Mails: A Spurs Fan Talks Net Spend

We thought it was only Liverpool fans who did that sort of thing, but it seems anyone will babble about net spend if you press the right buttons. Plus, thoughts on Arsenal...

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Are Pre-Season Tours Really A Problem?

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It Isn't Easy Supporting Spurs, You Know

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We have a long mail about the travails of supporting Spurs, plus Friday thoughts on Marko Marin, marketing, victory v beauty, travelling and vanishing sprays...

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Transfer Mistakes
As fans we are often suggesting players who would improve the team, often expressing disbelief that our clubs are not in for these players when it seems so blindingly obvious that they would be cracking additions. However, sometimes us fans get it badly wrong, and arguably prove why we are not managers/directors of football at football clubs.

Be honest, let's have some examples of players you have suggested as possible transfer targets/solutions for your club which turned out to be embarrassing in hindsight (or even at the time).

Couple that spring to mind for me:

- I suggested spunking £30million on Milner as the answer to our midfield problems just before City got him (shows how long we have failed to address that issue)

- I believed Ricardo Quaresma to be a 'ready-made replacement' for Ronaldo. Because he's Portuguese and plays out wide you see?

Still it could be worse. A friend of mine (also a United fan) thought Jason Roberts could be the new Andy Cole.

Can anybody top these?
Tom - MUFC (Cheshire)

Net Spend - From A Spurs Fan
Daniel Benvenuto, what a genius idea!

Ignoring the fact that Spurs net spend is -£3.8m and Liverpool's is £20.3m this season, I'm sure that if Brendan Rodgers says that Spurs are favourites that will pile the pressure on Spurs and all the bookies will stop taking bets on Tottenham finishing fourth.

This is not the 'sort of guff' that anyone believes, except perhaps those that are unable to tie their own shoelaces.
Adam, London

Arsenal And Moral High Ground
In response to Rich, North London Gooner.

Ah, the beloved, shaky moral high ground of the Arsenal fan - the fallacy of Arsene the Economist, who spends buttons and pocket change yet qualifies for the Champions League every year against the big boys.

You say are arsenal genuinely expected to beat the money of city and Chelsea to the league title? Er, yes they are. United did it last year with probably a broadly similar squad than you had, built around one marquee signing.

You also say It seems after the latest tete-a-tete with Mourinho most (sensible) people are coming down on Wenger's side. yes he has made mistakes but as Moyes and Man U are finding out it isn't quite that easy to nonchalantly qualify for the Champions league every season. All this whilst spending nothing, rather than a £27m summer signing and a £37m winter signing. Spending nothing? Ozil was traded for 44 million packets of skittles then?

I imagine you mean spending nothing means you earn more from transfers than you spend. Congratulations, you're a selling club. That means that your best players look around and realise they have more chance of winning things with other teams, and sod off. Is that really something to brag about?

I don't agree with the way Chelsea and City have bought their way to success, but I bet their fans are much happier watching cup parades rather than reading a healthy balance sheet - in fact I would find that even more galling, looking at the £120 million sitting in the bank, and knowing this was my money, as a fan paying the highest ticket prices in the league to watch my team gamely battle to quarter finals and 3rd place finishes.

Yes you have the moral high ground, but do you really enjoy the view from up there?

...Couldn't let this piece of nonsense from Rich, N London Gooner go unmentioned. Spurs didn't play the minimum amount of games possible in 2009/10, we made the FA Cup Semi Final that year, as well as the fifth round of the League Cup. There was the 2005/06 season when we made the first real run at fourth spot, and that was the year they went out of the cups at the earliest possible opportunity, but that didn't fit your argument of baiting Liverpool fans, did it Richie my boy?
Darren Walsh

Have You Been Hiding Under A Rock?
Two days have passed since Arsenal V Liverpool and not one person has mentioned the return of Andy Gray on commentary on BT Sport. Has this being going on for a while? If so, I never noticed.

When a friend of mine mentioned this I likened it to remembering your first car. It was a bit crap, had many faults and had clearly seen better days but you still think back on it fondly because you shared a lot of good times together.

Like him or hate him, he's still better than the monotonous Michael Owen.

I had to try my hand at Graeme's Calamity XI. Great effort, but he missed some real stars!

GK David James (Calamity flipping James! Come on Graeme!)
LB Wayne Bridge (mostly for that match against Croatia)
CB Titus Bramble (C)
CB Paul McShane
RB Rafael
CM Lee Cattermole
CM Bob Malcolm (the worst player I've seen at Derby County. Saying something!)
CM Kieron Dyer
FW Fernando Torres
FW Emile Heskey
FW Ade Akinbiyi

Another one I'd be interested to see is an unlucky eleven. Players like Ledley King, Dean Ashton, guys that got injured, wrong place wrong time, etc. That took far too long though and I need to get back to work!
Mark, DCFC

...Graeme from Glasgow forgot to mention possibly the all-time great - Titus Bramble
From Peter MUFC (Also enjoying the Moyes break), JHB South Africa

...Graeme, Glasgow, challenge accepted! I'll see your calamity XI and match you with this menagerie of own goals, inexplicable penalties and fluffed chances. Tried to find videos for all of these but I reckon this lot would contrive to lose against any other Calamity XI the mailbox can come up with...

