Fortune Favours The Brave And Average

Tottenham did not play well at West Ham by any stretch of the imagination but Sam Allardyce played into their hands by doing what Sam Allardyce naturally does: nothing.

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jackio (Arsenal) says...

psmly01 - What was your take on the game then? Rather than criticise wildly, try and refute her points.

Posted 10:29am 18th August 2014

psmly01 (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

I'm a Spurs fan, and I love F365, but this is a terrible article - and one from the editor?! Really very surprising and totally below par for this site. Factually incorrect and harbouring a clear agenda which makes it no better than the tabloids which you ridicule on a daily basis in media watch. Impartial, informed, or even Gonzo hyperbolically entertaining journalism this isn't...instead we have a weak, insipid and incredibly transparent point of view on events. Really? Self serving and utterly bunkum. I don't know who Sarah's boss is, but surely they can't be impressed with this hokum?

Posted 9:42pm 17th August 2014

oldsage (West Ham United) says...

So it appears that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned (Sarah Winterburn) Sam didn't miss from 12 yards Noble did and 1-0 up would have definitely changed the game. I'm sick of the same old rubbish dished up by fans and so called journalists- the very reason I gave up reading newspapers because of tripe like this served up every I read any articles. I'll stick to making my own opinions about the game I love and the team I've supported for over 40 years. I agree with Jose Dominguez this is a very poor article and the writer has done nothing but have a spank at a manager under pressure in the media but will not be sacked by a board who will stand by their decisions- does the name Avram Grant ring any bells?

Posted 10:28am 17th August 2014

josedominquez (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

I'm sorry but this is such a poor analysis of the match. Really half-hearted effort from a professional sports writer. This tells us next to nothing about the key points in the game, other than an excuse to put the boot into Fat Sam. I think it's difficult to suggest Capoue and Bentaleb were being out played during the opening period, and claiming Spurs played 4-1-3-1 is plain wrong. Eriksen clearly dropped deep to sit and support Bentaleb and the system was a pretty straight forward 4-4-1. Come on guys, pick up the standard of writing and analysis please

Posted 11:11pm 16th August 2014

ericfromny says...

Good to see Lamela picking up right where he left off.

Posted 9:42pm 16th August 2014

dhj (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

Given that how badly we lost this fixture last year after going a man down i'll take a sneaky away win

Posted 6:15pm 16th August 2014

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