Gerrard Will Be Tough To Replace...

While some think Steven Gerrard's retirement from England duty is long overdue, Adam Bate says the captain's influence will be sorely missed. Can Jack Wilshere step up?

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fbismylife (Manchester United) says...

@sizemore - no - it wasn't a metatarsal. See this here: It was the last game of the season, and if I recall (am happy to be corrected with Rafa facts) he played from about Feb 02 onwards taking injections because of a persistent groin problem. The club decided to keep playing him to get them through their club season and hence he was out for the WC. Not making any particular point over club vs country or whether it was the right thing to do or not, but history seems to be being rewritten (just like his "loyalty" to LFC - what about that transfer request to CFC?)

Posted 8:29pm 25th July 2014

badwolf (Manchester United) says...

Rodwell and Henderson with Wilshere ahead is probably / hopefully the future, Walcott and Sterling on the wings. Separately, in the same way that City and Chelsea stunted Sturridge's development, City have stunted Rodwell's. If he gets a move (to us or Liverpool ideally), then he can get his rightful place back. With him, Henderson and Wilshere, and maybe Cleverly (if this season gets him back on track), Ox, Powell if he steps up, that is a good handful of top drawer talents. We just need them to deliver. Can we ever truely say that Lampard and Gerrard delivered consistently? Both were off-shaped pegs trying to fit into regular shaped holes. Lampard possesses few of the traits you expect in a midfielder, but had an eye for goal which made him valuable. Gerrard can do a driving run, shot and pass and carried Liverpool for a decade, but playing them both meant we had no regular type midfielder. Hence our midfield always being either overrun or dull because our two talents weren't able to be themselves.

Posted 9:03am 24th July 2014

badwolf (Manchester United) says...

Gerrard was always a trier, but for the same reason that Rooney hasn't probably lived quite up to the billing of being the white Pele, both have lacked tactical discipline or been asked to do many jobs. Jacks of all trades and masters of none.

Posted 8:57am 24th July 2014

Mike_Christie (Manchester United) says...

@juddlinskatron and chelseablue_no1, Gerrard will be missed far more than FFL's shoot on sight approach to football. At least Gerrard tries to be part of a team even when his positional discipline might slip at times. What did Lampard ever achieve in an England shirt? Who's fault was it he never turned up for his country?

Posted 10:48am 23rd July 2014

Ezy_Rider says...

@superjay - if he played for Everton or Villa in his salad days, he'd have had about 25 England caps, been written off by all the media (and most people on here) as not good enough for the top level, then at 25 would have buggered off to sit on Citeh/Chelsea's bench for five years, rake a load of cash in, before finally taking himself off to some Allardyce retirement home to see out his career. cf Aston Villa's midfield circa 2009. And yes I am f***ing bitter about it

Posted 10:23am 23rd July 2014

sizemore (Liverpool) says...

@fbismylife i think it was a metertarsal fracture that kept him out of WC2002

Posted 8:35am 23rd July 2014

Synergy says...

@superJay (Liverpool)> I actually disagree with your analysis. Even the ardent Pool haters, respect Gerrard. We will poke fun at him and I think I will be watching and laughing at "the slip"....especially funny after his "this does not slip" speech. That being said I haven't met any real football fan, who doesn't rate Gerrard the player. He ranks seconds as the greatest English midfielder after Scholes in my view.

As for this article. No England won't miss Gerrard. While Gerrard has been great for Pool, the form never carried over, probably coz England never had innovative managers who could design and play a system that brought out the best of Gerrard. Instead of Gerrard behind a striker & Scholes pulling the strings (4-5-1), we had Emile Heskey pretending he was a football player and Scholes on the right wing.

Simply put Gerrard is past it. He is an average deep lying playmaker as he can't defend as his defensive positioning is terrible and he no longer has the legs to run around tackling or make those lung busting runs from midfield.

Posted 7:20am 23rd July 2014

timbo (Cardiff City) says...

superJay, while your conspiracy theory is amusing enough, you'd have to admit that Gerrard is considered by the country as a Johnny English scouser and not as a 'down' scouser you may be thinking of (Lennon, Carragher, Rooney, etc.)

Posted 2:46am 23rd July 2014

juddlinskatron (Chelsea) says...

Waah! It's all the England managers faults that Stevie Me wasn't great at international football! Waah! So now how will England manage without ridiculous 40 yards cross-field passes? Yeah, it's a worry...

Posted 12:41am 23rd July 2014

chelseablue_no1 (Chelsea) says...

Missed like a hole in the head.

Posted 7:01pm 22nd July 2014

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