There Is No Recovery From This Position

Once you are perceived to be a loser, there is no way back. Even Tim Sherwood would be a better Manchester United manager than David Moyes, says Johnny...

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HarryBoulton says...

@gutbukkit, Jurge Klopp is another manager who had won nothing prior to his appointment at Dortmund. He'd spent 7 years at Mainz and won nothing. Dortmund took a punt, it worked.

Posted 5:10pm 13th February 2014

gutbukkit (Arsenal) says...

Don't bother asking Moyes to do the right thing and leave your club. This is his only chance to make big money. When he finally realises he is out of his depth he will do whatever is necessary to get the sack... Oh, buy Mata for large amounts of money and then play him as a winger? Blimey, he's already working on getting that big payout. Between him and the Glazers I think your team may be screwed.

Posted 11:37am 13th February 2014

gutbukkit (Arsenal) says...

Fergie chose Moyes because he knew the team was on it's last legs, knew that the Glazers would prefer not to spend big as a new man came in (face it, they aren't really there to spend, but to profit), and hoped that Moyes would be able to use his one managerial talent to squeeze a decent season or two out of them and maybe learn on the job. Perhaps his reward was a directorship. I'm sure the Glazers expected to buy Fellaini and Baines in order to bolster the team, but I suspect that was the full extent of their spending plans for this season. Only now that appointing Moyes has spectacularly backfired and driven down their share price have the Glazers realised they do need to spend in order for their little money spinner to keep making money, and Mata was the result. That Mata is being turned into a winger to fit Moyes' doggedly single-tactic approach may just be the tipping point. They'll either dump Moyes in the summer or sell the Club while there's still a profit to be made. If that kills United for the next decade or two I don't suppose they'll care as long as they come out ahead of the game.

Posted 11:29am 13th February 2014

gutbukkit (Arsenal) says...

After careful consideration of Moyes' tactics I predict that he will make a summer bid for Peter Crouch. (Oh, and sorry Synergy, reread your email and realised we are in agreement on Guardiola).

Posted 11:15am 13th February 2014

gutbukkit (Arsenal) says...

Synergy, you can't use Pep Guardiola as an example of somebody who had won nothing when he took over Barcelona because he was a significant part of the winning culture that they had built there and the players knew of and appreciated his qualities, and they knew that he knew what was needed to keep Barcelona winning. They trusted him even before he took over. There's only one player at United who appreciates Moyes' qualities, and he isn't getting games, and not being a winner himself means he is very unlikely to be able to convince his fellow team mates that Moyes is the man for United.

Posted 11:09am 13th February 2014

onspsv says...

@diegtristan8 Good point. I'm sure he'll console himself with the fact he's sitting at the top of the Premier League. Whilst polishing his CL medals maybe.

Posted 5:24pm 12th February 2014

HarryBoulton says...

My favourite bit is when the tin hat brigade accuse Ferguson of annointing Moyes (like he had 100% control and no one else) because he was a gobby Scotsman. The suggestion that this was anywhere in the decision making process is laughable. For me, all consideration of ones argument goes out the window if they truly believe this to be a factor in any way at all.

Posted 4:39pm 12th February 2014

diegtristan8 (Manchester United) says...

@onspsv, you mean like mourinho couldnt outwit west ham or west brom, there wasnt much of tactical masterclass in those two games

Posted 12:14pm 12th February 2014

onspsv says...

In my mind, Moyes does not have, or will ever have, the imagination or sophistication to ever succeed at the highest level. I felt this from the start. But, I thought he would at least have a competitive, direct, industrious team. I was still expecting 2nd or 3rd place finishes. He is clearly not even capable of stepping up to that. Based on his record, he will never have it in a him to beat a Mourinho when it matters. Moyes is mid-table manager, who knows mid-table football, whether given a shoestring budget or an unlimited budget. Under Moyes, Man U will always be handicapped by his limited methods, whether they go and buy 11 of the most talented, skilled players in the world or not. And this idea that no one else could have done any better is utter nonsense! Anyone really believe a Guardiola, Klopp, Hiddink, Mourinho, Ancelotti, Capello, Henyckes, Van Gaal would have done this to Man U? Mourinho last week handed out an absolute tactical masterclass; a man who is completely at the top of the game. Moyes couldn't even outwit Stoke or Fulham.

Posted 9:22pm 11th February 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

@el diablo rojo United's squad needed tweaking, not overhauling, that's why Moyes was given all summer, which he squandered. Either way, United's squad is stronger than Liverpool's overall, yet they're handing out thrashings, while we're an embarrassment. Mourinho would have kept these players in the top four, no sweat, but he would more than likely have signed the players in the summer so that another title challenge wasn't out of the question. All the 'no-one could have done any better with this squad' people are talking out of their arse, not one of them said that at the start of August, not one.

Posted 7:28pm 11th February 2014

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