Lacklustre And Poor (In A Friendly)

Glorified friendly or genuine indicator? The Community Shield confuses people. Plus, orange spray, a worried Bolton fan, Championship madness and yawns...

Last Updated: 11/08/14 at 09:56

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I've Given It Some Thought: He's Got To Go

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There is some more considered reaction to Arsenal and Liverpool's results, plus a big get well soon message for Jonas Gutierrez. And an apology to Merse...

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We're Allowed To Say We Were Good, Surely?
I'm guessing that if we're not allowed to celebrate (or be even be happy about) winning the FA Cup that even mentioning the Community Shield will upset quite a few people.

To be fair, I think Palace will probably put up more of a fight on Saturday than City did yesterday, but can I not even say that we looked pretty good?

Even Wilshere played well!
Adonis (feeling good) Stevenson, AFC

...Worth it just to p**s on Nasri's chips.
Girish, AFC, Chennai

..I'm sure some Gooners will tell all and sundry yesterday was a sign we're truly back amongst the big boys, while some Arsenal-haters - most likely Stewie Griffin will be keen to point out it was just a friendly.

I just don't understand why people can't enjoy the day for what it was. It is a largely irrelevant match and proves nothing especially when you consider the previous holders were Man United but it was a great day out for us gooners and I honestly never thought I'd be doing the Poznan at Wembley.

What we do have is the sort of strike force which engenders fear in the opposition due to Sanchez's pace and Sanogo's robustness which frees up space for the likes of Santi and Ramsey so while I think you can't really draw any conclusions from yesterday there are some signs this could and it's a very big could be a different sort of season for Arsenal - not least to the sheer amount of competition for places.

For the first time in years we're not paying people not to play for our club as we did with Park Chu Young and Bendtner - every one of them wants to be there and that can only be a good thing.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London

Liverpool's Title (Tongue In Cheek)

Dear Arsenal fans,

The last manager to win the Community Shield was David Moyes. I wouldn't get too carried away if I were you.

Plus, having womped Dortmund 4-0, Liverpool are clearly winning it.

Nick Glover, Scouser in Brum

He Definitely Regrets It Now

Hey Bacary!

How are things going for you at your new club?
Naz, Gooner

City Looked Poor (IN A FRIENDLY)

Having just watched the community shield i'm appalled at just how lacklustre Man City were. Quite clearly Pellegrini has instructed his players, those who played to treat this as the last friendly before the season proper. This brings me to question the point of having the community shield at all if teams approach it with that attitude.

Having said that, what a different side Arsenal look. They actually look comfortable defending. This seems to be a completely different side from last year with a steely determination to not concede and the ability and skill to win matches even if they have to defend for the whole game and essentially play on the counter.

Arsenal look almost like Chelsea under Mourinho's first spell and by the evidence of what that Chelsea team achieved, it seems Arsenal's FA Cup win has indeed given them the belief they need and at the moment are surely title contenders.
United Fan, India

Fair Point

So will there be an orange coloured 'invisible spray' for when it's snowing?


A Worried Bolton Fan

Well, the Championship season has started in earnest, and at 5pm, us Bolton fans felt the familiar feeling of anti climax.

The first season after we got relegated from Owen Coyle's Barclays Premier League, our underwhelming performance in the Championship was down to the players adjusting to their new surroundings, we were told. Last season it was because we had too many players who felt they deserved to be in the Premiership and were causing dressing room unrest, we were told.

So this season, with the divas sold, and a squad either brought in by the manager, or championed by him, surely we must now be good to mount a challenge to get back to the Premiership?

We were woeful against Watford. Dougie Freedman has been saying we need an extra 3 attacking players, but we could have had Ronaldo, Messi and Zlatan up front, If the forward players never get the ball, then they cant score. As it happened we Had Craig Davies.

Freedman generally sets his teams up very defensively. You could argue this is because of the paucity of our attackers, but with a midfield lacking creativity, full backs who stay fully back and a striker without the quality to create things on his own, you are really reliant on that defensive line up being...well good defensively. We conceded three goals from long balls, in the Championship.

I think it will be another season of struggle for Bolton. It says a lot for the competitive nature of the league that I have seen us predicted for automatic promotion, plays offs, midleague and relegation (Thanks Joey Barton). Us Bolton fans dont know what to expect, we just know that we probably wont enjoy the ride.
Dave C, BWFC

Championship Madness

In case you missed it, we've had the first managerial casualty of the season. After 1 game. A 4-0 loss.

Obviously it's not really down to just one result, but I can't help but think Huddersfield have made a mistake here. Surely the time to part ways was after the end of last season. Take the off-season to find and bed a new manager in (I hear Moyes is still available. And Tim Sherwood) and they can make the signings they want. They can judge the players in the friendlies, develop an understanding, and sell the waste.

The hangover from this change may or may not see the club spend the season flirting with relegation, but by not making the change at the end of last season, the club's board have displayed a real lack of leadership and decision-making.
Nick P. Burnley FC.

Rules Is Rules

I've seen all the letters and comments about Celtic being reinstated and while I agree it is a harsh punishment given what happened we do need to consider the other side of it.

Yes the ineligible player only came on for 3 mins and didn't have any impact. But if you want to include that in a decision how do you reword the laws? How much of the game can a player be on without breaking the rule? How involved can they get, in theory any tackle could be breaking down a move that would have been a goal?

If someone was already dying and you shot them, you haven't had much of an impact in the overall outcome but you will get punished all the same.

The basics of this really are the rule broken was very easily avoided, maybe instead of demonising UEFA or Celtic people should be looking into how a club can mess up like this.
Simon, Doncaster

Yawn, Yawn, Yawn


Arsenal put on a world class, 5 star performance, and F365 in their headline claim Man Sh**ty were 'disinterested'? This after virtually no build-up for the game, with van Gaal taking up the headlines all day trying to tap up Di Maria who ManUre aren't even going to sign anyway?!?

I used to have respect for this website but now it has all gone down the drain. One change of manager does not a great club make. ManUre WILL continue to be s**t next season while van Gaal stares helplessly from the sidelines. Take that Matthew Stanger.

Arsenal for the title. How's that to ruin your van Gaal and Mourinho w**kfest???
Yusuf (obligatory name and parantheses) Bulama AFC

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I've Given It Some Thought: He's Got To Go

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