Show Respect; Don't Re-Write History

We should all be respectful at the passing of any human being, but Philip Cornwall is angered by suggestions that Malcolm Glazer 'led' Man United to greatness...

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wrightstuff76 (Liverpool) says...

Quoting Latin on the surface seems pretty cool, unless you've watched The West Wing (like I'm guessing Phil has). Plus I used the same quote when I was slagging of a previous F365 article this season (I'm not of proud of that).

Posted 2:00pm 1st June 2014

Synergy says...

I don't really see too many people criticising the Glazers in these comments. However people trying to give them credit for the trophies are being naive. United aren't Chelsea or City, clubs that only won things coz of a sugar daddy.

We won trophies before the Glazers and continued winning after they bought the club. People can give Malcom and his sons all the credit in the world for taking our revenue streams to the next level. I just dont like people pretending they had anything to do with the on field success.

Posted 7:33am 31st May 2014

aburtyboy01 (Manchester United) says...

Mickman, I will have to guess you are not from Manchester ( me either) but one of us is and one is not acutely aware of the damage the Glazer regime has done to the support within the community? We are well aware of the damage done and your tired old business acumen does not hold water when it comes to having the heart and soul ripped from the ranks of the support.I think thats a tad more important than securing an official rat poison sponsor inthe name of the club(brand) being whored all over the world. The glazers saddled hundreds of millions of pounds in debt on a company that was in the black, using none of their own money and continue to remove from the club millions that should be pumped into it.OK 73 million a year on debts is the current payment scheme. yadda yadda yadda go ahead economics major...I partied like it was 1999 the other night, twitter and red issue was a blast with like minded reds celebrating the demise of the biggest disease to hit Manchester in decades. There are 5 left, probably after the expected and obligatory family will fight it wil be down to one or two and the toxicity will increase until they are all gone and the club we love is placed firmly in the hands of the supporters who deserve nothing less. the people of Manchester deserve no less, and i for one will continue my fight for United.LUHG As an aside to put ones money where ones mouth is, why dont you have a trundle over to the new Broadhurst Park in Moston and discover how, why, and what us anti glazerites look like first hand, you may be surprised. yes FC United of Manchester. money well spent and it wasn't done on a poxy leveraged by out, or the obligatory global whoring off the good name of MUFC

Posted 12:42am 31st May 2014

dearg (Liverpool) says...

Bugrat- utd needed a significant capital base to fully exploit their on field success. This capital was raised from the public equity markets which ultimately allowed them to be bought out by the glazers. Fans like you then try to suggest that a company that earns vast revenues financed by the capital markets is then a victim where the same capital markets are used to finance a buyout. You are welcome to your own opinion but you can't make up your own facts

Posted 7:53pm 30th May 2014

mickcam1982 (Manchester United) says...

it's now 10 years on so can all the anti glazier people just admit that they were wrong and give the guy a break..especially now in his death.not everybody has billions in oil money to run a club on.some actually have to use their brains like in any other business to keep things running which I think the glaziers have done well. Think about this all ye glazier haters - when you bought your house did you pay cash for it or get a mortgage? if like most people you got a mortgage you are paying interest? That's the way the world works deal with it. Because we don't waste 100 million in every transfer window doesn't mean the glaziers are starving the club of money it means they are showing common sense. rant over!

Posted 6:12pm 30th May 2014

crookster (Manchester United) says...

top posts @Mike_Christie, - I agree with you. As far as owners go the Glazers are far from a bad bunch. They bought the club on leveraged debt but this happens day in day out in business transactions world wide. It is naive to dismiss the work they have done on the commercial side as merely something that was going to happen anyway. If anything it absolutely had to happen or we would have drowned under the burden of that debt. They have managed the debt so far extremely well while remaining competitive on the field (last year excluded). Money is there to spend every year. Not silly money but considerable sums nonetheless. While it breaks my heart when we lose out to a top talent as a result of an inflated pricetag, I suppose a degree of realism is required. We are not signing players off the back of a millionaires blank chequebook. Our money for transfers comes from our own clubs pocket. Perfectly legally we have a huge mortgage and we need to pay it. Any club that renders itself up for sale is open to the same possibilities. Assuming Malcom Glazzer or anyone for that matter had paid upfront for UTD with their own coin - does anyone honestly think that person wouldn't have clawed back their own money and banked a huge profit in doing so anyway. Two different roads that ultimately lead to the very same path. I don't think anyone can argue that Manchester united are not an extremely well run club from a financial standpoint. If anything we are regularly praised for it.

Posted 4:44pm 30th May 2014

debra2927 (Sunderland) says...

So who owns Liverpool? The Samaritans? Ned Flanders? The Dalai Lama? Oh no, it's renowned philanthropists, the Fenway Group.

Posted 12:32pm 30th May 2014

dryice says...

Weren't Man Utd a floated company prior to the Glazers buying them? I wonder how the interest payments minus the tax saved would compare to the dividends that would have been shared between it's public owners had they not been bought? probably pretty similar cash wise I would imagine although less risk of course.

Posted 12:15pm 30th May 2014

Mike_Christie (Manchester United) says...

HarryBoulton, a reasonable post from you as usual. I would say though that I don't see how the failure to build can be laid on the Glazers though. Fergie had money to spend, that was clear. A board that allow a manager to spend millions on a complete gamble like Bebe, when clubs were signing players like van der Vaart and Cabaye for similar amounts can't be criticised for not backing the manager. Ferge was allowed to gamble tens of millions on buying young unproven players like Jones, Smalling, Bebe, Powell and Zaha. I'm sure that if instead he'd wanted to go out and sign a couple of established central midfielders that the Glazers would have sanctioned that too. The money was certainly there for Moyes to spend the thick end of £70m trying to shore up the midfield, so it seems to suggest that this option was also available to Ferguson. I would say in his last few seasons Fergie never got to grips with the inflation in the price of players, always talking about not seeing the value in players, when in fact that was just how the market had gone. The days when £30m got you world class talent at the top of their game are gone, and many current £25m players are nothing particularly special.

Posted 12:03pm 30th May 2014

Mike_Christie (Manchester United) says...

Also Solskjaer99, you point out that Real Madrid spent £800m in that timeframe, what do they have to show for it? Have they achieved so much more than United for all that money spent?

Posted 11:51am 30th May 2014

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