Eye On The Experts: The ITV Pundits

In the second part of their World Cup punditry review, our Johnny and Alan pick apart ITV's motley crew. It's Adrian Chiles and Wrighty, so you can possibly guess what they think...

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JacobBurns (Leeds United) says...

I can only presume that Fabio Cannavarro is there as eye candy for the ladies.

Posted 9:44pm 14th June 2014

paulonbooks (Liverpool) says...

Did anyone else notice Andy T's "That's a proper cross, that is?" in the first match?

Posted 12:23pm 14th June 2014

gongclough (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

If you look closely enough you can actually see Lee Dixon shaking his head with a look of disgust on his face as he mutters unspeakable things about whoever let him go from the BBC.

Posted 1:33pm 13th June 2014

bright and edgy (Manchester City) says...

Its Adrian Chiles' catastrophic attempts at being funny that send me into a blind rage. Especially during the interruption of the Honduras game, Chiles attempted a number of very unfunny quips that were so bad they made me cringe in a similar way to a politician cracking a joke to endear himself to the younger generation or Richard Madeley impersonating Ali G. Don't give up your day job Adrian. Or on 2nd thoughts.......

Posted 12:13pm 13th June 2014

cheshire-gooner (Arsenal) says...

Although a highlight last night was when Brazilian protestors were lobbing stuff at the studio window and Adrian Chiles genuinely didn't think they were aiming at him. Whatever Adrian, whatever.

Posted 11:12am 13th June 2014

cheshire-gooner (Arsenal) says...

For me Clive, the worst TV coverage ever. Dixon is top, top but aside from that.....During the last England friendly Andy Townsend (and they employ his son Andros - nepotism or what?) said at one point "feet". Just that. No emotion, nothing, just "feet". You've got to be doing better than that from there Clive.

Posted 11:11am 13th June 2014

JacobBurns (Leeds United) says...

They are all numpties except for Dixon & Strachan who is stark raving.

Posted 9:39am 13th June 2014

Ezy_Rider says...

'we reckon that Keano became self-aware around late 2013' - does this mean one of you is planning to go back through time to the United-Madrid game night last spring, where Nani got sent off and Keane looked like he was about to hit Southgate with the studio table?

Posted 11:27pm 12th June 2014

thetopbob (Chelsea) says...

I have tried to change it so that the ITV crew are speaking Spanish or any other language iI cannot understand. No success so far so I'm reduces to performing my own commentary.

Posted 6:47pm 12th June 2014

Geddy76 (Arsenal) says...

I can't stand (and never could) ITV's football coverage of any kind. However, the World Cup has always been the worst. All their drama building, the clich├ęs, the vomit inducing patriotism never did it for me. UKIP supporters will love it.

Posted 4:57pm 12th June 2014

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