No Sign That Liverpool Will Lessen Attacking Intent

Whether they miss Luis Suarez or continue to ship goals remains to be seen, but Liverpool 2014/15 looked very similar to 2013/14. That's great news for all of us watching...

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stringman04 (Liverpool) says...

Johnson is past his best, and floats in and out of games. Gerrard AND Lucas doesn't work at all - you start one or the other. LFC need to play a 4-2-3-1 with the players they have - preferably Gerrard and Hendo sitting, with Coutinho in the #10 position in the middle of Sterling and anyone else .. Markovic perhaps, or Lallana when he's fit. Manquillo did well for a young debutant, but played a few too many errant passes. Despite the poor back-4 protection, Skrtel is still too indecisive .. time for the Lovren and Sakho show!

Posted 9:41pm 18th August 2014

yiddoash (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

Sorry Sharkster, but a 100% increase of 0 is 0.

Posted 3:12pm 18th August 2014

sharkster (Liverpool) says...

megabrow (cufc) (Colchester United) sorry..thought long and hard about this, but I can't let it slide. An increase from a loss to a win is a 100% increase.

Posted 1:43pm 18th August 2014

onceupon says...

Everyone putting the boot into Lucas should read scouseegg and thebigshow comment. It was discussed at length at the start of last season and the evidence points to a lack of control in midfield when both Gerrard and Lucas play together. Last season amazing performances came after Gerrard got injured in December and the shape of the midfield was rearrange to have only one holding midfielder and two other in front of him - "1-2" instead of "2-1". It was first Lucas who played deepest and then Gerrard took over when he returned (coinciding with another Lucas injury). Both players (and the team) looked better with only one of them in the first 11.

As far as yesterday was concern, I would agree with a lot of the comments about the actual lack of fluidity in attack. Liverpool attacking prowess has come from the number of danger zone (clear cut/in the box) opportunities they produce and yesterday saw the team struggle to replicate the chance creation it is accustomed to. It might only be a result of the combination of opening day nerves and the lack of the customary second first half goal though.

One goal leads are always dangerous and credit has to go to Southampton who played a very good second half demonstrating they still have the quality to bother any side in the league. They were unlucky not to get a at least a draw and even though Liverpool were missing two of their summer big signing, they were lucky to play them early because Southampton look like they will continue to be one of the best of "the rest" as they improve under Koeman.

Posted 1:35pm 18th August 2014

red wool (Liverpool) says...

The problem lies with Lucas, and the problem of dropping him lies with the fact that if we made too many changes in key areas then we'd "do a Spurs". But we're not, and we won because of it, and when the new players bed in we'll be playing much better. To write our team off this early, especially when all the other top clubs won ugly, would be madness.

Posted 12:36pm 18th August 2014

scouseegg (Liverpool) says...

@graham matheson - Sorry but i respectfully disagree with your assessment for who was at fault for Southamptons Goal. Don't get me wrong i want Johnson out of the team and preferably packed onto a rocket ship and sent to space but he wasn't at fault for the goal. It was Gerrard and Lucas (Especially) not picking up the run and allowing the man to get past them unencumbered. Rodgers made a selection error yesterday and that was playing Lucas and Gerrard in the same team. Its got to be one of the other as they were both so deep they were practically standing on Lovren and Skrtels toes and because of that it was allowing Southampton to dominate possession in the middle of the field and allowing them space to run at us. He should have put Allen, Henderson and Gerrard in at the start and then kept Lucas ready for when Gerrard started tiring. Saying that though i think if Lallana and Markovic had been fit then Lucas wouldn't have been in the starting 11 as one of them would have been. Also if Can is fit for City then he might step in to Lucas spot. Manquillo put in a good and mature performance at right back and hopefully showed Rodgers that Johnson shouldn't be automatically starting every week. Hopefully Moreno will settle in quickly. Thought Lovren looked good, really strong and decisive. Courtinho went missing abit for me as he, Sturridge and Sterling weren't getting much of the ball and that was because the midfield was sat so deep that he and Henderson were having to keep dropping back to battle Southamptons CM's. Southampton to their great credit came to play football and i think we were lucky to play them so early on because i think they'll be good again this season once their new players and manager have had time to adapt to the league. All in all i'm delighted we got the win as the next two away games are going to be tough.

Posted 12:16pm 18th August 2014

jeff beck says...

i think i missed the segments of the game where we were exciting going forward. looked very laboured in attack, Coutinho was completely unable to get into the game, which is very very worrying. Although as others have pointed out we lost this game last year. A point against City and we'll be four points up on last season already. Only need to match the remaining 36 results and we'll surely win the league 8-)

Posted 11:11am 18th August 2014

johnnyc1976 (Celtic) says...

Gerrard is not a 90+ minute player anymore!!!

Posted 10:47am 18th August 2014

ajsr1982 (Liverpool) says...

It might fit the story, but I disagree with the general thrust of the article. Liverpool just didn't play very well, and aside from the two goals only really threatened from long range. They weren't really exciting going forward at all. The tempo was too slow, and when they tried to raise it they became wasteful. Relieved to get a win we didn't deserve.

Posted 10:39am 18th August 2014

megabrow (cufc) (Colchester United) says...

@uncle monty - sorry..thought long and hard about this, but I can't let it slide. An increase from 0 to 3 is not a 100% increase.

Posted 10:03am 18th August 2014

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