A Ronaldo Rant, A Free Pass For Simeone And Bale-Backing

Our Spanish Thing enjoyed a mesmeric Champions League final, and has brought you his highlights of the showpiece occasion. Look away, Cristiano...

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frakessmee (Hibernian) says...

@Dave_Mack to suggest either Messi or Ronaldo is significantly better than the other is a nonsense comment designed to draw response, well done you've succeeded.

Posted 10:15am 30th May 2014

Dave_Mack says...

No Ronaldo will never be Messi... he's now significantly BETTER. There was a time they were neck and neck but Ronaldo's power and goal threat means he attracts 2 /3 defenders even when he's clearly carrying an injury. (like Sat.) BTW could F365 not have done a bit better than get the President of the Athletico fan club write your review of the CL Final?! Most biased football article I have ever read outside a fan site.

Posted 12:16pm 28th May 2014

parklanespurs (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

Come on United fans, we know you'll always love Ronaldo, in the same way i''ll always have a soft spot for Bale... but even you must admit, he mad himself look like a massive twat... That's why no matter what he does, he'll never be Messi...

Posted 5:08pm 27th May 2014

Jay_D says...

yossarian_lives, was there a player that did more to get Madrid to the CL final in the first place? His celebration made him look like a t*t, mind.

Posted 1:55pm 27th May 2014

tk421 says...

Tim, would you say Costa is an injury prone player or has it just been these last few weeks?

Posted 12:06pm 27th May 2014

dougyboy73 (Manchester United) says...

@Jimboof you saw last week with Arsenal, you need to call the fun police if you win something and they will let you know how much you can enjoy yourself

Posted 10:45am 27th May 2014

yossarian_lives (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

Was there a player on the Real team who played worse than Ronaldo over the course of the game?

Posted 10:35am 27th May 2014

jimboofmancunia says...

Hang on a minute... Ronaldo scored 17...17!! goals in the champions league this year..more than any other player ever...and now he's a tool because he celebrated scoring when then were already ahead???! HOW VERY DARE HE!

Posted 8:45am 27th May 2014

chrissb7 (Manchester United) says...

If I was in a champions league final in the aviva in front of the fans of my club plus some fans for Ireland I would rip my shirt off and go absolutely nuts. I would not care what goal it was. That is a dream for any player and I think if Ronaldo showed a tame celebration I would think why isn't he going insane? As for Ramos not being a world beater I think you're talking out your backside. He is a must in an international team that demands extreme levels of quality and is the same at club level. You must not watch much football if you can't think a player like Ramos is not worldclass.

Posted 11:46pm 26th May 2014

ob1 (Liverpool) says...

Ronaldo the tool, look at me everybody, I've scored a meaningless goal. Managers should behave better, pardew got roasted for his behaviour, why should simeone be any different?

Posted 7:20pm 26th May 2014

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es, these stats are right. Rio Ferdinand definitely had a better debut than Fernando.

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know it's only one game, and Arsenal have got an amazing midfield as is; but seriously, is Arsene Wenger the only person on Earth who doesn't want Cesc at their club?

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S - 'Squeezes [English] out of his mouth like it's an elastic band he's found in his lamb bhuna' - bravo. Marvellous stuff

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