F365's Top Ten World Cup Highlights

After a brilliant World Cup, Matthew Stanger picks the things we enjoyed most about the tournament. There was plenty we simply couldn't squeeze into a list of ten...

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isaacemmerson says...

where is miguel herrera? Better than Van Gaal

Posted 11:23pm 17th July 2014

chachachelsea! (Chelsea) says...

King Klose probably scored one more at the after party sealing his legendary status at the Worldcup.

Posted 10:01am 17th July 2014

forzaleeds (Leeds United) says...

11: ITV for once being better than BBC. Group of lads on holiday, bringing their geeky unpopular mate along so he can feel wanted. Commentary much less cringeworthy than the BBC too, with Andy pulling out all the best Townsendisms on a consistent basis.

Posted 7:18pm 16th July 2014

ben angba (Manchester United) says...

@gulliver are u comparing the quality of the German team to that of the Dutch ?A past it sneijder,van Persie who had a mediocre tournament and Arjen robben are the only genuine stars in that team Joachim lost reus before the tournament and he wasn't even missed if the Dutch team had half the talent of the German team who only managed a draw against Ghana and barely made it past Algeria he would have won the World Cup easily

Posted 3:13pm 16th July 2014

bun9 (Manchester United) says...

I can't believe how thick people are on here! Still people haven't worked out that writers on here enjoy winding people up and as soon as they see a subject has riled some people (mainly Scousers, but to be fair if it's not happening at Anfield then Scousers hate it) they keep dropping it in to see people lose their minds. They did it with Benitez when they realised he wound people up. Suddenly there was a plethora of praise for Benitez and countless comments form angry people. The same again here. Stanger isn't pro-United, he's just noticed that a lot of non-United fans are concerned about how good LVG is and have gone on the defensive so therefore Stanger wants the comments to roll in.

Posted 2:49pm 16th July 2014

bobsy (Liverpool) says...

rhianna looks like michael jackson in that photo. not her best. matt, you've achieved something no other writer has. united all football fans in the view that this is one of the most ridiculous bits of journalism thats ever been seen. i take it you're planning on taking over from Andi next year?

Posted 1:59pm 16th July 2014

PolishJoe (Manchester United) says...

Personally I think he put Van Gaal at number 1 as a red herring so nobody noticed the inclusion of a couple of tweets from Rihanna for feck's sake. I think I will be joining mrlee in future.

Posted 1:31pm 16th July 2014

ajsr1982 (Liverpool) says...

Is this another one of these things where someone builds up a 'maverick' manager with a 'wacky' personality? A bit like when Mourinho returned twelve months ago, then proceeded to be really rather boring, or normal, depending on your opinion.

Posted 9:54am 16th July 2014

s.griffin says...

Matt Stanger and his love-in with Man Utd (LvG). Matt is no longer even trying to seem partial is he?

Posted 8:06am 16th July 2014

wozza (Manchester United) says...

Haha quality number 1!!

Posted 6:39am 16th July 2014

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