Should All Managers Get Six Months?

That's one idea in a morning mailbox that also contains a Liverpool fan admitting he was wrong about Rodgers. Plus, more thoughts on everyone's favourite subject...

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Man United: One Game To Save Season

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They have one match to convince decent players that they are worth joining - over to you, Louis. We also have mails on Malky Mackay, Mario Balotelli and Tim...

Tipping More Struggle For Man United


Degsy won't shake a stick at Man United being odds-on to win at Sunderland, while he also backs Everton to hold their own at home to Arsenal...

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Should All Managers Get Six Months?
With managers these days seemingly not given enough time to prove they are good enough or be given enough time to get results I'd like to propose a new management law in that a manager has to be given a minimum of 6 months in the job before a club can get rid.

I find it a bit of a joke that Pepe Mel could be sacked after a few months in a job where that clearly isn't enough time to have been given a fair go in the role. The same went on at Fulham earlier this season Rene Meulensteen was just starting to get to grips with his squad and team and gradually they were improving but then he's sacked after a very brief spell in charge. I think it would also give players the chance to feel more secure because when a new manager comes in they may be deemed surplus to requirements.

It's the chairman and the board who decide which manager they employ therefore they should be the ones who are held responsible. If they are thorough in the recruitment process then they should theoretically get the right man in and if they make a balls up then it's down to them and the man that they put in should at least be given a fair ammount of time to have an impact on the side. Job security for manager's today seems very fragile and I just think if a board think they have the right man for the job they should be made to stick with them for a minimum ammount of time and I think this would give the manager a fair shot.
Nathan, AFC, Melbourne

Bored Of The Champions League
As pointed out in the mailbox last week, the Champions League has become boring. All 6 teams thus far were the group winners, and all rather predictable (scores on aggregate):

Chelsea 3-1, Real Madrid 9-2, Bayern 3-1, Barcelona 4-1, Atletico Madrid 5-1, and PSG 6-1.

1st place teams won by a combined score of 30-7. Real competitive.

Dortmund will presumably go through as well. Not sure who goes through between Man United/Olympiakos, they're getting tonked next round regardless.

I realize it's called the 'Champions' League for a reason, but this year there is zero drama unless Moyes wins it all, then I'll choke on my words.
Nick C

Wrong About Rodgers
In addition to the points I listed yesterday about being wrong, I realized I forgot the biggest relevant one:

I did not think Brendan Rodgers would achieve much. I did not think he would improve the side much from what Dalglish had done. I did not understand why the owners were so enamored with him that they chose him out of everyone they interviewed. I wished we had attracted AVB or Heynckes (assumption being that Mourinho/Guardiola/Klopp would have turned us down.) I did not understand why Rodgers was seen as preferable to Paul Lambert, given that the latter was responsible for back-to-back promotions with Norwich while Rodgers had mostly taken Martinez' side and improved it.

I maintain that the difference between Dalglish and Rodgers' Liverpools was exaggerated, and that Dalglish's Liverpool was doing quite well (barely off 4th place) until Lucas got injured and they reached the League Cup final, but the improvement that we have seen in 2013-14 shows just how wrong I was about everything else.
Oliver Dziggel, Geneva Switzerland

Tipping A West Ham Win
1. Kevin Nolan is more effective than Mata and Fellaini combined. This is a fact.
2. A wounded Man Utd, a manager on the brink, a trip to East London and Andy Carroll looking to justify a late spot on the England squad. This is what can be termed "a perfect storm".
3. To reference my old post about Man Utd being a slow motion car crash - now the driver is braking hard. We watch the the liquifying of the tyres. The wall is coming, and soon we will see the red, Man Utd Ferrari condense like a tinker's accordion. But we are not there yet...

4. My friend Will wont talk to me any more, after I painted his facebook wall with pictures of Moyes grinning like an idiot / looking confused and angry with Phil Neville.

He simply doesnt want to know any more. But I know he reads the mailbox. Hi Will!!
Tom, London

Which Is Worse: United's Attack Or Defence?
United absolutely have the ability to go out and score some goals - I even think we could have a 3-0 scoreline after 60-70 minutes. Any other season, happy days, shut it down, play on the counter, job done. This season though...does anyone trust them to keep adequate concentration levels for a full 90+3 minutes? chance. Our closing-down and decision making along our 18 yard line has been nothing short of comical.

Name it and we've done it. Deflections, going to ground, switching off, not clearing the lines - all commonplace under Moyes. If we can't keep Fulham (Fulham!) out for 10 minutes to see a game through, how do we expect to keep a team who are buzzing off their last result against us at bay when they know they only really need to score one goal to go through? Their motivation for this fixture must be enormous, and fair play to them. Absolutely dreading tonight.
RedArmy (Fulham!!), Belfast

Bayern Dominance Will End
Bayern might appear utterly invincible at the moment to Henry (not one mention of Moyes so won't get published) M and seem to have a total authority in the Bundesliga, however, historically speaking, whilst Bayern have been the unquestionable dominators of the Bundesliga since its creation, the league has proven time and time again that no matter how invincible they seem, another team will build, strengthen and knock them down, albeit temporarily. Before Heynckes' landmark treble last season, Bayern were poised to do the same in 09/10 with their great side featuring the likes of Olic, Lahm, Van Bommel, Ribery, Robben and Schweinsteiger (and having hoovered up Bundesliga goal machine Mario Gomez from Stuttgart) only to be foiled in the Champions League by Mourinho's Inter. At that point it didn't look like anyone would be challenging Van Gaal's Bayern for a long long time. Fast forward 9 months and Van Gaal has been fired and Bayern were facing a battle for second/third place. Dortmund then went on to win for the next two seasons on the bounce - this was despite Bayern buying the hottest Bundesliga property - Gomez - that season, and following that with the acquisition of arguably the most promising young goalkeeper in the world - Neuer - the next.

