World Cup Group Stage: Disappointing XI

Even the under-performers and the scale of their failure has added to this World Cup. Ian Watson selects an XI of the biggest disappointments in Brazil.

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badwolf (Manchester United) says...

I'm no fan of his, but Pepe's red was never serious aggression. After seeing the German toe-rag rolling around on the floor after getting plenty physical himself, all he did was put his head against Muller's to question what the fuck he was doing exactly. It's no headbutt in a million years. Pet peeve of mine along with shielding the ball out of play by defenders (blatant obstruction). Costa thought he'd get a free winners medal while playing in the country of his birth. Serves him right.

Posted 4:00pm 30th June 2014

bojanglez (Liverpool) says...

For me, the biggest disappointment is Cristiano, but he is obviously injured. The biggest fool of the tournament is clearly Costa, as he should be Brazil's #1 striker. Shame shame...

Posted 12:00pm 30th June 2014

Ezy_Rider says...

Baines was definitely worth a shot; to play a non-right back at right-back so Baines could push up and make it three at the back when we're attacking, with Rooney moving inside - then reverting back to 4-4-2-ish when we didn't have the ball. It didn't work but it wasn't 'ludicrous' - Cole didn't play much last season (cf Casillas), would still have been 2 v 1 against Italy for the whole game, and wouldn't have stopped either of Suarez's goals, so I don't think him going would have changed much

Posted 11:54am 30th June 2014

sven hunkstrom (Everton) says...

Cole was at fault for Atletico's equaliser at Stamford Bridge. He was at fault for Brazil's goals in the 2-2 last year - the idea that he was somehow infallible in the past 12 months is one that grew strength the more he didn't play - its certainly not because of anything he did on the pitch. Also, Casillas won 2 trophies last year. He'd also won the last 3 tournaments with Spain so they probably felt he was the right man for the job. Cole has won what exactly with England? What were the compelling arguments that should have seen him play left back for yet another disappointing summer? Whether you liked Baines for England or not, it was certainly time to try something different, even allowing for the fact that we can disagree over who is better.

Posted 10:59am 30th June 2014

thebigshow says...

I think the difference between Casillas and Cole is that when Cole was called upon towards the end of the season he showed that he was still a superb player. As opposed to Casillas who was a shambles culminating in almost costing his team the Champions League. As a guy who was clearly out of form he needed games to play his way back in. Cole looked like he'd never been away.

Posted 9:16am 30th June 2014

colinhunt says...

cosmic dancer - you're implying everyone was crying out for Baines over Cole. We weren't. Some were, some wanted Cole, I'm not sure if it was a 50/50 split, i doubt it, but I was firmly in the Cole camp, and now I'm in the I told you so camp.

Posted 6:09am 30th June 2014

cosmic dancer (Everton) says...

Dear me, cries of Baines over Cole before the tournament and now it's all his fault. The writers are as mental as the players nowadays. Baines was the best we had, he showed that in qualifying and when used to his strengths, particularly in the second half v Uruguay. Unfortunately he wasn't up to it, like the rest of the English lads, and to a lesser degree than some.

Posted 9:01pm 29th June 2014

soolee26 (Manchester United) says...

Ronaldo was poor but he wasn't a 100% fit,nowhere near it actually.

Posted 12:43pm 29th June 2014

larrylawrence (Manchester United) says...

One big Disappointment. Steven Gerrard. He should retire and let he new ones in now. Lampard also a show of himself. Chealsea let him go, says a lot.

Posted 8:58am 29th June 2014

fodorney says...

Does it count as a disappointment that I haven't seen any Brazilian legends in the crowd yet? How the hell can I have been watching the World Cup IN BRAZIL for the last couple of weeks and yet the camera hasn't picked out Pele, Ronaldo, Romario, or any other Brazilian legend in the crowd? It's in their home country. Surely they wanted to be at the games? Or have I just missed that? Anyone else think that's weird?

Posted 11:10pm 27th June 2014

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