Brazil's Striker Vacuum Threatens To Derail Bid

Brazil squeaked through into the quarter-finals but they look anything but assured. Daniel Storey worries that their lack of quality options up front will derail their bid...

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onceupon says...

It is a quite fascinating situation Brazil have with their lack of center-forward options. Brazil have been anything but impressive so far and the pressure must be playing a role in their subdued performances. I think like littler_dutch and Jay_D say, Scolari has a difficult decision to make as the need for a change is countered by the fear of destabilizing an already unbalance team. Friday's game against Colombia should be a treat to watch.

Posted 1:22pm 30th June 2014

Jay_D says...

Must have been watching a different game because I thought Hulk was immense. Best I've ever seen him play. Oscar has faded since the opening game and needs to pick it up, might be time to start Willian or Hernanes

Posted 9:44am 30th June 2014

littler_dutch (Arsenal) says...

An argument maybe for Robinho, whom Scolari experimentally tried as a false 9. But Kaka is gone and I watch Ronaldinho every week for Atletico Mineiro and let me tell you, the guy is nothing but a billboard now. Most Atletico fans (myself included) think he only gets in Galo's side for commercial reasons. He got injured recently and Atletico's form improved markedly. Alexandre Pato must be the one looking on at home and seriously regretting the contempt with which he's treated his football career. Even a half interested Pato would be the focal point of that Brazil attack.

Posted 9:23am 30th June 2014

wozza (Manchester United) says...

I don't want them to win because they have been pap.

Posted 6:10am 30th June 2014

lfcfan80 (Liverpool) says...

Don't worry about Brasil, they will be in the final, it might not be pretty and it might be very ugly, but they will be in the final. It's end of days stuff for Brasilians if they don't win the WC, to not make a final in their own country is unthinkable, could even lead to revolution and I'm being serious there, not flippant. The Brasilians I know expect to win, Brasil expects to win.

Posted 5:20pm 29th June 2014

chelseablue_no1 (Chelsea) says...

Fred and Hulk are just useless, it's bad enough Brazil have to carry Fred, but Hulk offers nothing, Willian is a better option. I would drop both of them for Willian and Bernard and push Neymar up as the main striker, with Oscar as the 'number 10'.

Posted 10:50am 29th June 2014

bolak (Leyton Orient) says...

Scolaris should stick Hulk or Neymar up front. They can't be any worse than Fred or Joe and it would allow Oscar and Willian to play together.

Posted 12:37am 29th June 2014

shea666 (Manchester United) says...

They're older, not quite what they were, and would maybe do no better, but surely Kaka, Ronaldinho and Robinho are better attacking options?

Posted 11:35pm 28th June 2014

morpheus99 (Manchester United) says...

I have said from start of the tournament as soon as brazil face anyone with a half decent defence they are goin out

Posted 10:44pm 28th June 2014

ajsr1982 (Liverpool) says...

Fred has been woeful, and Jo hasn't been much of an improvement when he's been called upon. However, Colombia have been good going forward despite the underwhelming performances of Teo Gutierrez. Personally, I've been disappointed with the supporting cast where Brazil are concerned. Neymar has offered flashes of individual brilliance, but both he and Hulk are exactly that, individuals. Oscar in particular, I expected more from. There is very little inter-play between their front four and when you consider that the full backs are more interested in scoring from 25 yards than providing a reliable supply line, it's all a bit disjointed for Brazil.

Posted 10:20pm 28th June 2014

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he solution is to not feel sorry for any of Jabba, Gold or Sullivan. They're all deeply unpleasant and all deserve each other. If only West Ham would sign Barton and Suarez then no one would ever need to despise any other club.

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gree with all of this, good work. Brazil has obviously mellowed you...

jeff beck
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lassic management. Build them up and then knock them back. Raise expectations and then dampen them. Create a dynamic where by you demand the most from your team, but where the team are given room to manoeuvre unexpected or unwanted results. Classy work by Van Gaal, he really reminds me a lot of me. A smart cookie, make no doubt.

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