GK - Peter Enckelman (tapped in a throw in that would otherwise have been disallowed in a Birmingham derby)
RB - Lauren (just this -
CB - Djimi Traore (we've all seen it, that perfect pirouette backheel in the FA Cup.)
CB - Tony Popovic (a casual backheel flick that sails into the corner -
LB - Dean Moxey (among other costly errors, gave away crucial pen in a tight match v Man Utd)
CM - Jamie Pollock (excellent technique -
CM - Park Ji-Sung (cringeworthy miss over the bar from inside the 6 yard box against Middlesbrough)
CM - Gareth Barry (perfectly placed side foot own goal -
LW - Scott Sinclair (empty net against Manchester United... but rather than score, he performs a bizarre self-nutmeg and Swansea lose 1-0
FW - Ronnie Rosenthal (beats his man, rounds the keeper, open goal... hit the crossbar..?
FW - Jon Walters (two own goals and a penalty miss in the same game... he is my Captain Calamity.)

Manager - Phil Brown, to give them an on-pitch bollocking at half time and make sure of the defeat.
Terry Hall, Switzerland

Can't wait for this line up from Newcastle:

Big Show (GK) - Tall and surprisingly agile

Big Boss Man (RB) - Lightning quick and good in the air
Kane (CB) - Tall & powerful
Undertaker (CB) - Built like a brick Sh*t house
Jake the snake Roberts (LB) - Slow but he has snakes

The Rock (RW) - No7 star of the team
Stone Cold Steve Austin (CM) - Hardman with beer
Bret the hitman Hart (CM) - Hardman
Macho Man Randy Savage (LW) - Touch of George Best about him

Hulk Hogan (ST) - Banging in the goals since 1984
Shawn Michaels (ST) - Goals with sex appeal
Bryan (I have no life) Forde

Rodgers Mind Games? No.
Considering how ridiculous he can make himself sound whilst saying supposedly normal things (here to inspire the City of Liverpool, my biggest mentor is myself etc), I think attempted mind games should be the last thing you would want to hear. Didn't go too well for the last Liverpool manager to try it, either.

Oh, and Rich, N.London Gooner, we actually played 50 games in the CL qualifying 2009/2010 season. By all means, take the p*ss out of Spurs, but do try to get your facts right or you'll just look a bit silly.
Alex G, THFC

Alex (not bitter at all) Sheedy:

James Milner being the heartbeat of a mediocre Aston Villa team doesn't qualify him to be the main man for a team with the midfield options of Manchester City, or even England for that matter. Mancini, Capello, Hodgson and Pellegrini (who between them have a fair old bit of experience) have all decided that Milner is not that good in central midfield. If you look at his career as a whole, he has predominantly been deployed as a wide midfield player.

As for the seething bitterness in the last paragraph (seriously fella, let it go), I'm sure James Milner is very happy with the decision he made to leave a mid-table club to win trophies at Manchester City. He may feel the odd pang of regret that he doesn't get to play with Grant Holt and has to make do with Sergio Aguero, but I'm sure he's professional enough to deal with it.

'Memories of sitting on the bench for the big games?' Man of the Match performances in two of City's greatest modern victories (the 6-1 at Old Trafford and the 3-2 win away at Bayern this season) would suggest you have been misinformed. And as for 'medals from finals he played no part in' - City have only played in two finals since Milner joined the club, and the one of those he DID play in they lost.

The City fans love Milner because he gives everything for the team and he is a very important part of the squad. He is committed, versatile, reliable and a consummate professional. What he ISN'T is good enough to play in central midfield ahead of Fernandinho or Yaya Touré.
The Gruge, MCFC, Prague

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e made his power play to try and get Sheikhy to raise his wages or trade him to PSG. PSG were probably not interested and he is stuck with no cake and no vacation. @Jay_D> Surely you jest about FFP being real, right? All Platini is doing is making billionaries pay measly fines, so he and his cronies can get rich. If a fool can pay 50 mil for David Luiz, he will happily pay some fine to UEFA. FFP has failed as for it to succeed UEFA had to take it...

Toure: I am staying with City


uess we can expect Toure's explanation of his behaviour around the same time Pete Townshend publishes his book then.

Toure: I am staying with City


amn you Yaya, don't scare me like that! I only ate the icing. I didn't eat the soft and scrumptious middle - I will buy you another cake!

Toure: I am staying with City

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Are Pre-Season Tours Really A Problem?

Are pre-season tours really a problem? Liverpool went to Australia last summer and it didn't prevent them from having a good season. Plus, thoughts on LvG and keepers...

It Isn't Easy Supporting Spurs, You Know

We have a long mail about the travails of supporting Spurs, plus Friday thoughts on Marko Marin, marketing, victory v beauty, travelling and vanishing sprays...

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