Chelsea Arrivals Again Leave Lukaku Out In The Cold

It's clear that Jose Mourinho has a problem with Romelu Lukaku, and it appears he will be leaving Chelsea for good. Is Jose in danger of cutting off his nose to spite his face?

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crow says...

@harry journalists? Pushing it a bit there eh? Is any other Chelsea fan here feeling just a bit nervous for the next campaign? Seeing City, United and Liverpool are putting some good results down our first quality opposition in Werder sees us getting stuffed despite fielding good players. I know it is just friendlies but I don't see our squad as good enough or big enough. It hasn't got cover in all areas, one or two injuries and we are going to struggle.

Posted 4:15am 4th August 2014

Synergy says...

@kuze> Courtious asked for an assurance that he would be starting. Given he has joined means Jose gave him that assurance.

Its why there are plenty of rumors that Cech wants to leave. My guess is Jose starts Courtious and if he does well, Cech will be out the door in Jan.

Posted 2:35pm 31st July 2014

HarryBoulton says...

@kuze, please, save it for someone who buys that rubbish. There is no bias toward any club on here. For every negative article, there is a corresponding positive one. At the very least, one will be round the corner. You cannot expect any self respecting journalist to lavish unconditional praise on any club.

Posted 1:31pm 31st July 2014

stevemelbourne (Chelsea) says...

@ littler_dutch your obvious hatred of Mourinho has blinded you to the fact of his success methinks. While he demands respect he is also capable of lavishing it on players/managers of other teams and can be quick to point out his own teams failings whilst taking responsibilty himself. Just because he winds up Wenger for a laugh should not put your nose out of joint. Anyway, back to Lukaku. Great player but still a bit rough around the edges. Another loan seemed daft given FFP so why not sell him for a profit with a buy back option and see how he develops? Worked well for us and Matic.

Posted 11:17pm 30th July 2014

kuze (Chelsea) says...

The day I wake up to read an unbiased article about CFC or Jose Mourinho in Football365 would be the day. To make it worse, you guys make sure you highlight the most negative comment no matter how biased and/or senselessly thought out. Someone even wrote that Mou playing Varane was not trusting in youth and that Varane was a quality player from Lens (which he apparently considered at per with Real Madrid) as if Lukaku was not a regular for Anderletcht before moving over to Chelsea. Mourinho played Varane, dumping Pepe, while Lukaku was not used and for good reasons. As a Chelsea fan, I must say Lukaku just had to go... It was never what we wanted but given his attitude and the good money we got, we harbor no ill feelings and we wish him the best. But Lukaku was not even sold because he was outspoken¿Courtious was also outspoken. He is back with the team. He is truly truly world class and Jose had no choice but bring him back yet without guarantees, which would have been disrespectful to Cech. We could have sold him for even more than Lukaku...... Lukaku doubted himself in the midst of Torres, Eto and Demba Ba. He could have won that shirt last season and even if he did we would have still bought Costa but he would have made his mark in the team. The deal was in place to loan Demba to Arsenal and for Lukaku to stay but he would rather be the big fish in small pond.. so good luck to him in Everton.... Lukaku would never be Number 1 in Man United, Real Madrid, Bayern, Barcelona at his present level so he should never have expected same in CFC. It is a fantastic business for the football club. Now we are at surplus in our transfer dealings... Fantastic for a club they all thought would fail FFP.

Posted 9:34pm 30th July 2014

Synergy says...

@mhlgate13> Actually I am using logic. Logic dictates that Lukaku and his agent would have spoken to Mourinho about Lukaku's place in the striker pecking order. If Mourinho had said he was second choice, he would stick around. The fact that he decided to go out on loan and the rumors that "Mourinho doesn't rate him" floating around, support my assumption, that he is third or fourth choice.

@duxnutz> I think you should check your facts. Jose bought Varane from Lens. He beat off competition from United amongst other top clubs to do so. Claiming Jose promoted him, would be as foolish as me claiming Van Gaal promoted Shaw & SAF promoted Phil Jones (all 3 players were starters before being bought). Simply put Jose hasn't promoted a single academy player since his Porto days. He didn't promote anyone at Chelsea, Inter or Real. His strategy is buying ready made players who fit his system and win titles with them, then leave in 2-3 years.

Lastly I don't dislike Jose. I consider him one of the best managers in the world and unlike most I still find his mind games funny & entertaining. The difference is I can see his limitation, namely boring football and the fact that he doesn't trust unproven youth and won't risk giving them a chance. It seems Chelsea fans are oblivious to these facts.

Posted 9:51am 30th July 2014

littler_dutch (Arsenal) says...

I think this is just as much about Lukaku not being impressed by Mourinho. Jose absolutely totally and utterly relies on his players looking upon him as a demi God. They have to completely buy into the myth of his magic touch. Like a cult leader, his greatest power is convincing people that he¿s special. At Madrid plenty of players didn¿t buy it and we saw how that ended for him. Mourinho usually chooses jobs where he can bury players that aren¿t totally in awe of him with little consequence, he¿s always at clubs that can stand to take a hit on a player that he wants to dump. At Madrid that was a bit more difficult because they are so different politically. You don¿t just bury Sergio Ramos and Iker Casillas or move them on. Mourinho recognises that Lukaku is not fazed by him and won¿t lick the dirt from his shoes and if a player won¿t do that for Jose, his methods are less successful. That¿s why Mourinho is so quick to put Lukaku down in public, he¿s a smart man and he knows he doesn¿t have Romelu¿s complete devotion and therefore he knows he can¿t do much more to develop him.

Posted 10:04am 29th July 2014

Glenbrook says...

Chelsea did not spend £20m on Lukaku. They paid around £13m with add-ons which could bring the fee up to £18m. He clearly has not met all the add-on targets yet. My understanding is Everton paid Chelsea a loan fee of £5m last season so even a transfer fee of £20m would mean Chelsea had received £25m on an outlay of around £15m.

Posted 9:57am 29th July 2014

Glenbrook says...

There is a bit of slight of hand with the statistics. Diego Costa has actually outscored Lukaku in each of the last 3 seasons. He has scored against Real Madrid in the Spanish Cup Final, won La Liga and played in a Champions League Final.

Posted 9:49am 29th July 2014

sablue (Chelsea) says...

@shagwa no mate, everyone doesn't want him at Chelsea. Lukaku is widely regarded as far from the finished article by the coaching staff and scouts. He's not a great footballer, he's a bit of a lump. The same could be said about Diego Costa, yes he's a gamble, the difference being that Costa is fighting in the box to get on the end of everything and scores plenty. Lukaku has a lot of improving to do before he's considered to front one of Europe's top sides. Either way, we've won the league this year...

Posted 8:41am 29th July 2014

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