Rodgers Risks Being A Victim Of Own Success

Brendan Rodgers' fantastic achievements at Liverpool have created an entirely different challenge for the manager. How will he cope with the burden of increased expectations?

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fresh (Liverpool) says...

@bonglim of course i am not sure! but they all have several reasons why they should more then shouldn't. Only one i think over achieved and may not improve is sturridge, but then consistently playing may improve him. The others i think are likely.

Posted 2:34pm 8th May 2014

bonglim (Manchester United) says...

@freah 'hendo/sturridge/suarez/sterling/coutinho will improve' Really? Are you sure? It is probably fair to say that Suarez will have an amazing year - but it could be the same slightly better slightly worse and still be amazing. There are not that many people that could score a goal a game in one year, then do more than a goal a game the following year. He will not have a suspension though. As far as the others go, they have again all had an amazing year, but keeping it up year after year is much more difficult and improving year after year is incredibly rare. For every Ryan Giggs there is a Lee Sharpe. I hope the English players do really well and improve each year, but it is far from a certainty.

Posted 1:56pm 8th May 2014

kop_it (Liverpool) says...

If we sort out our defense and depth of squad recalling those on loan, next season with CL games will hopefully be as fruitful for us. Been a great season for us, it was a shame that we imploded against Palace. We can enjoy our last game with out the pressure of making up that goal difference. Also good to see not so trolling rival fans applauding Liverpool this season. Hope for more of the same next year.

Posted 12:48pm 8th May 2014

fresh (Liverpool) says...

Yes liverpool had many advantages this year and still didn't win but they only really began to challenge around March, the squad is light and next year will no doubt be harder but their strengths ie attack which is young will be older and better, hendo/sturridge/suarez/sterling/coutinho will improve. sure defence needs sorting replacing the gerrard role with lucas will curb some attacking intent but will improve defence immensely. The team will be better next year but so will chelsea/utd maybe even city/tott/evert and arsenal. If we challenge for the title again i would be happy, get to the ko stages of CL would be an achievement too. @solskjaer the reason people blame refs or the fa etc is even you have to say a lot of decisions went man u's way plus fergie was a easy person to hate totally unlikeable similar to how jose is now. Remember that goal tottenham scored a foot past the goal line which was disallowed that was when i realised that utd did have some sort hold on the refs and fa. now fergie gone those things don't happen, weird huh? Even we get 3 penalties at OT, could you see that happening before?

Posted 11:55am 8th May 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

I'll also add that if Rodgers does go on to lead Liverpool to years of greatness I will hate every moment of it, but I will never resort to blaming referees, the FA, or saying that he's an alcoholic, a cheat etc. I will accept that the best team always wins the league, it has always been thus, and unless I see any actual evidence of impropriety, I will continue to believe this to be the case. It's a shame a lot of Liverpool fans have embarrassed themselves over the last two decades with their paranoia, lies and conspiracy theories. This and the sanctimonious sense of entitlement than emanates from Anfield on a constant basis, is the reason that all United fans would prefer a City victory to a Liverpool one, no matter how many goals they score.

Posted 10:45am 8th May 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

Next season will be harder for Liverpool, that is a certainty. At the start of this season Liverpool were classed in many people's eyes as also rans, rightly so, they weren't even a nearly team last season. In the first half of the season opposition teams were probably expecting much the same as last year when facing Liverpool, i.e. lots of possession, a decent number of chances, most squandered, shaky defence, allowing a fair number of chances for their opponents, and would have set their teams up accordingly, which would have played into the hands of a Liverpool side much sharper in front of goal. Next season teams will be wiser to their ways and will probably start to play as they did against United before Moysogeddon, they'll try and frustrate them and hope for a set piece/counter attack. That's not to say Liverpool won't improve and meet the challenge, Rodgers is clearly a man of ability, but it won't be as straightforward a matter as making the defence more sound to keep them up there, they'll need more strings to their attacking bow as well. As for the Arsenal 'invincibles' being an unstoppable behemoth, hardly, they lost more matches than United did the season they won the treble. None in the league, maybe, but when you consider the number of matches United played that season, against much higher quality opposition, and won three trophies, not just one (I know which season I'd choose if given the option), it amuses me that some still hold that Arsenal side up as some high-water mark of English football. But for one Pires dive they'd have been just another team who won the title and couldn't hold on to it. The gold trophy was an insult as well, they won it once and get a gold trophy, by my reckoning United should have got a platinum one when they won the tenth, a far greater achievement than the one season wonders who never managed to retain the title.

Posted 10:38am 8th May 2014

goonerwinit (Arsenal) says...

So it looks like Liverpool are going to win zip, celebrate coming in the top 4 and bottle it in March, sounds a bit familiar

Posted 10:36am 8th May 2014

darcy_171 (Liverpool) says...

@bonglim. Complete rubbish. Firstly, we have had many injuries. Sturridge, Coutinho, Agger, Sakho, Enrique, Johnson (all at similar times meaning a potential first choice defence were all out), Lucas, Allen, Cissokho have all had notable periods out, as well as Suarez's suspension. Secondly, did you ever think that maybe the form of some players isn't just a coincidence, and may be down to Brendan improving the team and getting the best out of them? We all knew our squad was small this year, but the club knows it will strengthen and add depth for the CL campaing next year. Also the off hand FFP comment, this years financial results aren't even out, which will show dramatically reduced wage bill, increased commercial revenue, and won't have the Carroll/Downing write offs either. No worries there.I have nothing but praise for Brendan. He has ensured the team have vastly exceeded my expectations and I am sure they will continue to do so. Next year will obviously be more difficult. But that's the whole point of becoming a top team. Expectations will always be there with Liverpool, and this team seems to be rising to those expectations.

Posted 9:55am 8th May 2014

bonglim (Manchester United) says...

This year Liverpool had no european games, few cup games Very few injuries compared to other teams (although Suarez suspended at the start of the season) A lot of players on top form. (Suarez/ Gerrard are class and guaranteed performers, but the rest 'might' not keep up the same standard year after year) Less restrictions on finances (they would have failed financial fair play if in Europe) A captain under 34 years old - even Gerrard cannot slip away from father time. (pun totally intended) No pressure of having to deliver at least champions league qualification. If they can overcome all of that they will do well net year. I think that is a lot though.

Posted 8:17pm 7th May 2014

ildiavolorosso (Manchester United) says...

also.. I'm writing this BEFORE the Man City - Villa match... why does everyone at F365 seemingly assume that Liverpool have lost the title already.. City still have to win their match in hand, and they too can drop points (2-2 v Sunderland comes to mind). If they beat Villa, yes I would bet my house that they get the point required at home to WHam..but till then let's not get presumptuous in a manner similar to all those tabs who call(ed) Liverpool the "neutrals'" favorites.

Posted 7:17pm 7th May 2014

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