City In Danger Of A Deja Vu Stalling

According to Roberto Mancini, there is little doubt as to where Manchester City's last title defence came unstuck.

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bernsteinforpm (Manchester City) says...

@raphapablap...Normally it's 4 club trained + 4 more "homegrown". In City's case this year the total has been reduced to 5 (not sure of the breakdown).

Posted 8:24am 21st July 2014

surprisedicare says...

There's a valid point somewhere in this article but the flaws already highlighted as well as a whole section building the context of what happened a couple of yrs back based around "what an unknown player allegedly said to an unnamed journalist smacks of convenient and circumstantial writing tactics.

Posted 9:33pm 19th July 2014

HarryBoulton says...

Push comes to shove, at this moment in time, if City and United were to play one another, derspite my bravado before the game, I would be putting my money on City at the minute.

Posted 4:34pm 18th July 2014

davislurve (Blackburn Rovers) says...

Just because this is similar to 2 years ago, doesn't mean it is the same thing. 2 years ago, they did not have Navas, Negredo, or Fernandinho, who were 3 high quality additions they did not make the previous summer. This time, they have more or less of the same squad (minue Tevez, they are not missing any of the main spice) but they have those 3 different players. Plus, do not forget Jovetic, he is going to be "like a new signing", and you can actually use this for him because of how crocked his first season was. So that is 4 players who are crucial to the team that they have this summer that they didn't have before minus one crucial player they didn't have, so they are far better off than they were this time. Their signings btw, these aren't panic buys. I seem to remember City bought no one that summer except Rodwell, then all the other guys (maybe bar 1) all came in on the final day of the transfer window. That reeked of panic buying. These guys who are in so far have been brought in and are firmly there by mid July. Sagna, a very very good back up at right back, can absolutely perform at premier league level. Fernando, who knows, but he has been well scouted and come in early. Mangala is likely to come, and assuming that he is the right guy, that is a major addition to the back line. Caballero, a good sub goalie who can perform and has been a planned buy. All these guys have been planned buys, the manager wants them all, no knee jerking here. The only way it compares to 2 years previous is that they won the league and didn't spunk a load of money on superstars, it doesn't mean the same thing is guaranteed again. And also, the Man City who won the league last year were a very different beast to the Man City who won the league in 2012.

Posted 4:04pm 18th July 2014

raphapablap (Manchester City) says...

Am I wrong or haven't City had the amount of homegrown players required for the Champions League squad reduced as well, as the Player's Association got involved?

Posted 3:51pm 18th July 2014

Synergy says...

Needed a CB and got a highly rated CB. Also got some strength in depth to cover for injuries and those difficult months where your playing 2 and occasionally 3 games a week.

I like making fun of Sheiky as much as the next person, sadly the reason they choked so badly after winning the title was they had an incompetent coach. This time they have a fantastic coach. Last season they took a while adapting to the way he likes to play, this season they will hit the ground running.

And while FFP is a joke and I doubt Sheikhy care if they have to line Platini's pockets with a bit more money (I mean paying a fine), they really don't need to buy unless a top of the line superstar becomes available. While Sanchez may be great, they already have Silva and Nasri who are fantastic, while we have no clue if Sanchez will ever adapt.

Simply put they have assembled a formidable team and its difficult to buy players who will break directly into that starting lineup.

Posted 3:27pm 18th July 2014

hump3. (Ipswich Town) says...

Well, what do ya know, @jd.quench with the same view as me instead of a sly dig. I've been trying to engage him recently and much like the Toure story it goes to show if you show someone a bit of love they can easily soften their views. Sunny Friday afternoon and a long overdue meeting of minds, nice. Everything is coming up Milhouse.

Posted 3:20pm 18th July 2014

HarryBoulton says...

@whyalwaysme, I was thinking along similar lines. City only have so much to spend this summer, oweing to their proverbial clip around the ear at the start of the summer, so I think they're probably addressing the right areas. They're good up top, and in midfield, but the defence probably needed addressing more than anything, which they seem to be doing. Given the shackles they're bound to, I think they're doing pretty well.

Posted 1:17pm 18th July 2014

jd.quench (Manchester United) says...

They'll be there or thereabouts again next May, no real cause for concern.

Posted 12:56pm 18th July 2014

priorknowledge (Manchester City) says...

As has been pointed out below, it seems odd that the article picks up on the fact City are limited to a 21 player Champions League Squad, with some issues around the number of good enough home grown players available, yet completely ignores the limit placed on net transfer spend. Maybe Mediawatch may want to cast it's eye this way to see if it thinks a writer is picking and choosing facts to suit themselves?

Posted 12:50pm 18th July 2014

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