F365's Top Ten Players We Can't Wait To Watch

Some new, some existing - this is Daniel Storey's list of those we can't wait to watch during this Premier League season. There's even an English player, praise be...

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blankspace (Chelsea) says...

@zedsmith when Coutinho does this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scT7jOOHXdw against Pirlo and Buffon, I'll accept your point.

Posted 5:04am 16th August 2014

parsy12 (Manchester United) says...

Dzeko's finishing is a cause for concern? Scored 9 in his last 11 games last season to bring home the prem for City. In the words of Andy Milman,"Are you havin' a laugh?? Is he havin' a laugh?!!"

Posted 12:52am 15th August 2014

zedsmith (Liverpool) says...

@blankspace, or if you choose not to use selective stats, Oscar scored 8 in the league compared to Coutinho's 5. But they both contributed directly to 12 goals. So actually exactly the same stats from bizarrely exactly the same number of appearances according to Wiki. Which supports the point I am trying to make which is not that Oscar is a bad player or much worse than Coutinho, but that the Chelsea fans who laughed the comparison out of town a year ago were clueless. Right now, based on the managers involved, I'd take Coutinho over Oscar, because I believe that Mourinho will coach the creative spark out of Oscar in a similar way he did to Joe Cole, whereas Rodgers will go more for the attacking side. If the players switched clubs, I'd probably change my preference, but based solely on the manager's style of play and how the player fits in with their strengths.

Posted 6:18pm 14th August 2014

shea666 (Manchester United) says...

The idea of Juan Mata and Herrera together makes me highly optimistic for the coming season

Posted 7:53pm 13th August 2014

UltimaRed (Liverpool) says...

Coutinho is an interesting one, his first half of the season wasn't great and while he started okay for some matches he stopped doing what made the Liverpool fans (and neutrals, I assume but I am talking from a Liverpool point of view) salivate at the sight of him with the ball, passing. Coutinho, desperate to make as much noise as he could to get noticed by the Brazil national side started shooting way too much and as much as I love Coutinho his shooting is abysmal, as the season wore on we got too see more of the genius that is in there as well as a good grafter hopefully without the pressure of the national team being as obvious this season as it was last he can relax and reignite the glorious partnership with Sturridge (where Suarez had muscled in on). I can see why others will say their player is better (Oscar, Januzaj so on and so forth) but as a Liverpool fan I just hope he has a full season showing why he is so highly rated, given this site is rather neutral I am happy to see F365 do too

Posted 4:22pm 13th August 2014

blankspace (Chelsea) says...

@zedsmith "luckily not everything comes down to stats" - yes but football does come down to scoring goals to win matches, of which Oscar scored double what Coutinho did last season

Posted 3:22pm 13th August 2014

Synergy says...

@zedsmith> Again your mentioning a very subjective argument and your looking at it through your Pool player bias. Coutinho was decent last season playing in an attacking friendly offense while Oscar has had a fabulous half season under Benitez when he played alongside Mata and Hazzard in an attack based offense & was again very good for half the season till he faded, while playing in the "park the bus system" under defensive savant Mourinho.

It possible that the talented Coutinho could prove to be a better player than Oscar in the future. However if given the choice right now, most PL fans (non Pool fans) would Oscar over Coutinho, right now.

Its similar to how most United fans would pick Januzaj ahead of Oscar and Coutinho, inspite of the fact that he has proved himself the least out of the three....reason is simple, club bias.

Posted 2:50pm 13th August 2014

Ezy_Rider says...

@uttershambles - 'Mr Bojan-goals': fabulous work. Cap doffed

Posted 11:26am 13th August 2014

Jay_D says...

The thing with Oscar is that he's had over 100 apperances for Chelsea in the last two seasons. And when combined with international duty, fatigue will definitely set in hence the drop in form. With Fabregas, Mourinho can afford to rotate more and give the kid a break

Posted 10:53am 13th August 2014

magicfuller (Stoke City) says...

Bojan is a Stokie, He comes from sunny Spain; He came to us from Barca, cos Stoke is just the same; He use to play in Nou Camp but now he loves the Brit; cos Neymar's overrated and Messi's effing shet. Oooooooooooh....

Posted 10:43am 13th August 2014

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put Ince in my fantasy football team, so it's no surprise at all really. I do that to players. Also responsible for De Jong and Upson being injured. Think I'll transfer in Di Maria just to ruin United....

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ovren? £20m always seemed a touch on the expensive side, but I wasn't expecting him to be quite such a waste of money

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alf of our players have the physical presence of a 14 year old girl. I don't know why people are always shocked that they're injured.

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