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This is our final stab at 23-man squad that will be named by Roy Hodgson next week - along with 26 names of players who will miss out. And Phil Neville...

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Thecolonel (Liverpool) says...

22 out of 23 correct, not too shabby! Got any tips for this week's lottery?

Posted 2:09pm 12th May 2014

glovemonkey (Everton) says...

@cortexk5 spot on read my mind he is borderline a call up unlikely to feature unless there are injuries but the way he has come on for us this year has been very impressive

Posted 3:09pm 11th May 2014

newbegins (Newcastle United) says...

@HarryBoulton I know exactly what you mean, but with England's current resources we don't have the creative players in our armoury. For me, England have to take advantage of their pace up front. Whatever team/lineup/formation gets the ball to Sturridge in full flow, that's the one for me. If this means parking the bus (or playing Jordan Henderson) and breaking on the counter then so be it. The closest we have to ball players are Wilshire (who hasn't seen much game time recently) and Lallana. After that it's slim pickings. England have a habit of trying to play the 'international way', slow it down, pass it, pass it, pass it. I never know why. It's not what we are good at. I wish we were, but we aren't. I'm not firmly standing in Carroll's corner, whichever of he or Lambert goes will do a decent job when called upon, I just believe he offers more in a gung-ho situation. Here's a thought, take them both. Wellbeck seems to be a shoe-in for no other reason than he has some pace. We've got that in bucket loads with Sterling, Sturridge, Ox etc.

Posted 11:35am 11th May 2014

HarryBoulton says...

With Jones and Smallings form (and fitness) more than questionable this season, I'm surprised that Flannaghan's name isn't higher. Yes he's played at LB this season, but is he not a more natural RB in the first instance? Surely after Glen Johnson he's a better bet than Jones, Smalling or Walker? For form alone he deserves to be higher up. I'm no Liverpool-lover, but with England I try to be more objective than cheap shots at rival players, and Flannaghan has had a belting season, by all accounts.

Posted 3:37pm 9th May 2014

Editor says ...

Six PL games at right-back this season - not enough to come into serious consideration.

HarryBoulton says...

@newbeginsm my issue with players like Carroll and Crouch is that they encourage a certain way of playing out of others, which has seen us repeatedly surrender possession far too frequently in tournament football. I would much rather our "plan B" was to take more ball players, and less "knock it down" players. Why have to leave a creative midfield player behind in favour of a lumping forward who simply has a negative effect on the way we approach the game? This idea that they can "shake things up with 5 minutes to go" simply doesn't stand up to basic scrutiny. The only time I can remember it really happening was against Sweden in the lest European Championships. The same applies to Jermaine Defoe, who's value appears to be in his ability to "pop up" but I can't remember the last time Defoe "popped up" in any meaningful game when the chips were down. We have brought him on for just about every close-fought game we've played in the last decade and I don't remember him making the difference he is advertised to make. Take Lallana, Ox, Barkley, Sterling, Henderson etc. Hell, I'd take Adam Johnson if I had to. Someone who can make something happen, as opposed to someone who relies on others to do so in order to have any impact thereafter........

Posted 3:18pm 9th May 2014

cortexk5 (Aston Villa) says...

John Stones does not even make the top 50? Silly.

Posted 2:24pm 9th May 2014

dannolan says...

Surprise suprise every spurs player's name is followed with some cheap biased gag about how bad of a player they are. Ruins what has the basis of a good piece, no change there though.......

Posted 12:49am 9th May 2014

newbegins (Newcastle United) says...

I don't really see the problem with the (proposed) inclusion of Carroll. Let's face it, whoever is chosen in that place is going to be used sparingly anyway. I don't imagine England playing with two up top, so what this position screams of is 'Plan B'. Plan B for England (and most other teams) usually means you're needing a goal in the last 20 minutes, and your play becomes more direct, more crosses, more balls to a target man. Now I for one can't see any better options as an impact threat as Carroll. For all of Rickie Lambert's ability I'd have far more confidence in bringing on Carroll to terrorise a defense than Lambert. As a Newcastle fan (call me biased if you must) I've seen Carroll completely dominate defences single-handedly, however you have to play to his strengths, i.e. crosses and good set piece delivery. On the flip side of the coin, who better to bring on when you're defending a lead than a man-mountain who will head any set piece out of harms way, and hold up the ball at the other end? For me an international squad needs variety. Sturridge, Rooney and Carroll provide that.

Posted 1:52pm 8th May 2014

russ1884 (Middlesbrough) says...

Milner is about as interesting as a pan! he is always without fail awful for England. In any case no tea from europe will win this WC, as a result why not be bold and expressive with gerrard doing his thing (slip aside) outstanding! and utilise Sterling Lallana Wilshere Henderson with Sturridge/Rooney. Lots of pace and creativity which you never know might just get us through with wins against Costa Coffee and Uruguay as Italy has nervous draw written all over it already! Just a thought

Posted 1:50pm 8th May 2014

pat_mcdonald (Manchester United) says...

What about James Wilson?

Posted 1:42pm 8th May 2014

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