New Striker Not Liverpool's Priority...

The burden on Liverpool to replace Luis Suarez's goals will be reduced if they can work out how to stop conceding them at the other end. Will Brendan learn from Mourinho?

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lfcfan80 (Liverpool) says...

@badwolf, I see what you're saying but so far United haven't strengthened enough to walk back into the top 3. If they don't sign any more players, United will not be back in the top 3. Top 4 is possible but for me best United can get is 4th. City and Chelsea are favourites for 1st and 2nd with Arsenal and Liverpool vying for 3rd/4th. United, Tottenham and Everton are all vying for 4th with a best possible finish for United being 3rd but that is extremely unlikely. United just don't have the quality in strikers for a higher finish. Rooney and RVP are both highly injury prone and have suspect form. Add to this RVP is 31 this season. Rooney is also prone to periods of feast and famine so he is unpredictable, sometimes this can be a good thing but in recent years he has been more famine than feast in my opinion. You need a world class defender, a world class central midfielder and a world class striker for me to be able to say with confidence or certainty that you can walk back into the top 3. Of course Hummels, Vidal and Reus would do, but until that happens I'm not going to buy any 'we're United, we have a divine right to be at the top' talk. But I do agree the season will be interesting and exciting. Heck for all we know both Liverpool and United could finish the season out of the top 4.

Posted 8:23pm 1st August 2014

badwolf (Manchester United) says...

The best thing Liverpool could have done this summer was to keep Suarez, but in light of what happened, that wasn't really an option. He will be massively missed. That threat is an unquantifyable factor that is so important. One of the things people miss about Rooney. This isn't #bantz, but I honestly think you'll be struggling for 5th with Spurs. Arsenal have strengthened although they're also pretty light up front, but they've moved forwards rather than backwards. Lamela will be dangerous this year too. United will be back in top 3. The rebuilding job is still a ways to go at the Kop, some more years of serious investment. I really think Coutinho could be big, along with Sterling. But that's a lot to pin your hopes on. Successful sides have successful strikers. The top three have a number, the next three not so much. That's the factor that will seperate come the end of the season.

Posted 2:00pm 1st August 2014

Synergy says...

@fresh (Liverpool)> Most logical fans accepted that Suarez was a fantastic player. Only a handful of fans called him flat tack bully, especially since stats proved he had scored & assisted against the top teams. The only real debate was about his personality. He was proved to be a racist and was prone to doing boneheaded things capped off by the biting of Ivanovic, that dragged Pool through the mud.

@kophero> Actually if I were you, I would be concerned of the opposite. Pool finished second in the league by playing quick counter attacking football (change from the season before pass the ball to death strategy) and hence plenty of teams will give them more respect than they did last season and sit back and defend, which is where Suarez would have been invaluable.

Simply put when you logically analyze the loss of Suarez, the players who have come in & the fact that United will buy 1-2 players before the season begins, most rational fans have Pool pegged at no 5. However anything can happen in a season, which is why we play the game, so you never know, Pool could surprise everyone once again and finish in the top 4 or maybe even make a title run.

Its why this season will be so damm interesting, so many possibilities.

Posted 1:55pm 1st August 2014

kophero (Liverpool) says...

@Mike_Christie:You are correct about Suarez impact and that is something that most Pool fans fear, wid suarez leaving for Barca.A player like Suarez gives you a lot more than goals and assists,which may not be quantifiable.But it also means that rivals will take us a bit more lightly(be offensive) which may play into our hands. Moreover managers tweak their strategies and play around their best players.Suarez is gone,so expect Liverpool to have more compact midfield and create more chances from wide areas. Its all a matter of how it plays out which is why we all cannot wait to see how the various managers will perform for their clubs. Best of Luck to all the teams.Let the games begin!!!

Posted 11:28am 1st August 2014

kophero (Liverpool) says...

I am happy to note a lot of rival fans are taking Liverpool lightly,post-suarez.I want rival teams to underestimate us.That can only benefit us. Regarding the article,a team needs to have balance between attack and defence.Liverpool need to defend as a team.If they can do that for most of the match,especially when they are ahead in the game they should do pretty well.

