Now Are You Nervous, Louis?

It turns out that you can't win football matches just by looking all steely and declaring that you will. The good news is that Louis van Gaal now knows the size of the task...

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crow says...

@lfcfan80 it seems that to have a strong Prem we have to have foreign players at the expense of English ones and the national team although Hodgson is mucking the team up as well. So if that is indeed the case to get a decent national side we need more English players and so the Prem slightly weaker.

Posted 3:57am 4th September 2014

big dave (Manchester United) says...

@stevemelbourne - Jesus you are bitter aren't you? Don't let facts get in the way of a good whine mate, but if you'd care to actually look at any stats about Webb you will find that our win ratio with him refereeing is lower than our overall average over the period he was a top-flight ref. But of course that won't interest you will it, because it's so funny and clever to question the integrity of one of the best refs in the world over the past ten years, just as long as you can try to belittle the achievements of another team in some way to make life seem more bearable for you. As for the Mourinho to United thing, it's pretty certain that there's a bit more to it than a simple 'he says he didn't want to go to United so he didn't' because it would obviously be a PR disaster if it came out that he did want to. Did you even think of that fairly obvious point?

Posted 8:10am 27th August 2014

stevemelbourne (Chelsea) says...

@solskjaer99, you are right, sorry, of course. Silly me for listening to the man himself who managed Inter Milan, Real Madrid and even guided Porto to the CL as obviously he is a liar about where he wanted to go. Even Fergie said Mourinho wanted to go back to Chelsea. You carry on like the delusional, petulant child you are. And guess what? It is getting nasty indeed for Man Utd. Suck it up princess, while the rest of us watch and gloat in revenge for all the years Webb gave you favours and Fergie acted like a complete ar*ehole.

Posted 11:09pm 25th August 2014

lfcfan80 (Liverpool) says...

@big dave, I agree with you completely. Hopefully United can come back as I think it would make the league even stronger. I want a very powerful Liverpool, United, City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton and Spurs competing against each other. It will make the league more unpredictable and exciting to watch and hopefully if there are plenty of talented British players at the core of those teams it will make England, Scotland, Wales and the Irelands even more competitive at the International level.

Posted 7:56pm 21st August 2014

big dave (Manchester United) says...

@lfcfan80 - I get your point, but I don't believe that teams of professional footballers, with decent managers and fans travelling to watch them, on huge win bonuses, were turning up to Old Trafford to lose, or even turning up 'scared'. By definition that means that they were, 95% of the time at least, turning up well prepared with the intention of getting something out of the game. I find the whole argument a bit tricky, particularly since it's impossible for us to come to a definite conclusion either way. My own feeling is that the whole idea of 'teams lying down' at the homes of the big teams is bull, and was started in the first mind game battles in the late 90s between Sir Alex and Arsène (to try to get an extra 5% from another team, or effectively write the team talk for their manager). I think it's a lazy line used by commentators and pundits these days to explain something that they would otherwise have to think about. I'm not saying that it never happens - I'm saying that it's as rare as a 4-4 draw. I watch a lot of live football, including a lot of PL games where teams get their ar**s handed to them by the likes of Liverpool, City, and Arsenal (maybe United again soon?). I'm not particularly emotionally invested in those games, but I don't ever (and I mean EVER) think that the opposition isn't trying hard enough. It's about skill, power, form, and momentum, both within a game and over extended periods. But as I say, it's nigh-on impossible to prove either way and you're entitled to your opinion (and in my opinion it's not without merit - I just don't see things the same way).

Posted 9:58am 21st August 2014

lfcfan80 (Liverpool) says...

