A New Season, But United Remain As Losers

Matthew Stanger's Winners and Losers returns after a long summer off. Here he is on the rot setting in at Old Trafford, Man City's depth and Rodgers' obsession with Suarez...

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fonzsrightthumb (Liverpool) says...

Dont worry Manu fans, in 4 or 5 yrs or so, you too might get lucky and sign a flawed genius, that fires you back to the top table.. Until then just hope you can keep there and there abouts (not being in Europe is your best blessing but its come too early - You need to get back in this year, its the best chance you will have) Think CL footy will hurt us this year, so you might need to be ahead of Spurs to get into CL this year.... Am worried we will end up 5th.. (Behind spurs)

Posted 1:57pm 22nd August 2014

fonzsrightthumb (Liverpool) says...

It might be the funniest thing I have ever had the pleasure to read / lurk on, How perspective changes.. So expect Tuesday to be fun when City beat Pool and everyone says we can't live without Suarez and we still need 5 'world class' defenders.... (We realy just bed to get Flano fit and drop Johno, bless him, as The Pub Landloard said "He's gonna be a bit s**t")

Posted 1:54pm 22nd August 2014

fonzsrightthumb (Liverpool) says...

I am loving this like you woudn't believe!

Posted 1:51pm 22nd August 2014

HarryBoulton says...

@charming_man, I think we're agreeing here, it's just not that clear. The players you mention weren't world class (although Berbatov was a top notch player at the time....), but the fees paid were huge, and have gone unjustifed as well. I agree with your principle thoughe, the money that we have spent, and there's been a lot of it, has been spent poorly. Very poorly. City have spent well. Our big buys, RvP aside, have failed us, so far. City's big buys have delivered, and that's the ket difference when you look at the squads. For me our recruitment policy seems to have lost its way. But I think we were half-@rsing it as well. Players like Valencia, Young, Jones, Smalling, Fellaini etc. Promising players though they were at the time, were not at the right level to be playing for us, and they have subesequently failed to kick on as we had hoped. The argument about how much has been spent between the two clubs is a moot point now, it's there in black and white. The upshot is that City have gotten value for their money, and we haven't.

Posted 1:11pm 22nd August 2014

charming_man (Manchester City) says...

@ Harry, I'm not sure you can say that. Whilst I agree Anderson & Berbatov weren't World class. The fee certainly was. That's kind of the point isn't it? United of late have spent the money, just poorly. As for a City, and perhaps this why United don't buy the totally established, only Tevez really worked. The Ya Ya transfer was laughed at, David Silva was too small. Fernandinho was a rip off. Obviously these aren't my feeling, but sentiments we've had shoved down our throats. I don't think there's much of an argument, United have spent nearly £200 million net in just over two years. Yet most United fans, most experts are suggest that you still need 2 or 3 World class players. You are spending the money, just badly. For what it's worth, I think you need to establish a management and scouting set up to identify players. United spent so long under the complete control of Ferguson that this was inevitable. How do you replace him? You can't. Hence United's problems. Take City or Chelsea, or Bayern if you like. They have an established management team, directors of football and such who control everything from sandwich fillings to contracts. Then a head coach who simply picks the team. It's easy to find a head coach, it's not easy to find a Ferguson.

Posted 9:54am 22nd August 2014

HarryBoulton says...

@charming_man, I would argue that while Berbatov and Anderson certainly commended top class prices, they weren't top class players. Berbatov was not one of Europes most wanted, and Mr. Anderson most certainly wasn't. City spend money, yes, but I think you spend it on what you might call "a sure thing". Man Utd gamlbed. We gambled out money and we spent it poorly. Gambled on Nani, and Anderson, and Phil Jones etc and that is where my frustration comes from .

Posted 3:25pm 21st August 2014

charming_man (Manchester City) says...

@joemanutd, I don't really understand what you are saying, it appears I'm not alone. You're saying we've never sold anyone for sums that would see them in any kind of transfer record? You're right we haven't, we don't sell our best players. If we were to sell say, Silva or Aguero I'm sure they make that list. Original argument, you claim United have never shopped at the top level. You have, you just spent your £30 million on Berbatov or Anderson rather than a Silva. You paid almost as much for Berbatov ad we did for Toure. Fellaini cost nearly £30 million, that would have bought you Fernandinho, Matic, Thiago. This summer it would have bought you Fabregas, nearly got you Sanchez. United spend millions, just badly of late.

Posted 1:06pm 21st August 2014

petergriffin (Manchester City) says...

I m well aware of that Joe but it made no sense. I said you pick and choose which fees to believe depending on the lowest and you then said you believe the media as you don t know exactly what the fees were (missing the point) and then that economics don t apply for City which makes no sense. I m under the impression you ve just learned the word economics and are using it as much as possible without knowing what it means. Don t worry pal I sometimes use big words I don t understand to make myself sound more photosynthesis.

Posted 12:28pm 21st August 2014

joemanutd (Manchester United) says...

@Charming_man fair play to you for fitting the City fan stereo type perfectly, you join the party late, get the wrong end of the stick and think you know it all. Oh and did I mention deluded? @Pete my second point went back to your earlier comment/accusation that I and most of my fellow United supporting brethren pick and choose the fees we quote to suit our agenda. This debate (as it tends to do with you lot) will become very tiresome if I must continually remind you of your previous comments!

Posted 11:44am 21st August 2014

charming_man (Manchester City) says...

Am I missing something here, a United fan is giving a City fan stick for NOT selling our best players? Wow. Manchester City, the club that hurts United & their odd little fans more than anything. Is Sheikh Mansour bored yet? That was their hope right? Oh darn, not only is he not bored, he's building the finest football club on the planet. Investing millions in youth, in the community. He's everything United dreamed of.

Posted 4:05pm 20th August 2014

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