Bayern will eventually fade for a brief while, just as (and I am deliberately discounting Moyes era Utd) Man Utd have during the Premier League era, before reestablishing dominance again (might take a little longer this time). Man Utd have won 13 from a possible 21 titles, with the other pots being shared between 5 sides, compared to Bayern's 10 from 21 over the same time period, shared amongst 6 sides. Equally, Bayern's policy of buying up the best of the talent from within the league is a transfer strategy that is at least 50 years old, and represents nothing new and no surprises from German clubs and managers. For a cracking look at the development of German football it's worth checking out 'Tor!' by Ulrich Hesse-Lichtenberger which (amongst much else) details the rise of Bayern and also has some brilliant stories in it, such as the role that Adi Dassler (of Adidas fame) played in securing Germany their first World Cup through the advanced boot technology that he had developed.
Richard (Wirt jemand nicht an den Kinder denken) Malpass

...I think that Henry M has pretty much answered his own question. With Bayern absolutely dominating the League and hammering all around them it is likely that some player will be likely to leave to look for a new challenge. In doing so gaps will appear in the Bayern team which, it being Bayern, they will look to fill with young German talents. It will always take time for these to settle in and become the types of players that Kroos, Mueller and Neuer have become.

Bayern have always been dominant in the Bundesliga but nonetheless it remains one of the most entertaining leagues in Europe, I mean Wolfsburg won it a few years for Christ sake. The fans of teams like Dortmund and Schalke will remain to be as committed as ever, German youngsters will continue to be brought in by ever club (just look to messrs Draxler, Reus and Ginter for examples of young Germany Internationals who don't play for Bayern) and the league's best will continue to participate at the top of european competitions.

The truth is that Bayern are at the moment as dominant as ever, but history has shown us that, while they will always be strong, they will not always be unbeatable.
Ben, Dublin

Can United Spend Their Way Back To The Top?
I'm a Blackburn Rovers man and largely a neutral with regards to the current EPL, but I must confess I am rather enjoying United's current mess after so many years of dominance. I also confess I thought the appointment of David Moyes was, on the face of it, reasonable when announced. Instead, he appears unsuited for the position and would best serve everyone's interest at the club (including his own) if he were to step down with dignity... but I digress. What I would really like to ask is how sure are Manchester United fans they will be able to attract the attention of a top level manager?

Depending on how Financial Fair Play shakes out, United could find themselves in a tight spot if the plan is to simply spend their way out of this mess (See Ed Thompson's piece at They are one of the biggest names in world football and might still attract the cream of the crop, but it hardly strains credulity to see one's enthusiasm for the managerial post might be somewhat dampened if they cannot act like one in the transfer market. I keep reading comments from Man U fans that things cannot possibly get worse than they currently are. They might learn quickly things can ALWAYS get worse.
Jay (Just a Yank... what do I know?) USA

No Fear Factor
Imagine a few years ago playing for United out on the pitch at Old Trafford and making a real cock and balls of an error that lead to a goal against your fiercest rivals, or anyone for that matter. With 76,000 people watching you perform the said error, there'd only be one person there I'd be thinking that I wished hadn't seen that. That man is obviously Sir Alex. You'd know very well that come half time or full time that you'd be in for it big time!

Now, this brings me onto Moyes. I think that what he is massively lacking is the fear factor that SAF had with his players. I just can't see him letting loose at any of our players, whether it be an individual or the whole team that he needs to have a right doo at. I just can't see that happening and I think that it's noticeable to the players. Can you really see him walking into the dressing room and yelling his face off at Van Persie?

There needs to become a point where if he is going to continue to manage United, he needs to lose his head at the players and give them an absolute rollocking. When they've played an absolute shocker, he needs to tell them how shocking they were. He needs to stop giving the players an easy ride blow his top at them. I don't care how, just do it. Have a go at Ashley Young for even being absolutely useless at sitting on the bench, just anything. Make them sit up and take note. I firmly believe that so far throughout some of the dire and lacklustre performances that the players could have returned to the dressing room to a chorus of 'unlucky lads, just have to try harder next time'. (f**king try, STOP SAYING F**CKING TRY). I don't see him having the balls yet to lay into the reigning champions all guns blazing. Until that happens I don't think he'll have the respect required to lead them. He needs the fear factor somehow that Fergie had, but I just can't make up my mind whether he'll ever achieve that.
Al (looking forward to my last CL game for a while tonight) Manchester

For The Umpteenth Time: If You Send Something Decent On Another Subject, We'll Put It In
Hi chaps,

Just an idea. Could you perhaps divide the mail page into two - one for mails about Man Utd/Moyes and one for everyone else please?

Getting f*cking fed up with going on any sports news or footie website and seeing nothing but mail/comments/articles about them.


Thank you.
Cliff B

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Redknapp leaps to Mackay defence


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Redknapp leaps to Mackay defence


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Redknapp leaps to Mackay defence

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Man United: One Game To Save Season

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