have done so far). So let's hope tonight is the night that everything clicks...

Posted 12:16pm 19th June 2014

red007 says...

I wish England all the best against Uruguay. However, omitting Terry and Cole, just to make the Chelsea haters happy, was a big mistake. England do not have a top class defensive midfielder, their forward line is small (no plan B as expected), and their best players (Rooney and Gerrard) are just not good enough. England will fail against a good team, the same way Liverpool failed against Chelsea "B".

Posted 11:13am 19th June 2014

goonerwinit (Arsenal) says...

Totally agree, seems quite simple to me, switch Rooney and Sterling and go for them, also the heat/humidity in Sao Paulo shouldn't be as bad as Manaus so we should be able to cope with the high energy approach for longer. If he wants to throw in a surprise Chamberlain for Wellbeck would be even more positive, depending on if he's fit that is, but just play him in the first half to totally blitz them then bring Wellbeck on. If we get out of the group we could do really well.

Posted 10:33am 19th June 2014

goal_lazio says...

England Tried playing like liverpool, it didn't work, not even for st. stevie England Should play more like crystal palace,

Posted 10:15am 19th June 2014

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