F365 Top Ten Important Players In The Run-In

With just three months to go, the title race, top four and relegation is still as open as ever. Daniel Storey picks ten players who will be crucial in the final reckoning...

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stevechase (Liverpool) says...

Gab1965 I don't understand you bringing Swansea into this. The lower clubs are always going to have the odd trophy dropped in here and there. Wigan's FA Cup win, Swansea League cup, Boro's League cup a few years ago. I was asking how long the Arsenal fans will stand by Wenger for winning nothing. Don't get me wrong he has brought through some excellent player and made some money which has obviously gone towards the stadium costs, so he has brought them up a fair bit during his reign. Your comment about he is building for the next manager, he has done the spade work. I don't buy that, you cant do spade work for 17 years, he has been there for an entire generation of players and for the last 8 or 9 (correct me please) he has won bugger all. A large amount of our fans wanted Benitez out in the end, but he won the Champs League in 05 and the FA Cup in 06, since then we have also won the League Cup. So since Arsenal last won a trophy we have won 2 or 3 and we have been ridiculed for being 'also rans' during this time and Wenger's Arsenal have probably been considered as being more successful???????????? So how long Gooners are you happy to go without a trophy of any kind or are you happy to always be the bridesmaid? Steve

Posted 11:36am 6th February 2014

chopper says...

If this was any other year Howard Webb would be there for Manu instead of RVP, however ref's are blind to the pleas of mid-table clubs.

Posted 8:39pm 5th February 2014

Gab1965 says...

stevechase - A trophy didn't do Laudrup much good, did it? If you are Swansea, you can't go 10 months without a trophy? Personally, I think Wenger will be Arsenal's Shankley, the next manager will have all the perfect conditions to win things, but Wenger would have set it all up. He's sacrificed his career to build Arsenal up, after the stadium building, in a way that a manager like Mourinho, who I also respect, would never do.

Posted 3:14pm 5th February 2014

dhirt11 (Liverpool) says...

The Suarez stat is really daft, it's a conditional and dependent probability. It's like that dumb stat about Graeme Smith, every time he has scored a century South Africa haven't lost a test match - woop de doo. You might as well have another stat where every match where liverpool have outscored the opposition they have a 100% win record..

Posted 1:52pm 5th February 2014

dimi (Liverpool) says...

Take it from someone who has watched him closely from the start of his career; Mitroglou has all the skill and talent to be one of the biggest names in the Premier League. Incredible technique for a man of his size and constitution, a killer in the box using both legs and head. The only question for me is whether he will be able to keep up with the utterly different game pace. I believe he will manage because he is a man who has proven the strength of his character over the years and has great experience from the Champions League.

Posted 12:07pm 5th February 2014

stevechase (Liverpool) says...

the-boss, Of course he is, why would he bother posting such insightful issues if he weren't the real Merse. Oh by the way, how were the storms in the London area last night mate ;-) Steve

Posted 9:35am 5th February 2014

stevechase (Liverpool) says...

Merse10. Good points mate, I think Wenger has been excellent at bringing players through and developing them into world class. Henry and RVP to name a couple and I understand you saying that about Ozil. I am a massive Suarez fan, ok, he is a typical Latin player, barking mad, but an absolute joy to watch. We are in a similar position to yourselves in terms of the owners need to show intent on building the club, but without the top four finishes the whole thing goes pear shaped. How would you all feel if you ended without a trophy again this season? Wenger is obviously a top coach but I wonder how long is it acceptable to go without some silverware? Cheers Steve

Posted 9:34am 5th February 2014

Gab1965 says...

With Sturridge to take his place, I don't think Suarez is the number 1 important player in the run in. Based on what we saw at the weekend, I'd say Carroll, to West Ham, is absolutely vital, and now he is suspended. Michu returning for Swansea could be pretty vital as well.

Posted 12:02am 5th February 2014

HarryBoulton says...

This might be playing devils advocate here, but as a Man Utd fan I'd suggest carrick ahead of RvP. RvP we can cope without, because we have other attacking players of equal quality, namely Mata and Rooney. But with Carrick, we have no one capable of filling his shoes and we miss him badly. That's not to say he's the next Xavi or to oversell his ability, but the effect it has on our team when he's no0t there is, for me, shocking.

Posted 5:40pm 4th February 2014

masmaz (Arsenal) says...

Of course it's Per. Kos and Verm are too similar as they risk takers while Per is consistency and perfect positioning. A true professional. Per is also an excellent passer out of the back. Ozil is a great, safe buy even at £42m but not only because he is great and will get better for us but bc he is 24. In 4 years he will still have significant value. Giroud is great at what he does. He is just over used. Suarez the best no question. Also over used.

Posted 5:07pm 4th February 2014

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s this meant to be an aspiration for United supporters? Moyes mediocrity strikes again. I see the Bayern boys don't want to sign for him, and his reputation amongst the senior European coaches make other key signings unlikely.

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