Giggs Returns United's Cutting Edge...

After an arduous first half, Manchester United improved markedly to thrash Norwich 4-0. Matt Stanger was impressed by Ryan Giggs in the caretaker's first match in charge...

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moondance says...

@Chris_W some interesting thoughts on Van Gaal,you're obviously in a better position than me to see how he is rated but i'd assume a lot of the people you talk to in Rotterdam are Feyenoord fans and the rivalry between them and Ajax who he managed is as fierce as that between Liverpool and Man United over here. He did spend most of his playing career in Rotterdam though with the smaller club Sparta but i think the Ajax connection may influence some peoples thoughts on him. Personally i think Ancelotti would be a great choice and if Real win neither the league or the Champions League then it may not be his choice whether he leaves them. He's managed big clubs in Real,Milan and Chelsea,has managed and won the title in this country,would surely command the respect of the players and could probably attract some top players to the club even with being out of Europe. The second half of 'United style football' may have been for the reasons you stated but it could also have been because it wasn't Moyes and literally anyone could have been standing on the touchline or that Norwich having given everything the previous week against Liverpool and maybe deserving a point for their second half display in that match,went a goal down against United and had very little left to give and look like they've accepted their fate. Either way the three remaining fixtures will reveal very little about Giggs' suitability for the job.

Posted 3:59pm 28th April 2014

bhatman (Manchester United) says...

I agree completely with Chris_W however I would extend his argument and say that giving Giggs the job is risky. He is/was a peer player and United will risk losing a legend and more importantly for the lack of experience. This is a season where Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, City are going to pull ahead. United wouldn't like to play catch up for another season, I say this because they have starved themselves of new blood in the midfield for more than a couple of years now. Generating a buzz, attracting top talent, no CL and a rookie manager is only stacked against United. If United do go ahead and appoint Van Gaal it would be more of an over compensation. Another reason to not appoint LVG is that he is coming to English football to complete his CV. He has nothing to lose does not care much about the United culture. If it doesn't work it will be more of a loss for United than him. In addition to that adding another large EGO has its own risks. I would throw in some more names - Frank Rijkaard, Guus Hiddink, Conte, De Boer

Posted 3:50pm 28th April 2014

bhatman (Manchester United) says...

A word of advice for all football managers....In case you are getting a contract from a team then ensure you insert clauses which state if you are fired via an email or a social networking site or news is leaked before the actual sack ceremony then the club owes you an extra 1 million... If I were a manager I would do ben on the phone with my agent or lawyers, right away. Giggsy, Sherwoord, etc if you are reading....

Posted 3:26pm 28th April 2014

Chris_W (Manchester United) says...

I'm in a quandary really. My head tells me that appointing Giggs would be a huge mistake that could result in destroying a club legend. My heart tells me that he's earned a run at the job. I'll be straight, I have a completely unjustifiable dislike for Van Gaal. I don't want him as our manager. I don't know why. Maybe it's the fact that I work in Rotterdam and the majority of the Dutch don't rate him. Maybe it's because his success was predominantly a number of years ago. Maybe I just don't like the way he looks. Whatever it is, I don't think he's right for United. Deluded I may be, but I still feel we missed a huge oppportunity by not offering the job to Jose last year. We'd still be in the mix now and the guy can attract players. There's also no chance of any player not giving 100% in every game if he was the boss - the main reason for our current plight. That said, it's too late now, he's back at CFC and happy so he's not an option. Klopp was/is my first choice this time around, but he doesn't appear to want it. Ancelotti is concentrating on Real and will likely stay there if they win something to add to the Copa Del Rey. That pretty much leaves Van Gaal (who obviously wants it) or Giggs. I'd go with Giggsy for the ride. It isn't about winning or success necessarily. I've been going to United games for nearly 40 years and we were dog-sh** for half of that time. But in all of those years, even under Dave Sexton (like Moyes, a decent chap), I don't remember such turgid, uninspiring football. The second half on Saturday was our first 'United style football' all season. If that is down to the players shaping up, Giggs' style of management or a mixture of the two, I don't care. I just want to watch exciting, fast-paced and attacking football every week. Maybe that's another reason i don't want Van Gaal...

Posted 1:55pm 28th April 2014

MeMcMe (Bolton Wanderers) says...

Fair enough, lankymanc. I must admit I did find it a bit odd upon reading the results of a Football League fan survey a few years ago where most Bolton supporters listed Man United as their number one rival. I would've thought Blackburn or Burnley, but who am I to say when I don't even live there? To each their own, it's all about opinion. And come off it... hate is a word that is thrown around willy-nilly, I wouldn't read too much into the semantics. I love this attitude that possessing a strong dislike of a club has to be indicative of some small-mindedness within an individual. All very high-horsey, playground stuff. The reasons for my dislike are much more than "cos I do" or "cos you're sh*t," as I'm sure are those of most reasonable football-watchers. I already listed plenty of them, no need to bore you with a repeat and risk further wrath from people whose dads are bigger than mine. ABUs, eh? If you must know, I "dislike" Tottenham, Chelsea, Q.P.R. and Barcelona even more. But I guess ABUexceptwhenthey'replayingTCQPRorB doesn't exactly square with the modern obsession that says every hatred is a case of whatever-o-phobia.

Posted 1:54pm 28th April 2014

lankymanc (Manchester United) says...

You don't hear Bournemouth fans spouting bitter drivel though do you? I work in Bolton and there's not one Bolton fan I've met who doesn't have the same moronic hatred for United as you do. I love the look they get when asked why they hate us so much. It's the look a loved up teenager gets when the girl he's fell in love with goes out with the cool guy. A mixture of love/hate/disappointment and total confusion. They eventually come out with some inane tripe like 'cos I do' or 'cos you're sh*t'. Brilliant. You could get relegated from whatever division your in but if you'd beat United in a cup game you'd all see it as a successful season. Hate's a very strong word, I don't hate anything apart from my job, but you lot lap it up. Very sad.

Posted 11:02am 28th April 2014

Synergy says...

First things first, the board have clearly said Giggs only has the job for 4 games. They need to get in an experienced world class coach. Giggs can work as his assistant and learn over time. Otherwise we will have another Tim Sherwood on our hands.

Secondly the biggest difference between Moyes United and Giggs United was that once United scored under Moyes, they would go into a defensive shell and protect that lead and eventually concede. Under Giggs, they kept attacking and hence didn't allow the opponent into the game. Also helped that getting rid of the negativity surrounding Moyes, United once again played with a bit of freedom.

Posted 10:25am 28th April 2014

Synergy says...

lankymanc, stop responding to ABUs like MeMcMe. These guy follow United more than they do their own clubs. They aren't really football fans, rather just people who like to be miserable.

Posted 10:23am 28th April 2014

moondance says...

@shea666 are you being serious ? No,no they wouldn't because you would also have to rewite all the other matches and say that Everton wouldn't have lost at home to Palace,City at Villa and Cardiff and every other match where the top 6 have lost to a team from outside the top 4 !

Posted 10:02am 28th April 2014

mootilated (Arsenal) says...

@shea666 - ''The question must be asked, if United can do this then why haven't they, the players, done this all season?'' - do what exactly? Beat Norwich? It's not hard you know. I doubt it was the manager's words and tactics that lead you to beat them. No offence.

Posted 9:59am 28th April 2014

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