Hazard Still Guilty Of Flattering To Deceive

Belgium continued their rather haphazard route through the competition with extra-time victory over USA, but Eden Hazard continues to be slightly uninspiring...

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polaknuar says...

'He who laughs, laughs longest'? Confucius would have been proud of that one.

Posted 3:06pm 3rd July 2014

frakessmee (Hibernian) says...

I made a comment after the Brazil v Chile game saying how Brazil were very average and couldn't win the tournament and Colombia will beat them blah blah, but the truth is after seeing everyone several times, and having given it some consideraton there are no properly good teams in the tournament we have left 8 decent teams who are all capable of playing well on their day but are just as likely to throw in a stinker. Ultimately that's what has made the tournament exciting is the lack of the usual 2 or 3 really top sides, no sense of inevitability about any of the games, no team has anything approaching a decent defence and just everyone giving it a proper go. Belgium are no different to any of this they are as likely to win it as anyone else at this stage it's a lottery. We should all, myself included, stop looking for this mythical great team to appear and just enjoy it. Good luck to them all!!

Posted 2:12pm 3rd July 2014

Gab1965 says...

the duvel - Yes, my thoughts exactly. I even saw a mail claiming they were like Sven's England team. They've played four games, the Algerians gave the Germans a fright, as did the Americans, who the Belgians dominated, and they played with 10 men and controlled the game with a lot of reserves in against the Koreans. The only slightly disappointing display was against the Russians. I think they have been as impressive as anyone else in the competition, certainly as good as Brasil and Argentina up to this point. Haphazard, my a*se!

Posted 1:11pm 3rd July 2014

shea666 (Manchester United) says...

A counter argument is you will please, Hazard's (and Origi's) running tired the opposition allowing Lukaku to take advantage when he came on fresh and played a part in helping the goals. Hazard was man of the match against Russia, 2 assists from 4 games isn't terrible either. He's not alone in this tournament from having patchy form, but he's doing better than any english player by virtue of still being there

Posted 7:19pm 2nd July 2014

bleublancrouge (Chelsea) says...

@thedoc: yes, it's a blessing that you have missed out on Hazard and field "TC23" and Welbeck instead. Mind you, Hazard's career did not begin when he arrived to the Premier League, he has had 5 good to great seasons as a pro already, winning titles and best player awards. Even if he retired today, he would not have been a flash in the pan.

Posted 2:59pm 2nd July 2014

the duvel (Manchester United) says...

Played 4 Won 4. Not a bad haphazard record.

Posted 1:43pm 2nd July 2014

harry hotspur (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

Belgium remind me of England: lots of respectably talented players who just don't quite seem to click together, stormed through qualifying and now struggling to be their best at the tournament proper. Main difference is the quality of the defence. Courtois, Kompany, Van Buyten, Vertonghen and Alderweireld would all get into the England team. (Sorry to make this about England again.) P.S. Yedlin was fantastic, I can see him earning a decent move off the back of that showing.

Posted 12:20pm 2nd July 2014

AW2DAN (Manchester City) says...

Tim Howard man of the match by a long way, pretty much explains the scoreline

Posted 11:06am 2nd July 2014

thedoc (Manchester United) says...

Noticeably slack in the tournament so far, compounded last night when a ball was flashed into the box, about two feet behind Hazard, and he just stood there having a sulk it wasn't played into feet. Don't know if it's a blessing United missed out, but if it keeps up, he will be an expensive flash in the pan player.

Posted 10:47am 2nd July 2014

chelseablue_no1 (Chelsea) says...

Messi doesn't track back, Neymar doesn't track back, Ronaldo hardly tracks back, yet Hazard gets criticism for not tracking back. You can't be a top World Class player like the above and expect to track back as well.

Posted 10:45am 2nd July 2014

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