Blackpool: A Farce That Is No Longer Funny

Blackpool's eight contracted players may have raised amusement amongst many, but it really isn't funny. A community club is being strangled and suffocated before our eyes...

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HarryBoulton says...

The conduct of this type of owner needs highlighting more intensely. Venky's at Blackburn, the farce that took Portsmouth down, Leeds currently asking their players to wash their own kits and bring a packed lunch to work etc; it really needs bringing to the attention of the wider public and, more importantly, the authorities. Instead we get banal stories about what Arturo Vidal hasn't said this week, or about how much birthday cake Yaya Toure thinks he's worth. Oyston is a parasite, like far too many owners. When we talk of "firt and proper owners" we automatically think of foreign investors, coming to asset strip our clubs and suckle for the Premier League tit. But the likes of Oysten are every bit as bad, and every bit as detestable.

Posted 12:34pm 29th July 2014

prestonpete (Preston North End) says...

Wakeup, I and most PNE fans I know find the farce at the other end of the M55 hysterical and make no bones about it. I have a good number of friends, acquaintances and even customers who for some misguided reason choose to wear orange football shirts. They too find their plight to be embarassing. They do not expect any sympathy or support from me or any other PNE fan. Indeed most have said that if the boot was on the other foot then they'd be turning the knife. Those that say they wouldn't are lying. At the end of the day this is what football rivalry is about. As long as it doesn't lead into violence there is no harm in pointing out the misfortune of your biggest rivals and rubbing their noses in it, as sure as hell they'd do the same to us if we were so unfortunate. I recall that on the old BBC 606 messageboards many a time Blackpool fans gloated over what appeared to be a perilous financial plight for PNE just a few years ago. I also remember them hoping that we'd go out of the league in the 80's when we were at a low ebb. We suffered abuse from these friends and acquaintances when we were relegated. So please don't berate me and call me a "twonk" for revelling in the karma being returned to them.

Posted 11:01am 29th July 2014

fat mick says...

Never mind Blackpool how are Southampton going to field a team?

Posted 7:27pm 28th July 2014

siphil (Liverpool) says...

I heard that Oyston took a dividend from the club as, in his view, he was entitled to take a cut of the earnings of a profitable concern. Sounds a bit like asset-stripping to me. What a shyster.

Posted 11:51am 28th July 2014

ptobes (Portsmouth) says...

I know only too well the gut-wrenching feeling this must be giving to Blackpool fans, you have my sincerest sympathy, hope it gets sorted soon, and properly, not just papering over the cracks as we seemed to have been doing my entire life until the Supporters Trust took over.

Posted 11:35am 28th July 2014

womble_common (AFC Wimbledon) says...

This is so sad. Having this sort of thing happen to your club is horrible.

Posted 1:12pm 27th July 2014

wakeup (Preston North End) says...

As a PNE fan I just wanted to bring some balance after that twonk prestonpete. Whilst there isn't much love between us and Blackpool there is not much point having a rival that goes out of business. Most PNE fans want Blackpool to recover from this.

Posted 11:13am 26th July 2014

keybo83 (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

Excellent article Dan. And a very good idea @v. profane, clubs are, after all, a huge part of Britain's history and culture

Posted 7:46am 26th July 2014

citymike65 (Manchester City) says...

One thing that hasn't been mentioned is Andy Pilley the owner of Fleetwood and a former Blackpool season ticket holder. He tried to invest in the club originally but Oyston didn't want to know so he brought Fleetwood who were then in the North West Counties League and now 6 promotions later they sit one division below Blackpool with every chance they might swap places at the end of this season.

Posted 7:03pm 25th July 2014

levi says...

Unfortunately, since the club belongs to him, he has every right to take the parachute money. From an ownership perspective, when things are as bad as this, there is no reason for Oyston to keep any cash in the club. He'll take the last few million too since administration is a foregone conclusion. Can we have some kind of ownership rule that recognizes that fans are not just consumers?

Posted 5:59pm 25th July 2014

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