@big dave, you are right when you say teams are scared about going to the Etihad, but you didn't mention the reason for that - money. City have spent, and this is a complete guess so I could be way wrong, maybe about 1bn in transfer fees and wages to get to that level within such a short time frame. Ferguson got to the same level of fear through hard work and gradually building it up over the years. Thus Ferguson earnt it, he didn't buy it. Ask yourself honestly do you believe United have the money to do what City have done? I'm not sure United are rolling in it as much as Woodward wants us to believe. The fact he wants us to believe United are rolling in it so much leads me to believe United's vast wealth is a load of BS. Now that's not to say United are poverty stricken, just merely that there is a disparity between the actuality and the imagined. Even if United do have vast sums of money but the people who control those revenue streams refuse to release it for transfers and wages then that is just the same as being broke. You had an aura because you built it up season after season with continued success. You're wrong when you say it takes no time to build one up without wealth, that just doesn't happen otherwise every team would have an unbeatable aura. I also don't agree when you say weak teams 'had a go' and that they gave you a tough game, maybe Hull when they lost 4-3 had a go and gave you a game but they were so rare and far between. The vast majority of games were straight-forward United wins, with the occasional game maybe having difficult periods for United to overcome. Now teams are having a go and giving you difficult games. It might have seemed difficult from your perspective as you are a United fan and were emotionally invested in the result and performance but to a neutral they weren't.

Posted 7:43pm 20th August 2014

big dave (Manchester United) says...

@lfcfan80 - you make some interesting points about the supposed 'fear factor', but fail to notice the evidence right in front of your nose - teams are sh*t scared of going to the Etihad and Man City have only been tonking less able teams there for about three seasons. It takes no time at all to build a 'fear factor', just as it takes no time at all to lose one. Van Gaal's and United's problem isn't the loss of the fear factor. That's just a lazy line wheeled out by the media to try to explain something complex with a one-liner. United have always had tough games against supposedly weak opposition, and the majority have always 'had a go' knowing they were expecting zero points from the game and so could have a go, but in a rush to seem clever lots of people are conveniently forgetting that now and over-simplifying everything. If we had an 'aura' it was because we were the team getting three points nearly every week, and scoring plenty of goals, because we had the best team. Van Gaal needs to build a winning team, squad, and system, and start winning games. Everything else is irrelevant guff.

Posted 1:37pm 20th August 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

@abudelusion I have never changed my tune, not once. I said in May 2013 that Moyes wasn't good enough for United, and in every month since, when did I change my tune? As for being a glory hunter, being a glory hunter doesn't mean wanting your club to be successful, that's called being a supporter. I knew Moyes didn't have what it took to manage United, I was right, I make no apologies for it. I didn't blame Moyes for Evra or Vidic leaving but Vidic did decide to leave while the useless one was manager. Mata is a great player, I didn't say he wasn't, but that doesn't make him a great signing, we already had two number 10s, why sign a third when there are other more pressing areas to strengthen? Again, I said this at the time, I still think it now and as for trying to say that if Van Gaal had signed him I'd have praised it, what do you base that on? I said the same when Van Persie was signed, yes it's great to have him, but how about sorting out the midfield to at least give us a chance in Europe? Before you say 'that was Fergie', of course I know that was Fergie, unlike you I'm not a complete cretin. Moyes went after players the club had already been looking at? What do you base that on? So you're saying he was so incompetent he didn't even realise himself who he wanted to sign. When have I blamed Woodward? I've said consistently that the window is still open, if it closes without signings being made and Van Gaal publicly states who he wanted to sign, if they were realistic targets then we can point the finger of blame at Woodward, but do you seriously blame him for not landing Ronaldo, Bale, or Fabregas? If you do you're a moron.

Posted 12:23pm 20th August 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

@stevemelbourne Of course he did, you carry on believing everything you're told.

Posted 11:47am 20th August 2014

abudelusion (Manchester United) says...

@solskjaer....yeah, I know why. Because as a glory hunter you saw a manager that had won nothing with Everton, and assumed there would be no glory for you at United. As a result, you blamed everything on Moyes. Now we have a 'winner' in charge, everything is everyone else's fault but his. Your decision to blame Woodward this season, but not last season proves that. You're basically one of these people who comes up with something and then makes everything else fit with that conclusion. Moyes wasn't even in charge when Vidic and Evra left....yet here you are blaming him for that. As was pointed out to you and ignored last season, because it didn't fit your theory....Moyes went after targets the club had already been looking at. Mata is a quality signing and had LvG signed him you'd be singing a different tune. I think you're a fraud basically, you changes his tune to suit his agenda.

Posted 11:24am 20th August 2014

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