The Result Is King - A New Brazilian Template

After a pulsating, absorbing match Brazil have made it through to the semi-finals. It may not have been pretty, but there should be no marks awarded for aesthetics...

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kombuchis (Celtic) says...

The result was king for Germany last night, Brazil weren't even mere serfs. Just wish I'd bet on it rather than make a prediction on F365's comment page below. Aint even worth gloating when there's no money on it.

Posted 8:45pm 9th July 2014

dexter morgan (Chelsea) says...

I'm Brazilian and I'm amazed at the level of obsession that other countries, cough England cough, have with how we play Football. Don't feel sorry for us, feel sorry for yourselves because you'll never see England win the World Cup in your lifetimes. I couldn't care less how the game is played. If we can't win playing pretty we are going to win playing ugly. It don't matter to me. Winning is ALL that matters. Can't wait to see my Captain lifting the World Cup trophy in all its glory.

Posted 5:43pm 7th July 2014

efx123 (Arsenal) says...

A lot posters here seem to be naive or ignorant about games between south american countries. Most of games played between themselves are never free flowing or pretty to the eye. They are brutal, tough,& ugly. Especially with so much at stake as a semi-final spot. Immediately they were drawn together, i knew the game was not going to be pleasing to the eye. Check out past games between Argentina vs brazil, uruguay vs arg or colombia vs either uruguay or arg.

Posted 10:57am 7th July 2014

lateral drinker (Sunderland) says...

Take off your blinkers please. If Stoke has committed as many cynical fouls or time wasted in the same fashion as Brazil did, you would have crucified them - and probably have castigated their fans for cheering when the ball was booted into Row Z with no pressure on the defender. The first World Cup I can remember was the 1970 one and inevitably I have had a soft spot for Brazil ever since, but no more; for the first time in my life I will be cheering on the Germans against Brazil.

Posted 8:51pm 6th July 2014

rover1 (Millwall) says...

There aren't many other ways to view the refereeing of that game other than to think he was doing what Brazil wanted. He allowed them to kick Rodriguez out of the game, and their treatment of him was far worse than anything Colombia did ; he only started refereeing properly once Brazil were two up. Even then Cesar should have been sent off. Neymar being injured is poetic justice for this shower who can only win through violence and myopic refereeing. This, and the dodgy calls in the Croatia game, isn't quite on the level of the treatment of South Korea in 2002 but it's getting there.

Posted 10:32pm 5th July 2014

big puma says...

I hate to break up your narrative here but i remember the '02 world cup like yesterday. That was a wonderful team and played really pretty football with a lot of great technical players. and the 94' team with Bebeto, Zinho and Romario wasn't as boring as you're making it out either. i've seenthe 70 games on replay, players were not going around doing little tricks every second. this is the ugliest Brazil team i've seen with the exception of Dunga's teams a couple of years ago

Posted 6:06pm 5th July 2014

bleublancrouge (Chelsea) says...

I'd like to know why the referees were allowed to only play 5 minutes of stoppage time. Julio "Tears of a Clown" Cesar feigned injury after his tackle and delayed the penalty by at least 3 minutes. His teammates declared an impromptu drinking break, further applying pressure on James. Talk about sportsmanship... Furthermore, there was another substitution from Brazil during added time, yet the ref still blew the whistle after only five minutes. How can this be allowed?

Posted 4:57pm 5th July 2014

Skoolyad (Bradford City) says...

Looks like we've got the touchy editor in today... I suppose it is Saturday. My point was more that, if you've ever watched a football match between two sets of untalented kids, they tend to give the ball away a lot and it's a rather frustrating spectacle. That's how I felt watching the game last night. Only the situation and the crowd made it watchable; if it had been a friendly game, I'd have turned it off at half time.

Posted 2:40pm 5th July 2014

bridie boy says...

Have to agree with Braveheart & Thomspur. The biggest factor in last night's game was the referee's bizarre decision to ignore the last 30 years of rule reinterpretations and revert back to mid 1980's refereeing. Unfortunately no one told the Columbians about this beforehand so they had to find out the hard way and then quite rightly started to hand out their own retributions. Any other ref (OK, except for that clown Howard Webb) would have had Brazil either under control or else red carded. The disgusting treatment of James Rodriguez in particular was a disgrace as he was hacked out of the game - the icing on the cake was his joke of a booking for his first foul which was nothing in the context of the butchery that had been inflicted on him. Also, why was Julio Caesar not red carded I will never know! Still a pulsating game, but the ref's are (understandably) being swayed by the incredible home support to such an extent that it is clear that Brazil will win the tournament.

Posted 1:27pm 5th July 2014

kombuchis (Celtic) says...

I have to admit that I have never been a fan of "Big Phil" Scolari since I first watched one of his teams, Brazil, in 2002. I find his tactics to be cautious, boring and generally negative on the whole. This set up works with a Brazil team that has the attacking triumvirate of Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo as in 2002, but with any and every other team Scolari has managed it produces dour football and a lack of success. As with Portugal under Scolari from 02 to 08, he managed to get an incredibly talented bunch of players to an international final on home soil, yet on the whole Portugal were boring (England game aside) and Scolari was flummoxed when Greece closed ranks, twice. He lacked the intelligence to do anything else tactically apart from urge his team to run fast. The same happened in 2006 vs France and Germany crushed the Portuguese in 08. Add to that his Chelsea tenure being a disaster using the same tactics and it's clear Scolari is a very boring one trick pony in my view. His Brazil team in 2002 won the World Cup due to the talent of the front three adding flair to a solid base, but as with his Portugal then, this Scolari team does not have the adequate quality, Neymar aside, to achieve anything. Germany again for Scolari, I expect Low to outdo Scolari and I expect Germany to handle Brazil's Neymar-less toothless attack with, dare I say it, relative ease. 3-0 Germany me thinks.

Posted 1:07pm 5th July 2014

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