Forget The Assumption Of A 'Meaningless' Friendly

Despite the widespread lack of interest in England's friendly against Norway, Philip Cornwall investigates why, actually, it really does matter. England need results...

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hump3. (Ipswich Town) says...

@tk421, Just want to offer you much congratulations on your front page comment, it has been there for an age, a sign of quality. Love Is All Around by Wet Wet Wet, Everything I Do (I Do It For You) by Bryan Adams and You Cant Say Something Racist (Without Being Racist) by tk421. Excellent.

Posted 3:43pm 3rd September 2014

ildiavolorosso (Manchester United) says...

By this logic Phil all friendlies are important. This one happens to be more important because of England's poor showing in the world cup. If England had done well there even reaching the 2nd round the seeding would perhaps not be an issue for France 16. Also FIFA rankings are the weighted average, as opposed to a simple average, of the past 4 years with more recent matches given more weight.

Posted 3:43pm 3rd September 2014

shockmaster (Liverpool) says...

I'm sure it's important to England, but I think the problem is that at this stage of the season, most people care a lot more about what's already shaping up to be an exciting Premier League campaign than they do about the tedium of the national team. International football is an unwelcome distraction in my eyes.

Posted 3:43pm 3rd September 2014

tk421 says...

I'm blowing a really big raspberry at this piece

Posted 2:25pm 3rd September 2014

hump3. (Ipswich Town) says...

10 minutes before on the Roy Thinks Of The Kids. Story. Great minds are alike. Poor Phil, he wont be best pleased.

Posted 1:49pm 3rd September 2014

hump3. (Ipswich Town) says...

Think i posted an erudite point elsewhere saying exactly the same. Some friendlies are pointless, but this one needs to be taken seriously what with Switzerland to come. The only consolation is that there are more places availale for this tournment (Top 2 qualify, 3rd place playoff?), but even then a good qualifying will boost the coefficient for the groups at 2016.

Posted 1:44pm 3rd September 2014

ajsr1982 (Liverpool) says...

I have no problem with friendlies being worth fewer ranking points than competitive matches, however the multiplier of 2.5 for qualifiers (compared to friendlies) seems very severe. 1.5 would make more sense in my opinion, and restore more competitiveness to friendly matches. One other point, and a pet hate of mine. Your use of 'mediocrity'. If you insist on using it, at least give some context. There are over 200 teams in world football. Reaching the last 16 of a World Cup is hardly the definition of mediocre in that context is it? Let's take Rwanda, ranked 101 in the world. Now they're mediocre, and I reckon they'd be pretty happy with finishing bottom of a World Cup group!

Posted 1:28pm 3rd September 2014

dooby (Liverpool) says...

its so meaningless its not even reached meaningless on the scale of meaninglessness

Posted 1:17pm 3rd September 2014

dryice says...

I had always been a big England match going fan and that included friendlies. But the whole vibe has changed and it's become much more of a day tripping exercise where people expect to be entertained and bring their club allegiances firmly with them. It never used to be like this, it used to be a great experience where fans of big rivals would forget about that and just get on. It's become sterile. The PL have done a great job marketing their league and this has lessened the importance of the national side, the press fluctuate between having world beaters and chumps and the players seem so scared of the backlash to a mistake that they stay risk averse. I think it's just the modern need for quick sensationalist conclusions on everything, we used to be able to pick the benefits from defeats, now it's the end of the world when it happens. Shame....oh and it's really expensive as well.

Posted 12:50pm 3rd September 2014

D_M_S says...

It is the most ridiculous scheduling one could imagine. Two week break for non-competitive international matches. No interest whatsoever.

Posted 12:23pm 3rd September 2014

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