Big Manager Not A Magic Bullet For United

If Manchester United fans think that a big name new manager will ensure success, then they might be disappointed due to improvement elsewhere, says Philip Cornwall...

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thetruthwillout (Manchester United) says...

Articles like this are of course nothing more than simple discussion points for people to air their opinions around..... Its nothing more than that... The only talking that counts is what takes place on the pitch! There is no such thing as a magic bullet in football.... Manchester United need: (1) A Good/Great experienced manager, that know how to handle a big club & big players, (2) Has a clear & positive attacking football philosophy, and is able to communicate effectively to the players, (3) A manager who has excellent tactical nous & motivational qualities, (4) Be a manager who players want to play for, and who can be a positive attraction for players to come to United, (5) Proven record as a winning manager over the years. Even with all these qualities, there are no guarantees of success, but it would increase the likelihood of success. Any new manager is a risk & offers no guarantees. Ryan Giggs does not currently fit the current requirements for Manchester United in my opinion. As regards other clubs, there is also no guarantees that any of Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton, Spurs etc will be better next season. In my opinion the requirements at all these clubs will see declines at most of them, as they all require more than just tweaks to improve, and bring in new players & letting others leave is always risky, offering no guarantees. My own personal predictions for next season are United will be challenging for the title and Liverpool will finish outside the top 4! N.B. I am not just saying this because I am a United fan. But as I said earlier, the only talking that counts is that that takes place on the pitch! So time will tell!

Posted 3:24pm 27th April 2014

joemanutd (Manchester United) says...

@onceupon yes I do, I made that point perfectly clear. Considering you have your PL encyclopaedia out, tell me what was the points differential between 2nd and 3rd in each of those years you highlight. I think you'll find in substantiates my point so do one!

Posted 9:08pm 26th April 2014

HarryBoulton says...

@bobsy, yes the squad, not individuals. THE SQUAD, as a whole. Potential is an exclusive of young players. And when you look at the squad (Rooney, RvP, Kagawa, Mata, Janusaj, De Gea, Carrick, Fletcher etc....) There's plenty of abilityin there. Ergo, lots of potential the squad to do well.

Posted 11:55am 26th April 2014

IanJames says...

"I couldn't agree more, anything can and does happen in football." Too true. However, the irony is that when teams people expected Manchester United would steamroller started competing and getting points off them, and when they slipped down the table to 7th, the fans started complaining and protesting, forgetting that afore-mentioned adage. The problem with success is that when the tap's turned off - even temporarily - a step into what's commonly known as 'our world' comes as a big, real and uncomfortable surprise.

Posted 10:54am 26th April 2014

Synergy says...

That is the standard excuse whenever United win the league...."League was weak that season". SAF went up against various contenders, Arsense's fantastic teams and then the sugardaddies unlimited funds and still managed to win. The man was one of a kind and for some reason people are trying to make excuses instead of giving the man his due.

@bobsy (Liverpool)> So RVP, Mata, Kagawa and youngsters like Jones, Smalling, Rafael etc don't have potential to improve on their performance under Moyes and perform like they did under Fergusson?

Its hilarious when Pool fans talk about lack of talent/potential when just a year ago everyone said Pool were 7 players away from a title. Instead a good coach made players who were considered "average players", raise their game, play to the gameplan and now will probably win the title.

Posted 6:36am 26th April 2014

shagwa (Chelsea) says...

Chelsea have taken 4 points off United this year. There is no possible way they can have 5 more this year than last. tonyv25: I know United haven't been very good in Europe, but an English club has won a big trophy the last 2 seasons and are in the CL semis this year. I know everyone hates us and particularly our style of play, but ignoring results because they don't suit your theory is poor methodology.

Posted 12:58am 26th April 2014

buck rogers (Liverpool) says...

@tonyv25 Wow, bitter much ? "How bad the league currently is is highlighted by the lack of success in Europe" What a load of sh1te ! Never mind the few opening statements !!!

Posted 12:09am 26th April 2014

johnnybongo (Arsenal) says...

tonyv25 : This years winners will be a significantly better side than last years.

Posted 11:24pm 25th April 2014

shanebd (Liverpool) says...

Ive never been bothered commenting before but holy sh*t tonyv25...."this years winners will be the worst league winners in a long time". Such a bloody bad looser!!! Keep it up I look forward to seeing ur snide remarks this time next year too B-')

Posted 10:49pm 25th April 2014

onceupon says...

@nebs, jhb: Less hostile does not mean easy. Check your logic unit.

@joemanutd: It's an article about taking a cautious approach. You completely miss the point. And yes, for the last four years there was only one challenger to United PER season. 12-13: 3rd place Chelsea were out by Christmas. 11-12: 3rd place Arsenal 19 points behind. 10-11: In April Arsenal were trailing by 7 points and finish 4th. Chelsea 2nd were already 11 points behind.At least if your gonna moan, have a point that stands up.

Your right, this quad has the potential to do much better with a competent manager and a few addition. The article though, does not argue against it. It just says a big name won't guarantee a return to the top. Do you disagree?

Posted 5:55pm 25th April 2014

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