Sturridge Negativity Seems Unjust And Unhelpful

Daniel Sturridge isn't universally liked, but after watching him score his 14th league goal of the season, Daniel Storey believes that we need to grow up a little...

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UltimaRed (Liverpool) says...

Critism of the dance doesn't confuse me as such, but I'd like to say openly that I like it, people keep going on about how miserable professionals are and then someone adds a bit of silly joy (and I think Sturridge knows it's silly) and it must be rubbed out for him to be likeable? It's just odd to me.

Posted 1:09pm 6th February 2014

chrissb7 (Manchester United) says...

@tk421 as people used to say about shearer that he was lucky to be where he was when the ball came in is the same as sturridge. You do it often enough is it luck or is it just that yes he is that good. That lob against Howard was one of the best goals all season. That showed great awareness belief in ability etc. He's no ronaldo but he definitely is a top striker who looks to very much be on the up. Stop nagging and just appreciate a player who is nearly at 20 goals already this season.

Posted 3:11am 6th February 2014

HarryBoulton says...

I'm just not a fan of the dance, especially when he does it against lower league opposition in the FA Cup. It's cringey....

Posted 7:55pm 5th February 2014

thesza888 (Liverpool) says...

@tk421. As a Chelsea fan you come across a bit bitter, it probably still stings that we got him so cheap, he is worth £25 mill plus now. You know he is the best English striker out there, no doubt. Look back at his goals this season and last and most are pure sublime finishing, some are incredibly cheeky chips and a few are world class (Man City last season/Villa this season). He does try too much sometimes but you want that from flair players. I'm not sure our Studge cares too much whether fans like his dance or not, he scores the goals so it's up to him. I like it mainly because it means he's scored again but it also obviously winds up so many other fans, so it's a double bonus. If you support England then let's hope you and the rest of us can celebrate the dance a few times when we play in Brazil.

Posted 6:16pm 5th February 2014

bobsy (Liverpool) says...

tk421 - you just look silly. still i suppose you are used to that as a chelsea fan

Posted 1:56pm 5th February 2014

tk421 says...

@ Barnesy10, I'm not "protesting". I'm saying his ball control is unassured leading to some of us to question his quality (ie if he "means" some of the things that come off for him, whether he could do it nine times out of ten etc). I'm also saying in terms of percieved arrogance, he should probably wind it in a bit. Keep seeing Ronaldo and Ibra mentioned...well, they're somewhat more deserving of their arrogant personas on account of being the best player in the world and one of the best strikers ever respectively. Sturridge is neither, and body popping after a goal just doesn't work for many fans, it looks like he thinks he's the bomb when deep down he himself probably knows that a fluke of a miscontrol-that-turned-out-well set him up for that shot etc

Posted 1:11pm 5th February 2014

debra2927 (Sunderland) says...

I think this is what's known as a man of straw argument. The writer seems to be saying that because people don't like him, we're denying that he's a good player. Nobody is. The writer himself says in the opening lines that footballers are often not nice people - Maradona, Dalglish, Suarez as he used to be (I've really warmed to him), Shearer, Di Canio - not people I'd like to be stuck in a lift with, but all great players. You'd have to be pretty stupid to say "He's a knob, therefore he's a crap player". What I'm saying is allow me the freedom to dislike Sturridge, to hope he doesn't score and to sneer at his stupid dance when he does - it won't stop me admitting he's a great player.

Posted 1:00pm 5th February 2014

Gollo (Wolverhampton Wanderers) says...

Wise words. He is a pr*ck though right?

Posted 12:10pm 5th February 2014

Barnesy10 (Liverpool) says...

So he does a silly dance, so did Crouch. He actually doesn't seem all that bad and has grown up a lot. Should not judge him on his younger days.

Posted 11:18am 5th February 2014

Barnesy10 (Liverpool) says...

@tk421...For some reason they band me from posting YouTube clips, but just take a look at YouTube. You are just protesting for protest sake.

Posted 11:14am 5th February 2014

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