Brazil Team Over-Subscribed To Idea Of Neymar As Deity

The atmosphere in Belo Horizonte on Tuesday was one of mourning even before Brazil's catastrophic defeat. The team bought too readily into Neymar being their only hero...

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rexbanner (West Ham United) says...

Lest we forget we are the nation that printed a photo of David Beckham's foot on the front cover of national newspaper with a call for everybody to put their hand on it and pray. I don't think we're the nation to call out Brazil on this one.

Posted 6:27pm 13th July 2014

growls (Everton) says...

While modern players are pampered and spoilt like race horse, there is no need to be a keyboard warrior with remarks like "whose bruised back had ruled him out for four to six weeks". You would cry like a baby if you had a broken vertebrae in you spine.

Posted 4:14pm 13th July 2014

leiva tip (Liverpool) says...

Watching Brazil's semi-final disintegration it was clear that the player they needed most wasn't yet another fancy-pants attacker but a strong disciplined defensive midfielder to kick, harry and tackle the bejesus out of the German attack. What Brazil needed was Lucas Leiva! That's right...I said it...... Brazil lost the World Cup because Lucas wasn't in the squad. I think the Brazilian captain and goalkeeper should hold up a Lucas jersey during the national anthem on Saturday in honour of the man whose absence cost them the ultimate glory.

Posted 3:10pm 11th July 2014

jd.quench (Manchester United) says...

Brazil are out guys, and were probably never going to win it. Let it go and go back to brown nosing Messi with the entire UK media...

Posted 1:52pm 11th July 2014

debra2927 (Sunderland) says...

Brazil was swept away by a tide of emotion. It carried them so far and then dumped them on the beach amongst the dead starfish and rusting tin cans. The lusty singing of the anthem, even after the band had stopped playing, the geeing-up of the crowd every time the ball went out for a throw-in, the crying, the praying, the histrionics after scoring, Luiz walking all over the pitch to shake hands with penalty takers during the's all so draining, emotionally, and it only takes a little nudge suddently to bring the whole henhouse tumbling down - that nudge being the first German goal. Suddenly, stripped of all the emotion and triumphalism, Brazil had no idea whatsoever what to do, and the ruthlessly efficient (patent pending) Germans were exactly the team to keep nudging. At the other end of the scale are the Dutch, who, together with Argentina, plumbed new depths of stultifying boredom in their semi final. Show a bit of emotion, eh lads?

Posted 1:25pm 11th July 2014

ted (Liverpool) says...

Ridiculous how they wore the Neymar caps and paraded his shirt around. What is more sad is the lack of acknowledgement before the game regarding the two people who died when the overpass built for the World Cup collapsed, just a stone's throw from the stadium in Belo Horizonte. Not to mention the construction workers who have died in the build up to the competition.

Posted 12:43pm 11th July 2014

alemaobaiano (Manchester City) says...

@burgundy tomato, you might not get the full benefit of Neymarketing where you are, but here in Brazil he is on practically every TV ad going, using his image to sell shampoo, electronics, cable TV, mobile phone services, cars, and ice cream. There are probably a few I've forgotten too. Don't forget that he has the unconditional support of the biggest (and most corrupt) free-to-air TV organisation in Brazil, and can count on Round Ronaldo as one of his principal spokesman. No news item is allowed to pass without some reference to Neymar. He might one day be a great footballer, but for a now there is a lot more marketing than results.

Posted 12:26pm 11th July 2014

alemaobaiano (Manchester City) says...

And there he was, in all his glory. Yesterday Neymar rose from the dead and arrived at the Brazilian training centre to save the nation, walking normally and hugging everyone, lending his support to the lads, who will now go out and play for him again. Pity they forgot about the other 200 million Brazilians they SHOULD have been playing for.

Posted 12:19pm 11th July 2014

alemaobaiano (Manchester City) says...

@Harryboulton, Pato is currently following up two underwhelming years at Corinthians with another underwhelming year at São Paulo. On national league performances Fred is 10x better than Pato, which isn't really saying much.

Posted 12:18pm 11th July 2014

hospital_pass says...

Brazil should consider putting the academy players through futsal training - like we do in England. Rooney, for example, after a childhood spent playing futsal, mastered his game on the tight, grid-like cobbled streets of the slums and this explains his supernatural control, pace and balance.

Posted 11:46am 11th July 2014

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