Mascherano Mocking The Concept Of A 'One-Man Team'

Argentina have been dismissed as a one-man team, but that does an ignorant disservice to the contributions of Javier Mascherano. He's been absolutely superb...

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keybo83 (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

I'm sure Daniel Storey doesn't decide on the headlines, but it was another of 365's writers that (lazily) simply put 'Messi' under 'why they'll win it', in Football365's Guide To The Final Eight piece? ( Is it Watson then that we're referring to as 'bloody foolish'?

Posted 12:53pm 7th July 2014

HarryBoulton says...

"He made more passes per game in the group stage than Andrea Pirlo" --------- Not a valid comparison, I wouldn't say. Mascherano's role is to win the ball and play it to players like Pirlo, who is almost certainly playing balls over a longer distance, and that carry a significantly increased risk to them as well. Would be nice to see ovber what distances those balls are played and into which areas as well.

Posted 12:38pm 7th July 2014

eggle82 (Plymouth Argyle) says...

I miss Mascherano. Liverpool suffered muchly when he left

Posted 9:38am 7th July 2014

shea666 (Manchester United) says...

I'm not giving out about the article, but the criticism of Argentina at the world cup is, from my reading of things, more about the fact that any one of Higuain, De Maria, Aguero, Lavezzi etc should be potential match winners yet Messi has been the one who delivers when it matters, the rest seem to defer to him instead of imposing themselves (in fairness, Aguero is injured but didn't do a whole lot before that, De maria has been okay in flashes and Higuain scored a nice finish against Belgium). Higuain's goal still came from Messi setting things up, a mishit pass from De Maria falling into Higuain's path, and a good finish. Argentina's defending against Belgium was their best performance, in that regard, I've seen at the tournament.

Posted 2:56am 6th July 2014

altamont (Manchester United) says...

Hmm I seem to remember that it was f365 themselves that did the mocking after the switzerland match

Posted 2:00am 6th July 2014

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