The Transfer Window: Who Needs What? - Part Three

The transfer guide arrives at part three, with five clubs that all significant investment in their squad. How many midfielders will United end up buying?

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HarryBoulton says...

Also, I can't be the only one midly traumatised by the fact that Ashley Young is still at our football club.......

Posted 1:56pm 22nd July 2014

HarryBoulton says...

There's a frightening lack of centre backs around at the moment. That Benatia is getting some good reviews, but the price on his head is £30m+ and it looks as though Mangala is off to City. Jones and Evans it is, then.......

Posted 10:26am 22nd July 2014

tonyv25 (Manchester United) says...

@keano I had no idea garay had moved, good knowledge. Surprised we didn't move for him as I thought he had a good WC. @utdtilidie that reading game was a complete anomaly. Rafael carrick and Rvp were our best players that year- rafael coming off was more due to his lack of height and him being beaten in the air a lot- maybe I'm misremembering because I like rafael. I can't think of anyone who id want to sign instead at a good price

Posted 2:11pm 18th July 2014

Mike_Christie (Manchester United) says...

@utd_till_i_die, to be fair, in 2010 Rafael was 20 which is pretty young for a full back, so a little immaturity is maybe to be expected. Still, he does have a reckless streak in his game that needs to be curbed, I'll agree. We were spoilt for a long time with the widely under-rated Gary Neville (rock solid in defence, and always an effective, if unflashy threat going forwards). Now that Carrick is out for around three months, even that not exactly reassuring option is gone and we're now only two injuries away from seeing what the academy has to offer. Given that Smalling, Jones and Evans all seem quite injury prone, that's a scary concept. Who knows, one or more of the kids could make the step up, but I wouldn't want to have to rely on it.

Posted 10:13am 18th July 2014

keano81 (Manchester United) says...

tonyv25, You're right we need defenders quick, awful game I remember playing that back 3 we were all over the place. Hummels is probably going to sign for Barca, talk and rumours of Varane from people is absolute nonsense no way he's leaving Madrid and no way are they letting him leave. Can't think of too many good CBs around at the moment that a top class and that would want to join us. We will probably end up signing Vlaar of the back of a very good tournament but was s##t for Villa. Zenit bought Garay for 5m I think it was just at end of June so he won't be joining United. And to think we were going to pay around 20m for him last year.

Posted 5:22pm 17th July 2014

utd_till_i_die (Manchester United) says...

Mike_Christie, it ultimately depends on the make up of the formation and the delegation of the roles within the squad (the academy included). Also it is funny you mention Valencia, but I always felt that with the proper training and conditioning he would be a better RB than the liability that is Rafael. I still haven't been able to forget the Bayern game in 2010 when Rafael showed the extent of immaturity and that wasn't a one off. The game against Reading 2 years back when he was displaying his ineptitude again and again and had to hauled off. United full backs don't do that. Neville, Irwin, etc were the true great full backs of our team, Rafael is a significant downgrade on them who has got a ride on the gravy train in the wake of Neville retiring, and Sir Alex failing to sort out the RB slot and the midfield since.

Posted 4:46pm 17th July 2014

tonyv25 (Manchester United) says...

I remember when we were forced to play our 9th 10th and 11th choice defenders to form the back three in a 3-5-2. The players were fletcher, carrick and Ritchie de laet. We lost 3-0 to Fulham. Every season, carrick has featured at centre back. In theorey he has always been 7th/8th choice- so I think we need another defender at least. I like the look of garay.

Posted 4:38pm 17th July 2014

Mike_Christie (Manchester United) says...

utd_til_i_die, that would still leave us with only three senior central defenders. Do you want to see Carrick playing back there on a regular basis? Regardless of Champion's League, we need at least four decent central defenders. Back when we had O'Shea and Brown, we had as many as 6 players who could do a decent job playing there and it was that strength in depth that brought titles. If we had a run of injuries like the season before last we'd be looking at a back four containing both Valencia and Carrick!

Posted 3:29pm 17th July 2014

utd_till_i_die (Manchester United) says...

We should ship Smalling out ( he started out brightly but hasn't developed at all in any aspect of his game since ), get a proper right back to contest for that particular position with Rafael and get in one defender as replacement for Smalling. We have some decent looking defenders coming out of the academy as well, so in a year when we don't have the Champions League to worry about I say 3 established central defenders should cut it. Vidal is the player we should be focusing on as Carrick will need replacement sooner rather than later, he isn't getting any younger now at 32 years of age.

Posted 2:40pm 17th July 2014

Mike_Christie (Manchester United) says...

United clearly need at least one more central defender, not because Jones, Evans and Smalling aren't up to the job, but because two of them are relatively unproven to say the least, and all of them seem to be on the brittle side. Jones in particular is a brave lad who's not afraid to get stuck in, but he always seems to come off worse. On the basis of two players for every position, at a bare minimum we need one more central defender. Lets not forget that a couple of seasons ago we were fielding Carrick in central defence because no-one was fit. Also there's the small issue of only having the also quite brittle and prone to suspension Rafael as the only right back in the squad, so Jones and/or Smalling will have to cover there too should we not sign cover there or LvG not fancy promoting someone from the reserves. Its no slight on Jones or Smalling to point out that between right back and central defence we're spread pretty thin at the moment. We certainly need two defenders in, but a right back and central defender would make more sense than two central defenders, IF Jones and Evans can stay fit.

Posted 12:26pm 17th July 2014

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