Far From A Repeat Of Last Year's Humbling

Although Arsenal suffered a frustrating night in their 2-0 defeat to Bayern Munich, Matt Stanger feels there was at least some encouragement for Arsene Wenger...

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macduff says...

@bleublancrouge- not the beginning of the ongoing curse but the beginning of the stadium debt and having to make £19 million profit per season to service the mortgage. There was no billion pound handout to Arsenal.

Posted 4:16pm 21st February 2014

bleublancrouge (Chelsea) says...

@jackio - "You guys do it ALL the time" = Kindergarten stuff. Parking the bus did deliver your last trophy... in 2005. If you were already following football then, you'll remember your team (featuring Vieira, Henry etc.) refusing to take the game to then rivals Man Utd and holding out for the penalty shootout. Was that the beginning of the ongoing curse?

Posted 4:29pm 20th February 2014

onceupon says...

@macduff: So your response to my question is not answering it but informing me I don't play football? I actually play football on a regular basis and taking out a player when I have no chance of getting the ball as the last man is never an option. Especially as at my level the chance of a player messing his opportunity is much higher than in a professional game. Ballack asked exactly the same question last night, maybe he should try playing some football too.

Posted 4:21pm 20th February 2014

macduff says...

onceupon- the players know the rule and that there is no exception to it so why take the risk? If you do not know the answer to that yourself then you should try actually playing sometime.

Posted 3:35pm 20th February 2014

onceupon says...

One thing is certain. The players know the rule and that there is no exception to it so why take the risk? We can argue the punishment is too severe but in the current state players should be wiser and coaches should train them to appreciate a situation where going a goal down is better than a man down, even if the penalty is missed.

Posted 1:16pm 20th February 2014

montezuma (Arsenal) says...

Far be it from me to ever agree with a Man U supporter ( ;-) ) but moogies has hit the nail on the head there. Ox should never have been subbed - as Ozil was a massive let-down - yet again. Another missed penalty (similar to the dreadful one he took v Napoli) and failing to cover runners from midfield was another dereliction of duty. Gave the ball away nearly every time he got it too - and not for the first time this season. Wilshere didn't turn up either - was absolutely nowhere in the whole game. Sanogo tried but was way out of his league despite doing some good things early on. Koscielny - our player of then season was immense until he strayed upfield and din't make it back in time to stop Muller. No cpmplaints about the penalty - letter of the law applied there but that's Champs League football. Second leg - barring a miracle - only offers hope of a dignified performance - I don't think we'll stop Bayern from scoring, put it that way. Could have all been so different early on - as Bayern were all over the shop and should have been punished.

Posted 1:00pm 20th February 2014

megadeadly (Arsenal) says...

@bolak Which Arsenal fans said it was a "great night"??

Posted 12:10pm 20th February 2014

onceupon says...

@moogies: Absolutely right about the forced substitution. At the time, I was certain Ozil would be taken off for Fabianski. With ten men, your only chance to attack is with quick counters and you need players who can beat their man to get out of your own half, let alone defend properly with 100% commitment. Ballack point about Ozil not looking like he has the "acceptance" of his Arsenal teammates was also pertinent. He seems lost and disinterested when the going gets tough and his team (apart from Wenger) doesn't seem to trust him in those moments.

Posted 11:45am 20th February 2014

doherty (Chelsea) says...

Arsenal get thoroughly outplayed to the point of only having 12% possession, Ozil stinks up the place, Wenger makes the wrong substitutions then refuses the shake hands with Guardiola, then tries to blame Robben for having the audacity to go down when he's been taken out by Steve Backley, but Matt Stanger and many others come to the conclusion that it was an "encouraging" result for Arsenal. Another glorious failure for Wenger then - some might say he's a specialist.

Posted 11:37am 20th February 2014

jackio (Arsenal) says...

What a lot of opposition fans seem to miss is that if Kosceilney hadn't rushed up for the free kick it probably would have remained 1-0. In the circumstances that would have been a great result. I don't mind having 12 per cent possession in the second half if your defence limits them to passing it sideways across the box the entire time and restricting them to shots from outside the box. Oh and bleublancrouge they're acceptable tactics when down to ten men at Camp Nou. Not in every bloody game though.

Posted 10:14am 20th February 2014

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ooray! We are all excited now, we beat a very mediocre team! With all due respect to WHU supporters, not winning that game shouldn't even be a consideration. This is the problem, there is no winning mentality at the Emirates - we're all congratulating ourselves beating a team that we have a winning record against.

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