Reward At Last For Years Of Careful Planning

Fourteen years after Germany put a development plan in place to move on from the failure of Euro 2000, the team has been crowned world champions. And it won't end here, either...

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crow says...

@heinrich moller how dare you? How very dare you? LOL Seriously though, you are right spot on I would say. This 'development' plan which F365 seemed to know about but not fully inform us on should be looked at. England don't need to rip up everything they just need to have a purpose. One purpose the Premier League needs to understand that is having your own national team just qualifying for tournaments is not enough and more help is needed to bring through more English players in the Premier league. Players like Shaw maybe good in the short term but with their excessive wage demands will only hamper more clubs signing English players. The Premier League is certainly strong and entertaining but it needs to offer something for its national team, maybe a set of guaranteed places for English players in Premier league clubs?

Posted 11:33pm 27th July 2014

heinrich moller says...

good to see 'schland finally get some silverware. I suppose ppl in England should get used to the fact that its likely England wont be winning the world cup in their lifetimes unless they get over this whole hype of having these sky sports star like rooney who are hyped to the max, yet come the crunch on the world stage bottle it. English FA wont do anything though, scared of tackling the premier league and so its mediocrity on a 2 year basis. I mean FA already at least 20 years behind.

Posted 9:11pm 16th July 2014

dryice says...

Jay_D. That's a different point completely. The issue is drawing these conclusions about the success of their planning based on the result of this match. Argentina are probably the anti-Germany in terms of long term strategic grass root level consistent preparation for a world cup stint, yet they came a whisker away from winning the thing and if that had happened then does it mean the German model was flawed and the Argentinian one a success?

Posted 2:04pm 16th July 2014

eastclintwood (Crystal Palace) says...

@Pran Yes, my first motive is the have fun. That would be the whole point of it. It would NOT be though to entertain should anyone be watching. In our example I want to have fun playing table tennis. If I have cousins watching too I am not going to be more flash just because there's an audience. You may enjoy playing like the Wimbledon team of the 80s and 90s but it does not make it entertaining. In your example of playing a rally again yes, the point would be to enjoy myself, but not to provide entertainment to anyone watching. The fun should be entirely my own! I appreciate your post though, it made me think for a while.

Posted 8:37pm 15th July 2014

big puma says...

@eastclintwood-I appreciate your comment and i wasn't making the point that Football should focus on entertainment beyond what's happening on the field but it is entertainment. That is why they meticulously prepare their kits and want to make sure there's good contrast for the watching fans. two constructions crews building something can be competitive, yet i don't see that as attracting a crowd. Football actually tries very hard to sell the entertaining aspect-as to why we remember the name Pele though very few saw him play live. who cares for competition for its own sake, there are math competitions, have you ever attended one?

Posted 4:12pm 15th July 2014

Jay_D says...

We need to forget about the result for a second and remember that Germany had the best squad at the tournament, even without Reus and Gundogan who would be sure starters for England (provided we had a competent coach). This is the result of a complete revolution of Germany's footballing infrastructure and that deserves respect regardless of whether they were lucky to win it or not. And for the record, they were the better team and thouroughly deserved it.

Posted 3:04pm 15th July 2014

Synergy says...

I don't understand some of the fans arguments. Yes Argentina had a chance to win. Even if they had won, would it have changed the fact that in the last 8 years Germany has managed to at least reach the semi finals and has produced quality players all across the pitch, who not only have the traditional German qualities, but are technically brilliant. They haven't produced any Messi's or Ronaldo's, rather a bunch of high quality players.

Lastly its very profitable for English clubs to develop young players. Develop a Luke Shaw or a Lalana and you get 30 mil for your troubles. Even average English players sell for much higher prices than talented German players.

Maybe the real problem aren't the clubs rather the fact that the youth coaching before these players reach the clubs academies are so poor that they don't train and single out the technically skilled players, rather just the big, strong and fast players. An overhaul of the youth coaching is required for Englands chances of improving.

Lastly United always promote English players from their academy and even buy the top English players, sadly they are often not as talented as their foreign counterparts (Welbeck, Cleverly vs Januzaj). Pool also promote their academy players as do most clubs, baring the sugar daddys playthings.

Posted 2:16pm 15th July 2014

pran (Manchester United) says...

eastclintwood, not sure about you but if you're going to be just playing a sport wouldn't your first motive be to play for fun? At least I know I would. I'd like to win of course, as would anyone, but that's not the primary objective if I'm just playing with my mates. Or in your example, I'd play table tennis at home with my brother hoping to enjoy it, winning would make it sweeter though. To twist the same example, what if you just choose to rally rather than play a game of table tennis? It's still a sport but no one wins or loses and there is no score. My point is, people are more likely to play a sport knowing they'll enjoy it rather than knowing they'll win. This doesn't necessarily directly tie in with it being more entertaining for spectators, but I'd like to think that if people playing are enjoying it then at some level so will the audience.

Posted 12:24pm 15th July 2014

dryice says...

Matt79LFC. I'm not saying you are wrong. All I'm trying to explain is that there are very fine margins between winning and losing and the final was very evident of that. That could be a ref missing or seeing a challenge or talented players consistently missing opportunities they would normally take. I'm not debating if the better team won or lost but that to wait 14 years for a master plan to be proved right relies very heavily on your opponents inability/off day etc. I mean I could be the fastest man on the planet if the rest of the field fell over.

Posted 11:25am 15th July 2014

shea666 (Manchester United) says...

Higuain had 3 great chances, if he'd scored any of them it would have never gone to extra time. Germany won through consistency, not to belittle Gotze's lovely goal, when other teams underperformed, much like United winning the league in 2012/13

Posted 11:48pm 14th July 2014

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