The Final Nail In The Coffin Of Passion

No country sings the anthem louder and prouder and Brazil, and no country has fans that want it more. This was spectacular proof that that just isn't enough. Not by a long shot...

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dcpremo (Liverpool) says...

Good article Johnny (better than the last one ). I like the comparison with England this time. From my time playing team sports, passion (if defined as rah rah) lasts up to maybe 5 mins, then you have to kick on and play the game. It is no substitute, for skill, organization and desire.

Posted 6:39pm 11th July 2014

chriie says...

Passion helps to put tactics into action with more passion. Brazils' tactics were just absolute rubbish, Scolari doesn't know a thing about defending as a team. There was no team. What happened in that match was more like a desperate try to satisfy a whole nation with nice and successfull jogo bonito football hence marcelo running up the pitch like a headless chicken and not running back after losing the ball. If he had the passion he would have sprinted back in fullspeed everytime. When Brazil fell appart they didn't show any passion at all. They didn't attack or challenge a German at all. There was no hardish tackle to send a message to the Germans at all.

Posted 4:58pm 11th July 2014

debra2927 (Sunderland) says...

steve19 (Manchester City) : What evidence do you have to support your prediciton of Brazil ruling football "again"? Football has always gone in phases, so I'm sure they'll have their time again, like Germany, France and Argentina. By the way, Brazil play their share of boring, defensive (and dirty) football. The ad-men and the tv companies desperately try to tell us it's all Rivelino and Pele style flicks and stepovers but this year was ten hod-carriers and Neymar - the same format they've employed more or less always since they came to Europe in 1974 determined not to be kicked off the park.

Posted 4:30pm 11th July 2014

bluetopia (Manchester City) says...

When asked what he thought about when serving for a Wimbledon title Pete Samprass said "absolutely nothing". When asked about playing and scoring in a world cup final, Gary Lineker said if you thought about the importance of what you were doing and the consequences of failure you wouldn't be able to put one foot in front of the other. The simple fact is this article is absolutely correct. Unchecked passion only gets you so far in terms of wanting to play. I'd argue in actual fact that fear of failure which comes from over bearing passion has a detrimental affect in inhibiting the freedom to play and express yourself. Brazil looked terrified to take responsibility on Tuesday whereas the Germans played with freedom and lack of fear. Cool heads will prevail

Posted 3:30pm 10th July 2014

steve19 (Manchester City) says...

One bad loss is not end of road, Brazil will raise from Ashes like Phoenix and rule football as always. We need them to save the beautiful game, not crappy defensive European soccer

Posted 3:10pm 10th July 2014

nid (Manchester United) says...

At least this article wasn't thin cover for another dreary anecdote about being in a band nobody has heard of, playing in places nobody wants to go, and drunkenly shagging some some desperate Yank beast nobody else would touch with a barge pole. Small mercies.

Posted 2:34pm 10th July 2014

kolawole (Manchester United) says...

Actually, this is one my best reads in F365 for about a decade. There were pics doing the rounds on social media showing Marcelo and calamity Luiz shouting their anthems before the game.that really irked me i must and increased my desire for them to lose (i didnt expect the trashing tho). The whole posturing was just awful, holding shoulders as they trotted out the tunnel. Dont evene started with the Neymar shirt holding. Disgusting!

Posted 1:02pm 10th July 2014

bleublancrouge (Chelsea) says...

Data analysis is not John Nicholson 's forte (note: it is confirmation bias and self-celebration).

Posted 10:28am 10th July 2014

nikitas_2009 (Plymouth Argyle) says...

I found it deeply ironic watching the Brazilian team belting out their national anthem with such gusto while standing next to the football team of a country that has been taught bitter lessons about the pitfalls of nationalistic pride within living memory. It is something to be thankful for that this display, while commendable in some respects, does seem to have contributed to the defeat of the host nation.

Posted 9:41am 10th July 2014

thebigshow says...

Pride and passion need to be allied to technical ability. England have neither, Germany have both. Brazil have a lot of one and at least some of the other which is why they made the semi-finals instead of going home after two group games. It offends me that via the TV licence I actually pay to hear the tripe spouted by the likes of Robbie Savage, I am sincerely glad that I am not making a similar contribution to this b0ll0cks.

Posted 9:24am 10th July 2014

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