Keep Management Speak Out Of Football

The commercialisation of football has led to those that previously worked behind the scenes stepping into the limelight. Can we push them back into the shadows, please..?

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juddlinskatron (Chelsea) says...

@crow A punk rocker?You really couldn't have come up with a more topical reference?

Posted 1:09pm 28th July 2014

crow says...

What a load condescending rubbish From F365. And discrimminatory I would say also. What does it matter how he looks, dresses or speaks? Should they have employed a 'Punk Rocker' who knows nothing or cares about nothing? Of course not, what matters is if he can do his job for his club. If you have problem with him then do not talk to him, simples but I have no problem with him well, apart from him being at Man U , lol.

Posted 11:22pm 27th July 2014

vidvans (Liverpool) says...

"Does that, or that I occasionally use a spreadsheet, make my views fundamentally less worthy than a good working class author and wannabe rock-star?" Well, I don't know how to say this without offending you badwolf but...yeah.

Posted 11:04am 25th July 2014

badwolf (Manchester United) says...

I'm hearing a lot of jealousy between your lines tk421. I'm going to go ahead and ask you if you got overlooked for that promotion? I for one look nothing like Woodward, nor use management speak, but i've worked at many corporate HQs. Does that, or that I occasionally use a spreadsheet, make my views fundamentally less worthy than a good working class author and wannabe rock-star?

Posted 2:26pm 23rd July 2014

HarryBoulton says...

Looking at Woodwards comments tjhis week, I think John has rthe right idea. These people have their values, but fronting a football club is not one of them.

Posted 1:46pm 23rd July 2014

tk421 says...

@juddlinskatron, nope. I rent. Any other questions?

Posted 12:34pm 23rd July 2014

juddlinskatron (Chelsea) says...

Tk421 - thank god then that we still have mavericks like you manning the barricades - power to the people, brother! Still live with your parents, right?

Posted 12:46am 23rd July 2014

man of ire (Manchester United) says...

John, you may share a name with the "Hero of Delhi" but your attempt at a "working class hero", click bait, comment generating article whilst achieving it's aforementioned end product and executed with all the panache of FIFA, is in actuality a lowly attempt to undermine a massive section of society who don't fit in with the self righteous old guard watchers of the game. I can assure you that Mr Woodward has more influence in football than you have in your small toe or ever will have. For that reason alone I would reckon he has earned his right to speak to the supporters of the club he works for directly. The attack on his dialect sounds more like a personal issue you may have with Mr Woodward or else it's some kind of latent anger towards the MAN. I imagine that there wasn't a lot of research that went in to the article beyond a few pints at the local with Bill, who has a tattoo on his 3rd belly of the club he supports and should probably have his own opinion piece printed nationwide. This jealousy based article has all the trademarks of an office bully who likes his computer to work but slags the IT guys that fix it after they've gone. I clicked and commented so it's achieved it's goal which is nice but I guess there is a certain amount to be said for dignity these days. Maybe those without it should hide in the shadows and not be heard either...

Posted 11:59pm 22nd July 2014

johnwolf (Wolverhampton Wanderers) says...

Johnny often bemoans 'proper football men' such as Harry Redknapp, Alan Shearer, Michael Owen, Paul Merson various other British, Pundits, Players and Managers. and yet here he says and I quote We know football is quite big business (though on the scale of big business, it is a lot, lot smaller business than it likes to think it is), but don't rub our noses in it. Keep the dweebs in the shadows, please, keep the business jargon out of our lives and let the football professionals handle the rest, going forward. In a few short months and weeks we'll get an article bemoaning football professionals once again Johnny shows himself up as a hypocrite.

Posted 8:57pm 22nd July 2014

tk421 says...

There's nothing anti-intellectual about this article at all, and I suspect those suggesting it is probably look a bit like Woodward, use management speak and work at a corporate HQ in Bracknell or Basingstoke. Aww, has the mean man pointed out that your jargon is really only there to make you seem like you got A*'s when really you were just a straight C-grade student? I always wonder if those people get bored with their averageness, whether never truly thinking beyond a sort of array of targeted products and lifestyles gets boring. Probably not, they probably don't even realise. 1930's semi-detached in the outskirts of Reading, no garden because a driveway is more practical, nearest pub involves driving, but that's fine because he's hit his targets and the bonus means he's got the GT Golf now, great for the morning commute with Heart FM on... *shoots self in head*

Posted 2:41pm 22nd July 2014

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