United Resurgence Could Start With Herrera...

While the World Cup throbs in Rio, Manchester United have signed Ander Herrera, the man who could be the catalyst for a quick-thinking change of mindset...

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jd.quench (Manchester United) says...

@quoasis- and I bet you also thought Liverpool were going to win the title last season...

Posted 3:06pm 8th July 2014

GVMUFC says...

@quoasis: I thought Dani Pacheco was the new messi and joe cole was better than messi. I was wrong.

Posted 2:24pm 5th July 2014

GVMUFC says...

@titanous: sorry, are you joking? You do realise we have only bought one foreign player? I will correct you because you seem to be confusing transfer rumours with things that have actually happened. You will never walk alone because your carer will be with you at all times.

Posted 2:21pm 5th July 2014

titanous (Liverpool) says...

The last team I remember bringing so many players into the Premier League in one go was Tottenham last season, and how many of those players adapted to the English game well? I am absolutely bewildered by United's apparent disregard for the "time to settle in to the English game" rule of thumb that has come about not by accident, but through years of failed imports showing that not all players adapt well to the Premier League. Correct me if I am wrong, but thus far 1 30 million pound 18 year old is the only player signed that has any Premier League experience..? This could be a very exciting season. Rob. Melbourne. YNWA

Posted 12:58am 5th July 2014

spence (Manchester United) says...

I'm 'meh' on Carrick; I think he's a decent player, not a great one, but he has his place in our team/squad especially against the 'lesser' teams. I do think he goes missing in the big games when he is getting pressed because he needs a lot of time and space to do what he does best. Regarding TC I said on another thread that LVG could be the making of him because he is the only CM we have who can pop the ball around quickly and moves to get the return.

Posted 3:42pm 4th July 2014

utd_till_i_die (Manchester United) says...

Carrick is a player who divides opinion more than most. Some people can't stand him, others love him (me included). Having said that I think it is time we start the replacement process, not because of his lack of footballing qualities as some people would have us believe, but he isn't getting any younger.

Posted 12:50pm 4th July 2014

HarryBoulton says...

@quoasis, you lot have seen more false dawns than any other set of supporters imn living memory so tell me, in your qualified opinion, is this one? I need to know........

Posted 12:43pm 4th July 2014

joemanutd (Manchester United) says...

Like Harry I too am a fan of Carrick. He reads the game well as his interception stats prove and with Herrera beside him he can facilitate the facilitator. The only issue I see is his age, he is at that 'losing a yard of pace' stage so back up is required. United to buy one of Vidal/Carvalho and Di Maria offload TC; Fellaini; Anderson et al and we're set. I know I'm jumping the gun but With what I've seen of LVG (tactical manager who can inspire a team) and with our new signings we will be there or there about come the league run in! this time last year I was hoping August would never come this year I say "Roll on August"!

Posted 11:12am 4th July 2014

badwolf (Manchester United) says...

I can't get on board with Carrick. He has his place, and most of all as Harry said, he needs movement around him. But he's too ponderous on the ball and under pressure. If others can make him the space, then his passing can unlock a team and maybe he can become England's Pirlo. But I just don't see it. He lacks the delicacy of touch. This lad looks exciting too. Especially if we either get Fellaini in his proper role again or find a new spoiler. Shaw is an excellent signing too, we could just do with another strong centre defender.

Posted 10:13am 4th July 2014

quoasis (Liverpool) says...

I thought Fellani was the start of a rebuild?

Posted 9:43am 4th July 2014

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