Is There A Chance We Can Suffer Suarez In Silence?

The stupidity of one man could threaten to overshadow what has been a wonderful tournament. Whether or not Liverpool are able to get rid, ignoring Suarez might be the best response...

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lfcfan80 (Liverpool) says...

Easy Gollo, Hump3's ditty is amusing, yes, magnificent, no. Shakespeare is magnificent or Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel is magnificent.

Posted 9:36pm 27th June 2014

sinbadsdad (Liverpool) says...

johnnyc1976, if only Scotland had qualified hey?

Posted 12:53pm 27th June 2014

Gollo (Wolverhampton Wanderers) says...

Hump3 - Take a bow son, cos that is magnificent

Posted 12:24pm 27th June 2014

sinbadsdad (Liverpool) says...

Jesus delboy did something explode in the kiln this morning or are you just determined to offload as much of the mail online comments section onto this site as possible?

Posted 12:16pm 27th June 2014

johnnyc1976 (Celtic) says...

A wonderful World Cup?? The standard of football has been average and at sometimes boring to watch. I can only hope it picks up!!

Posted 12:13pm 27th June 2014

sharkster (Liverpool) says...

Yes Phillip, he¿s a leper to society at large. Even ushering his name will open the gates of hell. Will somebody please think of the children? I¿m in no way condoning his behaviour, and his ban is more than justified, but please let¿s stop with holier than thou crap. You think Suarez has carved a new low, do you? In the 60s, 70s & 80s, the hard men of the game would threaten (and in some cases carry out) leg breaks on ¿fancy dan¿ footballers. These were conscious premeditated decisions, legitimate intimation tactics, to gain their team an advantage. In some cases ending careers. But the fans loved their hard men, they were hero worshipped. And they bragged about it in the autobiographies. So that was all cool, yeah? These role models were ok then, yeah? But that filthy little Suarez on the other hand, we can¿t wash our hands of him quickly enough, right? Is that how we should treat all people with self destruct mental health issues? And let¿s be clear here, there is nothing for him to to gain. No injury to an opponent, no chance to score a goal, no chance to gain any advantage whatsoever. It's total self destruction against his own interests. Nothing good for himself or his team can result. He¿s clearly not making a conscious decision when the red mist descends. Unlike the hardmen ¿heros¿ of yesteryear. He needs therapy, he needs help. What he doesn¿t need is the self righteous pseudo-mortified moanings of people like Cornwall.

Posted 12:11pm 27th June 2014

Triangler (Liverpool) says...

And overmars, how have you not grasped yet that Liverpool refusing to sell to Arsenal was not "illegal" and had nothing to do with Arsenal? Release clauses exist to allow players to move when the club doesn't want to sell. They don't exist to help the club that wants to buy. The fact that they benefit from them is secondary. If Suarez had actually wanted to move to Arsenal he would have forced the move through but a cynic/realist might think that he was hoping that if Liverpool thought they had to sell anyway, they might reduce their price and sell him to Real Madrid rather than let him to a rival in england. Liverpool convinced Suarez to stay and had he actually wanted to go to Arsenal, that wouldn't have happened. You can't really blame him. Liverpool are a club that actually want to win things rather than just qualify for them to keep the bank balance healthy. Arsenal have been happy to keep building up those fourth place trophies (at least they won a real trophy this season) while Liverpool have been looking to actually improve upon where they are. A player like Suarez doesn't consider fourth place a trophy so a club like Arsenal just don't match his ambitions.

Posted 11:03am 27th June 2014

sinbadsdad (Liverpool) says...

This is meta commentary.

Posted 11:02am 27th June 2014

Triangler (Liverpool) says...

Have to agree with yossarian_lives on video evidence. What Suarez did was bad but biting isn't ruining the game. Cheating is, yet if a referee misses a dive there's no punishment for the cheat. Serial recipients of red cards for dangerous, potentially career threatening play get increasingly harsh punishments but only that season and then the slate is wiped clean (which is just as well for Lee Cattermole, Pepe, etc.) but not for Suarez. Nobody's saying Suarez shouldn't be punished but he's been banned for 39 matches now by my count just for three biting incidents while the players who regularly put in potentially (and even actual) leg-breaking challenges and even have multiple red cards for it have had a fraction of that ban. Serial cheats (of which Suarez has certainly been one) have served, in general, no bans at all other than on the rare occasions that a referee has had the courage to issue a second yellow card for a dive. On top of that, like dearg said, clubs now have a pretty good excuse to discourage players from going on international duty and will doubtless be encouraging their more volatile employees in particular to withdraw/make themselves unavailable/retire from international football. The World Cup is something that most football fans look forward to for four years but how long will that last if the number of top players taking part starts to drop? F365 also seems to have lost sight of things by suggesting that Uruguay deserve to go out of the tournament not for their ability on the pitch (and they looked awful without Suarez) but because they had the temerity to stand up for their team mate who, while definitely guilty, is also the victim of constant abuse in the media, partly of his own making but not to the extent that he actually receives it.

Posted 10:54am 27th June 2014

delboy (Stoke City) says...

thesignature01- these are the same journalists who voted him football writers' player of the year last season, how come they didnt vote for a good old fashioned English centre forward like Crouch or Carroll?. Time to stop with this imaginary persecution by the British media, it just makes scousers, sorry i mean Liverpool fans, look even more ridiculous

Posted 10:45am 27th June 2014

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