Don't Treat Us All Like Full-Kit W***ers...

Johnny does not care whether his club's new signings have even heard of the club and he certainly won't have their name on his back. Not all football fans are ridiculous...

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captainballs (Celtic) says...

It should be "Full-kit f*ckwits"

Posted 2:59pm 12th August 2014

delboy (Stoke City) says...

infiniteclones - 'If a fan wants to show support by getting Wileshere on his shirt so what?' Nothing wrong with that, if his name happens to be Wileshere

Posted 2:59pm 6th August 2014

hubie22 (Arsenal) says...

Good analogy, hump3. I love hotdogs too.

Posted 1:49pm 6th August 2014

iamrobsadler (Cardiff City) says...

I don't think I have bought a new shirt since Cardiff City's 'Sports Cafe' shirt in the late 90's (I think). I just don't understand it. I'd rather spend £50 on tickets, some decent bit of clothing or a gig or something!

Posted 1:31pm 6th August 2014

hospital_pass says...

The accent aigu must make the Newcastle fans feel a bit continental as they climb those rain-lashed cobbled streets.

Posted 11:02am 6th August 2014

bun9 (Manchester United) says...

Is there a difference to having a player's name on the back to wearing a t-shirt with your favourite rock band on? Say Crowded House?

Posted 10:38am 6th August 2014

jimmyoz (Everton) says...

But jerseys look crap without a name on the back.

Posted 1:49am 6th August 2014

infiniteclones (Newcastle United) says...

P.S. When I play football I feel free and expressive. It's both a physical and artistic expression. To me, having an admiration for certain players is like having a liking to certain artists, practically no difference. I consider it to be a bit more than "grown men chasing a ball around a field." If that's how you perceive it, and if you can't take any joy out of the game, then you probably shouldn't be wasting your time playing, let alone watching or writing about it.

Posted 9:11pm 5th August 2014

infiniteclones (Newcastle United) says...

@thisaccursedman I have a Newcastle shirt with Shearer on the back. No regrets. While I agree that being overly absorbed with a football club is not particularly healthy, I also think it's perfectly okay to care about your football club. The commercialization of the sport and the consequent money spinning moves involving football playing mercenaries is something I am actually not okay with. I resent the insinuation that the 'adult' thing to do is to just accept the meaninglessness of it all. A football club is supposed to represent the local area, first and foremost. If doing so attracts support from abroad then all the better. Anyway, I agree with this article's general message of "don't take it all so seriously" but feel it to be a bit hypocritical by the end. So we like certain players, so what? I'm 29 and sometimes I still like to pretend I'm "my favorite player" like I did when I was a kid. It's all for a laugh. It always was, even when I was a why stop now? I resent that having a bit of fun for myself is going to get me judged as a nutter. If I were an Arsenal supporter I would feel silly getting a shirt that says "Sanchez" but I wouldn't feel silly if I got one that says "Adams" or "Henry". Or even Wileshere...say what you want about him but at least he has an affinity for Arsenal, that much is obvious. If a fan wants to show support by getting Wileshere on his shirt so what? You can't judge his mental stability off of something like that. The first part of this article is great though. The way it describes the ridiculous job acquiring process. But it makes me wonder, didn't most of the people reading this get their jobs that way? And I wouldn't be surprised if the author of the article got his current job the same way too!

Posted 9:11pm 5th August 2014

mickytbone (Arsenal) says...

After suffering some heart break when certain players left I decided to only get humorous player names on the back of my shirts, ones that no matter what happens will still make you smile. An Arsenal 2007 third strip with the hoops and Eboué on the back, come on, amazing.

Posted 1:50pm 5th August 2014

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