Posted 11:14am 1st August 2014

fresh (Liverpool) says...

Hold on so suarez has gone from a flat track bully who cannot do it against the top teams to a player we cannot cope with. Suarez score a lot of goals against weaker teams who we should expect to beat with or without him. Now if we score 20 actually lets say 30 less goals but let in say 15 less goals , which is reasonable then a top 4 place is not impossible.

Posted 10:36am 1st August 2014

Mike_Christie (Manchester United) says...

@regielfcynwa You're absolutely right, If Liverpool had scored 20 goals less last season, they would still have been second highest scorers in the league. However, I think 20 goals less is a minimum though, for all the reasons so excellently outlined by Synergy. I think you'll miss Suarez more than you realise. Its not just the goals and assists, its the fear having a world class player like that creates in the opposition and the space it can create for others. When we had Ronaldo, you'd see teams putting two or three players on him, which just left space for Rooney or Tevez to exploit. Defences aren't going to panic at the sight of Ricky Lambert trundling towards them in quite the same way. Of course, just looking at goals for and against is a bit simplistic. It all depends where those goals come. If the 20 goals fewer come from only putting 2 past a relegation candidate (and Spurs) rather than 5, then that's fine. If they come from struggling to break down better teams, then its a massive problem, especially if the mid-table defending hasn't been fixed. Liverpool had some high scoring games won by narrow margins last season, quite a few 3-2s and 5-3s, not to mention a fair few score draws. Don't replace the goals and don't fix the defence and all of a sudden quite a few wins become draws and draws become defeats. That 12 point cushion between 5th and 4th might make you think you'd have to drop a lot of points compared to last season to lose out on the top 4, but don't forget United and Spurs will be stronger this season as they've now got real managers. The competition for the top 4 this season will be the fiercest for quite a while.

Posted 9:38am 1st August 2014

badwolf (Manchester United) says...

What they need really is the defenders they now have, a left back, and a decent striker to back up Sturridge. Coutinho looked good, so he can create for Sturridge, but they need more than one striker. I would say that Bony or someone similar is a must do signing. You've lost a lot of goals and general threat in Suarez.

Posted 9:22am 1st August 2014

Synergy says...

Pool will face three problems. Firstly teams will be more prepared for them and be more willing to sit back, play defensive and counter, which means Pool will find it a lot more difficult to find space and hit teams on the counter. In addition they no longer have their world class player, Chewy, who needs to be double teamed creating space for other as well as creating goals for himself or others out of nothing.

Their second problem is Gerrard. The man doesn't have the positional awareness or the legs to play as deep as he currently is. And while his passing is exceptional, he leaves the defense exposed, especially since Pool played two strikers meaning its a 4 man midfield (United had the same problem when Scholes, towards the end, where inspite of exceptional defenders our midfield would get overun, easily). Expect Pool to play 4-5-1 so they can have an additional player who babysits Gerrard and protects the backline. Problem with that is, you will score fewer goals.

Lastly you now have CL game to content with. Last season Pool didn't have to worry about these games so the players were well rested. This season Rogers will have to rotate his players. Can he do so effectively, without it affecting results. I honestly doubt he can and fully expect Pool to drop back to 5th or 6th.

Lastly I thought we all wanted the PL to continue to be popular. If all managers follow Jose's park the bus way of playing, from the most popular league the PL will become the most boring league. Jose transformed Chelsea from most fun team to watch(under Benitez) to most boring team to watch overnight. Lets hope no other managers follow his lead.

Posted 7:32am 1st August 2014

lfcfan80 (Liverpool) says...

No a striker is definitely a priority. Sturridge is injury prone and is our main striker. Without him we only have Lambert and Borini, we need another 15-20 goal a season striker. Yes our defence was poor at times last season but it's as much an indictment on the rest of the league that they couldn't beat us and stop us from finishing in the top 4 as it is of us for conceding so many goals. I think Can and Lovren will be two crucial sigings in helping us shore up the defence.

Posted 6:05am 1st August 2014

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