Liverpool Have Not Repeated Spurs' Failings

That's the view of Matt Stanger, who says Brendan Rodgers is doing his best to sidestep a difficult problem in the transfer market. Liverpool can find value if they stick to their guns...

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crow says...

@buck rogers, Remy,Lambert and Lallana 30+ goals? I can see Remy doing well but have a hunch Lambert will struggle.

Posted 5:06pm 25th July 2014

redped (Liverpool) says...

You can only agree that LFC have done a Spurs in hindsight when the seasons finished. There are obvious parallels but the worse one - as someone else said on here - is that bringing in too many players at once is asking for trouble. Buying a couple of defenders with PL experience woudl make me feel better about the inevitable 6th place finish though

Posted 12:35pm 25th July 2014

Synergy says...

@SMU02NS> I actually thought Spurs did very well investing that Bale money into young exciting players. The issue is revisionism, just like how suddenly you have the "Ozil was a flop" brigade, the fact that Spurs didn't get top 4, (which they didn't even with Bale), suddenly everyone is pretending all those signing were flops, when the actual fact is most of those signings performed decently while playing under a guy pretending he was a coach. So once they are playing under an excellent coach like Pochettino, could really flourish. I especially expect big things from Lamella this season, who is going into my fantasy team.

So for me "doing a Spurs", does not mean Lalana, Remy etc flopping, rather them just not being able to make up for the loss of a world class player in Suarez and Pool dropping out of the top 4. Like I said I actually like the Pool signings, just don't think they can make up for the loss of Suarez, but then who can?

@onceupon> Yeah one of the sugardaddy playthings dropping out of the top 4 would be the ideal scenario. Sadly both those clubs are stacked with talent and have good coaches, so its highly unlikely. Going to be interesting fight, not just for the title, but also for top 4 as Spurs will also come on strong, now that they have a fantastic coach to mold the talent at his disposal, so its a 6 club fight for the title as well as CL positioning. Should be a fun season.

Posted 8:16am 25th July 2014

levi says...

Take off the blinkers, people. Players don't sign for only one reason just like NOBODY (even the hard-of-thinking people commenting here) does ANYTHING for just a single reason. "Im hungry - let me eat that lamp post." No, sir. Eat that sandwich because its digestible. Why didnt Sanchez say, "I want to live in London. Let me sign for Leyton Orient. Or go work at a London McDonald's". Morons...

Posted 8:53pm 24th July 2014

sommaze (Liverpool) says...

Hahaha, yeah! It's the same Matt Stanger. The same bloke who I unfollowed on Twitter for picking holes in Suarez's apology to Ivanovic... I remember his articles pre-2013/14 and how I hated them for LFC-related reasons. But I knew somehow he was being frank (albeit to an extreme extent) and this frankness continued (evident in more of his articles...) as LFC saw out a campaign that left the mouth of soccer pundits wide open in amazement/awe... It's the same Matt Stanger.

Posted 8:39pm 24th July 2014

buck rogers (Liverpool) says...

Iheke, I understand your point and agree but I don't think it was helped by the sh1t storm involving Baldini and AVB anyway with regards to the extra goals I would say it's a fairly safe bet to think Remy,Lambert and Lallana between them will get 30+ goals

Posted 6:21pm 24th July 2014

spoch says...

Well in hind sight it seems a smart thing to say now but the same Matt Stinger was pointing at spurs as being title challengers due to the nature of their sunner business last year

Posted 4:42pm 24th July 2014

Editor says ...

Do you mean the same Matt Stanger who predicted they wouldn't finish in the top four?

SMU02NS says...

@Synergy.It's not just the premiership experience but the style of play that should suit the likes of Lallana and Remy. I felt last summer, that Spurs were just signing numerous wingers and midfielders just for the sake of spending the Bale money. I don't feel that's the case with Liverpool this summer, but we won't know until Next May whether Liverpool have done a 'spurs' or not. I

Posted 2:49pm 24th July 2014

Iheke (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

If there is one thing that annoys me its the saying "Doing a Spurs?" What does that exactly mean? Whether 5th or 6th we are still out of the Champions League Places. In raw numbers its much of a muchness (1 position lost by 3 pts - is this what abject and complete failure looks like?) Take a look at the figures. Spurs 12/13 Pos 5th, 21W 9D 8L GF66 GA46 Pts 72 vs Spurs 13/14 Pos 6th W21 D6 11L GF55 GA51 - Best player lost but a net difference of 3pts 11 goals scored and 5 goals conceded. Again, I ask is this what abject failure looks like? Lets add a bit of perspective, in 12/13 Bale (21) scored about 1/3 of all Lge goals. I think all this "Doing a Spurs" stuff is nonsense. Spurs did fine in league pts terms (just awful in football terms). If Liverpool are half as efficient they will have done well (I'm about ready to bet right now that they don't get anywhere near 82 pts and 101 goals for and before any angry Scousers reply saying that I'm trolling take a look at your squad and tell me where your Suarez (31 goals) are coming from.

Posted 2:35pm 24th July 2014

Jay_D says...

SMU02NS: Ah yes, sport journalists. They're never wrong. Seriously though, Sanchez hasn't said it (he's said something quite different actually) and I have no reason to not believe him. I'm sure it played a part though and as you said, I don't really care why he signed; just that he did sign. Back to the article, I agree with a lot of the comments that rightly point out that Spurs were praised for transfer business initially and only with hindsight did they "pull a Spurs". Liverpool should be more concerned about "pulling a Liverpool" (Andy Carrol + £15million comes to mind)

Posted 2:32pm 24th July 2014

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