Van Gaal Signs Off In Style...

Louis van Gaal might have hoped to avoid the World Cup third-place play-off, but that didn't stop him masterminding another impressive victory for Holland in Brasilia...

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Synergy says...

"I didn't teach Romero to stop penalties," Van Gaal said. "We were the club that brought him to Europe because he was a big talent. He is the one who has the merits for that."

I have no idea how the English rags managed to forget to print the word "Didn't" which has helped the ABU's jump up and down pretending he took credit for Romero's saved penalties.

Lastly a question, apart from RVP and Robben, would any of these Dutch players manage to get a starting place in a top 5 club? As a united fan I don't want any of them, as they are all very average players. What Van Gaal managed was to take a 15th ranked squad and finish 3rd, in short he took a Sunderland and finished them 3rd (though in a huge tournament, not a league). That is quite a coaching achievement.

Posted 12:33pm 14th July 2014

joemanutd (Manchester United) says...

@Wopes really mate? I marvel at the Myopic nature of Liverpool fans, you really are the best in that regard! This season can't start soon enough for me regardless of who else signs for us (Vidal would be nice though) because as Scholes said LVG will get that extra 25% from our players that was missing under Moyes last season. On another note the credit for signing Shaw and Herrera should go to LVG because he has the status that Moyes never had and players want to play for him as the World Cup demonstrated!

Posted 11:59am 14th July 2014

redrum (Liverpool) says...

Yet more fawning... Yawn!

Posted 7:51pm 13th July 2014

red_devil83 (Manchester United) says...

@wopes I'm surprised you haven't heard of a chap called Luis Suarez. Plays for Barcelona. You should look him up if you theatrical farces!

Posted 12:50pm 13th July 2014

o.k. (Manchester United) says...

Ah look at all the trolls out in force .. Ya all shaking in your little booties?

Posted 12:40pm 13th July 2014

reda7xdevil (Manchester United) says...

Glad to see the ABUs are back in force. Scared?

Posted 12:08pm 13th July 2014

s.griffin says...

Matt Stanger hyping up Van Gaal and Man Utd. No surprises there!!

Posted 11:04am 13th July 2014

squiggle (Arsenal) says...

He'd done very well. I think the keeper switch was over-praised (and if it really was a psychological masterstroke for that game then it might have been a psychological blunder for the next) but he's certainly done very well. Robben, much as his diving annoys me, might well be the player of the tournament. I don't know if much masterminding was needed to defeat Brazil, though. The way they're rattled I'd back Honduras to beat them at the moment.

Posted 10:40am 13th July 2014

parsy12 (Manchester United) says...

Arrogant in success, glorious and bitter in defeat. Even before he has been unveiled he has reignited some of the gusto and swagger that was so evidently lacking in the "regrettable one's" tenure. One of the worst days of my life was when I heard Moyes was to be uniteds manager. Van Gaal has restored my faith. If we finish seventh under van Gaal I get the feeling it won't be the same putrid limp inept way that Moyes brought us there. It will be a flame filled ride of drama ecstasy and the bizarre. I can't wait for this season!

Posted 10:33am 13th July 2014

ted maul (Chelsea) says...

As Morrissey once wrote "reissue, repackage, repackage"..

Posted 8:42am 13th July 2014

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lassic management. Build them up and then knock them back. Raise expectations and then dampen them. Create a dynamic where by you demand the most from your team, but where the team are given room to manoeuvre unexpected or unwanted results. Classy work by Van Gaal, he really reminds me a lot of me. A smart cookie, make no doubt.

Van Gaal: 'I struggle for first three months'


e will be the England left back for ten years or more, and then you will have to thank MUFC for that. *smiles*

london saint
Shaw: Criticism spot on


urely because of that little diva moment he had last night, I don't want him coming to my club. DESTROYED ? Grow up and give something back to the club that helped put you up there on the world stage.

bale doubt
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