Germany Struggling Under Pressure Of Expectation

Germany have now gone 18 years without a tournament win, their joint longest since 1954. They look sluggish under the weight of expectation to finally deliver the big one...

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kophero (Liverpool) says...

@Sterry:Agreed.They are a bit light at the back.They need both Schweinstieger and khedira in the middle.Move Lahm to RB.For LB they dont have many options.Howedes is their best bet.He is normally good but he has been too attacking which needs to be curbed.They should have tried Grosskreutz at LB against USA.Also start with Klose or Schurrle instead of Podolski.Goetze and podolski are good sub options. Still think they are good enuf to win this tournament.Ghana are the paciest side they would encounter this tournament and they managed..

Posted 8:46pm 28th June 2014

kophero (Liverpool) says...

So much racism and xenophobia against German players on this board and these English ppl and media have the nerve to pick on Suarez.The world is defined by hypocrisy. In the past 4 tournaments it has always been a case of Germany peaking too early.(even Euros 2012).Its better if they conserve all energy that they can. Germany have had to travel more than any other country and played 2 matches under the hottest weather possible and one under torrential rains. Also they get only 3 days rest after group stages and only 3 days if they win against Algeria. Brazil got 4 days rest and now 6 days before the quarters.(USA is getting extra day rest compared to Germans for both the next stage and the quarters if they go through). So if you use logic and a rational mind (which most on these forums lack),it is the Germans who are getting the wrong end of the stick.

Posted 8:37pm 28th June 2014

sterry (Manchester United) says...

germany have no chance one simple reason they are terrible at the back howedes and boateng as fb is horrendous , worst ive seen in the competition very bad management in my opinion lahm should move to lb and schweinsteiger into midfield

Posted 2:16pm 27th June 2014

tk421 says...

I hate everything about Muller. I hate Goetze's face, and his hair: He looks like a ventriloquist's doll and nobody likes those. Neuer's irritatingly arrogant and his height get's on my nerves, it's like he's too tall. Ozil's just a weak human being. On top of all that there's all this smugness about how lovely it all is the Bundesliga. It makes it very hard to enjoy Germany this year, I end up just wondering what going through Joachim Loew's head. Watching him my mind turns into an early Wim Wenders movie and I like to narrate his probable thoughts. Other people do that as well, right?

Posted 1:26pm 27th June 2014

jwp (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

red goose - this is proof of that is it? And all of the other England-related articles on this website and countless others should be it, should it? This site is excellent because it looks at football from other angles and offers articles that differ from the norm; if you'd prefer introspective or reactive pieces on the England national team, I think The Sun website is where you'd be happier mate.

Posted 11:51am 27th June 2014

red goose (Liverpool) says...

This piece just proves that England are more obsessed with everyone else and what goes on, rather than what happens in their own back yard.

Posted 9:43am 27th June 2014

hump3. (Ipswich Town) says...

No pressure Germany, i have them in the sweep and lumped on to get £200 if they win the thing, so no pressure at all. Ich bin eine doughnut mein freund.

Posted 9:38am 27th June 2014

beckenbauer (Fulham) says...

Why oh why do you keep calling them 'Die Mannschaft'?? NOBODY here calls them that, it's "Die Nationalmannschaft" or "Die Nationalelf". Danke. :-)

Posted 7:59am 27th June 2014

dr soccer (Arsenal) says...

Oh the poor German squad was tired? They had an extra days rest on the Americans. They look sluggish because they have four CBs and no fullbacks. Plus they seem to be playing with three DMs, one uninterested Ozil and no striker. And Jogi doesn't wear any raincoat. That would destroy his stylish look. I found it hilarious that he was suffering so much for about priorities. He even had a change of outfits prepared ahead of time and changed at the half...then got that one soaked as well.

Posted 1:58am 27th June 2014

Editor says ...

He was wearing one at the start of the match.

fol-de-rol says...

Germany are the bridesmaids? So what are we? The empty bean tins that get tied to the back of the car?

Posted 11:34pm 26th June 2014

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