Bringing Cescy Back Is A No-Brainer...

The concept that Arsenal don't 'need' Cesc Fabregas is seriously flawed when every season they are beset with injuries. It's not about sentiment, it's about sense...

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th14thesecond (Arsenal) says...

We currently have ZERO players with Darren Dein as their agent. I think Wenger wants to keep it that way. Aside from the fact we need a striker and right back.

Posted 4:37pm 12th June 2014

dryice says...

I would have though Arsenal would want to buy the player with the best assist record of the past 5 years? Or is that so last year now.

Posted 11:06am 11th June 2014

littler_dutch (Arsenal) says...

Arteta played at Everton where he was well schooled in discipline and playing without the ball. It's very common for bigger clubs to buy their defensive midfielders to buy thier screening midfielders from slightly lower down for that reason. It's hard to educate that type of player at a club where you dominate the ball. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, but it'd spell another year of transition and it would mean Özil, Cazorla and Ramsey would have to break up the chemistry they spent last season forming to learn new practices again. In the crossfire, you might even lose a player or two to do that. When Cesc was coming through, Arsenal basically cleared out Vieira and then Henry so the team could march to his beat. We'd likely have to do something similar again and, personally, I don't think it's worth it. Last summer I'd have walked him back to N5, but I think we've moved on tactically now.

Posted 12:53pm 10th June 2014

macduff says...

He wouldn't be my suggestion as a defensive midfielder but then neither would Arteta or Flamini, but I take your point. Maybe we would have to change the style of play slightly and I am trying to shoehorn him in, but not just because he is available. I think he is a better, more complete footballer and midfielder than any we have at the club, miles he would start if fit, and he would make us significantly better to watch. And adjusting our style of play to accommodate someone like Fab in midfield, or even having more than one way to play might not be the worst thing in the world?

Posted 11:50am 10th June 2014

littler_dutch (Arsenal) says...

No he couldn't because Arteta's role is primarily defensive. Sitting in near the centre halves, covering for the full backs when they go forward, thwarting counter attacks. Fabregas spent his education with us and has spent the ensuing three years at a club that averages nearly 80% possession. Arteta's only role is not just to collect the ball from the centre halves and pass it on, most of his duties are off the ball, physical and defensive and Fabregas is an attacker. It's chalk and cheese. We'd get roasted alive on the counter attack with Cesc at the base of the midfield. If he wasn't supposedly available, are you saying that would honestly be your suggestion for our defensive midfielder? Or are you just trying to shoehorn him in because he might be available?

Posted 1:25pm 9th June 2014

macduff says...

littler_dutch, why would the style of play have to change? Could Cesc not provide the link between defence and midfield playing deep, in the way Arteta does, and do it better? He has done it before for Arsenal, and we would be getting a world class midfielder, who is versatile, capable of keeping possession, controlling the midfield and taking the game by the scruff of the neck, who is a joy to watch in an Arsenal shirt and better than anything we have right now.

Posted 12:38pm 9th June 2014

Synergy says...

@macduff> Wait you think Fabrigas can play as a defensive midfielder and perform better than Flamini there? Can I get what your smoking?

Fabrigas is an attacking midfielder who hasn't played defensively in his career. At best he would be passable. Arsenal need a real defensive midfielder as cover for Flamini and a striker, not another no 10. I am sure Arsenal fans will be hurt seeing Fab play in Jose's extremely expensive bus, but it better than stunting the development of Ramsey, Wilshire or having Ozil sit on the bench.

Posted 8:06am 9th June 2014

nicos (Arsenal) says...

Miller seems to be writing this from the viewpoint that they have turned him down...based on what he himself calls internet gossip. Mediawatch would be turning in its grave......

Posted 11:52am 8th June 2014

dwh (Arsenal) says...

Nonsense article. I'd be nice to have him, but we don't 'need' him. As others have alluded to we've moved on from Fabregas including a change of style... We're quite stocked in that area and have so many other needs that need fulfilling. Unlike others we can't afford 27mil, or whatever, for a 'just in case' when we need: Defensive mid, RB, starting centre forward and cover at CB & GK. Yes macduff he'd be better than Arteta, but why buy Fabregas, who'd have to alter his game, to play defensive mid when we can buy a dedicated DM instead?

Posted 11:09am 8th June 2014

littler_dutch (Arsenal) says...

More a stylistic thing than a strict formation thing. Arsenal aren't a team obsessed by possession now, Cesc likes lots of touches and Arsenal don't play like that anymore. They're happy to soak up pressure and sit back then hit teams in quick bursts. Fabregas doesn't suit that style quite so much. To fit him in, they'd have to change style and that would lead to another year of transition as the likes of Ozil, Ramsey and Cazorla- who suffered from having to recalibrate his role in the team after the signing of Ozil. If we sign Cesc the whole midfield setup has to change to shoehorn him in. He certainly cannot play the deeper role because none of his attributes are good off the ball ones. He's spent his whole career in teams that dominate possession so he's really not likely to have learned good off the ball qualities either. I also don't think he's worth buying just to stop Chelsea having him, a club should focus on making themselves stronger and their own business, otherwise they lose their focus.We're better off buying players that can fit our style and Cesc doesn't anymore. It's not a question of depth either, because he can't just slot in, the setup has to change if we play him.

Posted 5:17pm 7th June 2014

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