No Revolution...The Evolution Is Underway

There will be calls to 'rip it up and start again' but that's the process that began in Brazil. Matthew Stanger is not too depressed; the defence will never be that bad again...

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Gab1965 says...

Fact is, everyone talking about how well England played, Costa Rica beat both of their performances. We should stop thinking about names and reputations and just look at results. We failed and we are out, that's all that matters. All the arguments about why we fail, maybe we could do with more players who play abroad? Rather than complaining about foreigners here. We look naive at this level and maybe if we had more players who experienced the game in other countries, we might have a bit more nous. Look at the players who hit the winning goals against us, Balotelli and Suarez, both played in our league for at least a couple of years. Rather than complaining about them being here, stopping our players from progressing, maybe some of our players should be going abroad. When Spain were winning everything, even with the league they have, a lot of their players were playing in different league or had done at some point. We need to do the same.

Posted 11:30pm 21st June 2014

HarryBoulton says...

@ajsr1982, I agree. Rooney should have had at least one more. The left-footed drive was well saved, but half a foot either way and it would have been flying in. On such small margins are these games decided, unfortunately. He hit it well enough. In the words of Andy Townsend, he hit it "too well". Had he scuffed it, it would probably have gone in......? The header was point blank, as close as it was, but the driven finish should have gone in. I would have loved to see a peak level Ferdinand, Terry and Cole at the back. We may not have conceded so easily if we had, but that's all very hypothetical. I am wary of singling out individuals. It's a collective game, and if Gerrard or Johnson did make mistakes leading up to the goals, we have to ask ourselves how and why the teams objective was laid to rest on the shoulders of two individuals in the first place. Surely those in front and behind should have been reading the situations a little better to begin with? I don't know, but I am always loathe to single individuals out in the first place. t gets us nowhere at all. That goes for the manager as well. Prior to Roy, we had Fabio and Sven, both VERY successful managers, and they had peak level "golden generation" players at their disposal and they were hardly great either. Quarter finals, yes, but I would argue that we actually played better football this summer than we ever did under those two in tournaments.

Posted 1:59pm 21st June 2014

Jay_D says...

ajsr1982 it's funny that you say we played an attacking system because we looked very poor going forwards. Henderson's pass completion rate should be tempered by the fact that we didn't make a single through ball all game (or at least thats what I've been told). That Gerrard and Henderson apparently neither created, dictated nor destroyed is pretty damning. Saying that I thought our forwards were poor too. Sterling strangely failed to link up with Johnson effectively, Welbeck was often collecting the ball in and around the centre circle, Sturridge rarely had a sniff and often pulled out wide to search for the ball and Rooney probably should have scored at least one more. In short, we didn't play very well!

Posted 1:22pm 21st June 2014

gordy (Leeds United) says...

Rooney as captain ffs what are people drinking. I have been watching the world cup abroad, and the number one question from the locals is why is Rooney playing. From teams we have played their fans are happy we persist with him they don't see him as the threat If we make Rooney captain i for one will rip up my passport and start supporting scotland!

Posted 8:08am 21st June 2014

ajsr1982 (Liverpool) says...

Harry, I thought the forwards were actually pretty poor against Uruguay. Rooney was the pick but I think he should have scored at least another one. The issue with the two 'holding' midfielders is that neither of them are destroyers. Henderson is in there as a box to box midfielder, for his energy, and I thought he was good against Uruguay. Your assertion that he doesn't keep the ball is belied by the fact that his 86% pass success rate was only bettered by the two centre backs. I'm always wary of such stats but many of his passes were incisive on the night. Gerrard was poor, but he's in there to dictate the play first and break it up second. Playing the two of them together in midfield, along with attacking full backs and what was essentially a front four was always going to spell trouble. No other team in this tournament has such an attacking system. Italy didn't expose it because their attacking players aren't up to much, but Uruguay are a different prospect.

Posted 9:51pm 20th June 2014

Jay_D says...

Well of course you'll leave it at that Bobsy, Liverpool won f*** all last season! I'm aware I've just become what I've always hated but thats what international football does to you

Posted 5:31pm 20th June 2014

HarryBoulton says...

On a side note, I enjoyed watching England, as much as the results diappoint. I thought the front four of Rooney, Sterling, Sturridge and Welbeck acquitted themselves quite well, but they were sorely let down by a leaky defence and two holding midfield players that seemed to struggle to hold onto the ball, or protect those behind them. I've always loved Italy........

Posted 3:39pm 20th June 2014

HarryBoulton says...

@red007, it's not biased or stupid to have faith in your players, young or old. When Uruguay do eventually go out (assuming they don't win the World Cup, that is) do you think everyone in this country will be "laughing at their bias and stupidity"? Of course they won't. It's stupid to suggest anything like that. No one in Uruguay or Italy remotely gives a sh*t of how the English view themselves. Does anyone really care how one country views itself? Going into a World Cup every set of fans believes their side is capable of more than they probably are. We have a some good players, but the experienced players have struggled for form, and the younger ones are still wet behind the ears. It was a tough group to begin with. I have gathered that you're not English, would that be correct? So go and support whoever it is you support, unless you're Welsh, Scottish or Irish, in which case, you simply have no place to be commenting at all.

Posted 3:37pm 20th June 2014

ajsr1982 (Liverpool) says...

@jimbob87 - You are quite right in what you say about Suarez, but I feel that you've picked a bad example. Without wanting to get into a debate about it, Suarez is probably one of the best ten players in the world right now. Only Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Germany and Argentina can claim to have a player in their ranks that rivals him. Uruguay also have Cavani who is excellent. Beyond that however, they are, man-for-man, inferior to England. What they have though is a balanced system that plays to their strengths. They know they have no pace at the back so they defend deep, concede possession and hit teams with quick counter attacks, and it works. England's defence is their weakest department on paper. Playing what are essentially two wide forwards in front of attacking full backs and having Gerrard as a screen for two centre backs is tantamount to footalling suicide. Liverpool have exactly the same problem, but they have better attacking players than England that have been able to dig them out more often than not.

Posted 3:16pm 20th June 2014

bobsy (Liverpool) says...

i think f365 might have wrote some stuff today but it was difficult to read it through all the writer's tears. you can tell how upset they are by the fact they've locked every suarez story. now, no-one likes a bad loser chaps. maybe just take the rest of the day and go home and sit in your flowery jim jams and give your cat a cuddle?

Posted 2:57pm 20th June 2014

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