F365's Top Ten Knee-Jerk Reactions

We've been trying so hard to keep those sweeping generalisations locked up, but to no avail. We've already said they are knee-jerk, so you can't shout at us...

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jimmyjazz (Liverpool) says...

How about callum chambers being the bestest defender ever already? Clive Tydlsey sounded like he would lick marmite off chambers' face the other night, and he hates marmite

Posted 5:55pm 20th August 2014

shea666 (Manchester United) says...

Ramsey needed last season after the poor 2012/13 he had, if he can keep the 2013/14 form going it'll be great to watch. Sterling isn't the finished article yet in my opinion. United, like HarryBoulton says, have needed an overhaul for much longer than just this summer

Posted 10:55pm 19th August 2014

jegz1uk (Liverpool) says...

But last week Smalling, Carrick and Fletcher were good enough? Why, what's changed? LVG knows best right! Laughable.

Posted 3:09pm 19th August 2014

v. profane (Newcastle United) says...

I expect Cabella to be a like for like replacement for Ben Arfa since he's probably never going to play for us again as Pardew has given up trying to manage him. Like Ben Arfa he'll be a fan favourite, great to watch, but probably not terribly effective. Hopefully De Jong will be though.

Posted 2:58pm 19th August 2014

man of ire (Manchester United) says...

I'd have added in the F365 says article on Chelsea that was written last night...

Posted 2:57pm 19th August 2014

summerofcmpunk (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

I am so effing sick of Manchester united and their worried fans. I wish nothing but hardship on ye and its a massive dream scenario that ye get relegated. I adore Spurs but I almost hate United more than I love Tottenham Right now. This only kicked in after the world cup too. I hope everything LVG and United do this season ends in the worst possible scenario. Everyone associated with the club deserves it, especially the 'fans'

Posted 2:52pm 19th August 2014

towelmaster (Swindon Town) says...

Aaron Ramsey is also a literal beautiful young man. Not metaphorically beautiful like Sterling, but in the sense that he has a really dreamy face.

Posted 1:13pm 19th August 2014

HarryBoulton says...

For the good of my sanity I have already decided that United aren't signing anyone else. If they do, it's only serves to make the club look more ridiculous anyway. The requirement for a bloody good clear out has been crystal clear for over a year now. To then go and action said clear out after Saturdays performance simply comes across as a knee jerk reaction to a problem that has been prevalent for more then 18 months or so. I can only reason that this clear out has not yet happened because those in charge of such matters simply have no intention of doing so. Either that, or there are simply no takers for leeches like Anderson, Nani and Young; players of limited ability and mental fortitude, yet at the same time, high earners that no one is willing to take on in a month of Sundays. All this talk of "2 weeks for United to get it right" is absurd. We've had 3 month (hell, 12 months) to "get it right" and we still haven't found the magic formula. While City are taking on players like Fernando and Mangala, who are EXACTLY the type of players we have needed for years, we're still making do with Fellaini and Chris Smalling. And that is the way it will continue to be. My fellow United fans should ready themselves for this now, because deep down we all know the outcome of this. We might sign Rojo, maybe. But the rest the names we've read about? Pie in the sky........

Posted 11:04am 19th August 2014

fashy (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

Adebayor was in hospital with Malaria two months ago, give him a break. Saying that, Ade's lack of match practice didn't stop Poch leaving Soldado out so the Spaniard's days may seem numbered.

Posted 10:46am 19th August 2014

superJay (Liverpool) says...

Fascinating comment by Dan re Sterling - one I saw several times this summer about his role with the national side - with Sterling's dribbling ability, why would you want to restrict him to one wing. For me, the logic is that it is easier to crowd a player out in the middle, and easier for him to isolate an opponent on the wing - is that now an outdated concept?

Posted 10:26am 19th August 2014

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