Pellegrini As We Have Never Seen Him Before

Despite being surprised by Manuel Pellegrini's criticism of Jonas Eriksson, Matt Stanger has some sympathy for the Man City manager following an inconsistent refereeing display...

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petergriffin (Manchester City) says...

Synergy/utd till i die etc - My point is simply that its an example of how people can have a selective memory about the significance of that decision alongside others in the game and perhaps thats what City fans have too. The fact that utd till i die has tried to defend his argument by saying things that are the same are different and ignoring that Madrid wrongly had a disallowed away goal previous to United scoring and the sending off shows that this type of excuse is easy to pedal (see also Drogba offside goal/Macheda handball as another example) and shows that its easier to spot faults in opinion on other peoples teams rather than our own sometimes.

Posted 2:11pm 20th February 2014

Synergy says...

@petergriffin (Manchester City)> Think that decision against Madrid stung a lot more after Fergie retired. 10 years from now we will probably still talk about that decision, as it was SAFs last CL game. Every year most teams will have a bad decision, like foul not given, offside goal given, goal wrongly flagged offside etc. Its rare for an incorrect sending offs that totally changes the dynamic of the game and then that becomes worse when that is the last CL memory most United fans will have of the Greatest manager of all time, in the Champions League.

Posted 1:16pm 20th February 2014

petergriffin (Manchester City) says...

utd till i die - Pellegrini was debating whether it was a foul on Navas in the build up which is certainly debatable. As I say when talking about decisions you are still ignoring that at 0-0 Madrid had a perfectly good goal disallowed and that Rafael handled on the line deliberatly (unlike Clichys handball, in fact a far far more clear cut decision) at 1-1 all. So Barca having more possesion mattered but Madrid doing the same didn t? Seems your employing the double standards you seem to be accusing others of utd til i die

Posted 12:48pm 20th February 2014

utd_till_i_die (Manchester United) says...

petergriffin, just because Real had more possession doesn't mean they were outplaying us. The game was in the balance with no team having a foothold in the game with United leading having got a crucial away goal. City vs Barca was different with Barca tiring City out (they do that to everyone). But last year's red card was totally unexpected and it did result in 2 goals being scored along the left flank (where Nani was playing). Comparing that red to City's yesterday is inexplicable. Demichelis was rightly sent off, and despite what Pellegrini says, Barca did have decisions go against them as well. Pique's goal and Clichy's handball not being awarded to name but two. You can't really compare these two reds, in one the referee bottled it, in the other the referee was spot on (maybe not about the pen).

Posted 12:23pm 20th February 2014

Synergy says...

I actually thought City caught a really bad break when they drew Barca. Basically the only way to beat Barca is park the bus and play a counter attacking style. Sadly that isn't Pellegrini's style. He couldn't match Barca when coached Madrid and I was sure he wouldn't fare any better with City. City would have been better off playing Madrid or anyone else.

As for Pellegrini's rant, not really surprised. Every manager whines sooner or later. Its mostly the pressure to win. They see a bad decision in real time and get angry. They are still seething from the supposed bad decision after the loss and then get a microphone shoved into their face. Its only human to vent when your angry.

City were outplayed and I don't rate their chances in the away game. Ah well he has still been more successful than Mancini was during his reign.

Posted 12:17pm 20th February 2014

petergriffin (Manchester City) says...

I kind of see what utd til i die/allaboutunited mean and maybe to a certain extent City fans have done what United fans did last year after the Madrid game. We ve both put all the blame on the referee and ignored the decisions in our favour (Rafael handball and disallowed goal for United, Disallowed goal for City). Both teams had less possesion prior to the sending off and appeared to have a game plan that was working. Even a year later utd til i die refered to the referee ending Uniteds campaign not acknowledging the decisions that went Uniteds way or the fact Madrid outplayed them. Maybe our manager/players/fans are doing the same as yours did (although I d hope we re not still whining about it a year later).

Posted 8:58am 20th February 2014

HarryBoulton says...

Why is it some people cannot see what actually happened out there? City are a fabulous side, but they can only hurt you with the ball. Barcelona denied them this, and effectively waited for them to make a mistake, which they knew was coming at some point, because all teams make them when they go so long without the ball. Barca know that teams will slip at some point, and they have the players capable of punishing those mistakes when they happen, which they did. City did well, but this was a carbon copy of what Barca did to us in two CL finals, albeit not as big a white-wash. They denied the opposition any of the ball, and punished the inevitable mistakes clinically. Only Bayern Munich have managed to convincingly out-play this Barca side over the last 6 or 7 years. When United, Chelsea and Inter got past them they required large slices of luck, and some very clever tactics to get through.

Posted 5:19pm 19th February 2014

utd_till_i_die (Manchester United) says...

@luca_85, last season after Nani's disastrous red card, most of the articles were blaming Sir Alex for the way he handled that red card, rather than lambasting the referee for prematurely ending United's campaign. United's game plan was never going to work with a player sent off against Real last season but these geniuses couldn't see that.

Posted 4:01pm 19th February 2014

tom33 (Manchester United) says...

@bobsy Not really, City had 19 fouls given against them in total and Barca had 10 given against them, so a 2:1 ratio, not exactly disproportionate if you take into account that the possession statistics were roughly 2:1 in favour of Barcelona.

Posted 2:59pm 19th February 2014

allaboutunited says...

Haha, no mention of the biggest mistake in the match that actually went in City's favour....the disallowed goal? City players were just as guilty of going down easy as the Barca players were, and its not something that you only see in Europe either....every game in the Prem there are players that back into another player, and then fall over. Its just sour grapes from Pellers, he knows that having spent the money he has, and whats gone before, there is no excuse. Perhaps he's trying to divert the attention from him, once again, getting his selection wrong? Perhaps he's worried that he will be sacked if he fails in Europe, who knows, whatever the reason.....he's talking complete nonsense. Barca were simply a class above, going to the Etihad and winning without getting out of second gear...sort of proves that.

Posted 2:07pm 19th February 2014

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