Football Managers On TV: Jose Mourinho

Like all the best actors, who Jose Mourinho really is when not onstage remains elusive. He has the X factor, but knows when and when not to turn on the charm...

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disGUSting says...

"I'm a special one" That's A special one, not THE special one. Always annoys me that people say he called himself The special one.

Posted 5:16pm 11th September 2014

JacobBurns (Leeds United) says...

@barnesy. Agree Clough wasn't solely motivated by money when he went to Leeds. But if Man U had offered him enough then I reckon he would have been unable to resist the temptation. However, to the best of my knowledge no such offer ever came. @gooner_expat. Clough retired in 1993, the same year that Man U won the title. During Clough's tenure at Forest Man U won the FA Cup 4 times the League Cup once and Cup Winners Cup once. I would say they were treading water rather than dwindling. Prior to managing Leeds Clough was manager of Brighton in Division 3, so if you two guys are trying to say that Man United of the eighties was somehow beneath Clough then I disagree.

Posted 2:29pm 9th September 2014

gooner_expat (Arsenal) says...

@JacobBurns He went to leeds before he became Englands most successful manager at forest.. and when he left forest he retired. United was dwindling at the time...

Posted 11:26am 9th September 2014

Barnesy10 (Liverpool) says...

@JacobBurns...But Leeds were champions right? As he famously said "I want to win the league, but I want to win it better". So, it wasn't just about money, it was just as much about ego and wanting to better his great rival Revie.

Posted 11:19am 9th September 2014

JacobBurns (Leeds United) says...

@redman. Why would Clough go to Man U?, for the money! He went to Leeds therefore he would have gone anywhere.

Posted 9:23am 9th September 2014

lfcfan80 (Liverpool) says...

@macduff, I absolutely agree, he is a detestable person regardless what his sycophants say. If you're a good human being you simply do not hide and poke a man in the eye, even with or without that man suffering from Cancer and you knowing he does beforehand. And no he doesn't wind up scousers but feel free to think that if you want to. I would have no problem with him if he was an ok guy but he isn't.

Posted 9:32pm 8th September 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

@vaseline gang If you were as good as he is, you'd love yourself as well. Being arrogant is only a bad thing if you don't have the ability to back it up, take Moyes for example, last season he displayed breathtaking arrogance at times, which from a man with such limited abilities just made him look more ridiculous.

Posted 6:07pm 8th September 2014

vaseline gang (Arsenal) says...

Top manager but loves himself too much. Spends hours in front of a mirror rehearsing his touchline antics - must look good for the TV cameras, eh Jose?

Posted 3:06pm 8th September 2014

Barnesy10 (Liverpool) says...

@solskjaer99...I think he riles up Arsenal fans more. I've actually met him on the Kings Road during his first stint and he was actually really lovely. So, personally I don't dislike him. I'm very much up and down with him. Sometimes he's great value, and when he turns on the charm he can be captivating. But also, he can display his curmudgeon side, which really isn't very pleasant. Especially when he tries to paint CFC as the downtrodden under dog. But as I say, when I met him he was great. It was a Sunday afternoon (during the summer) and he was with his family. I apologized for disturbing him and asked if I can get a picture. However, I had left my phone at home, so Jose laughed and said "you'll never make a good paparazzi and said better luck next time, you've just missed your chance of a lifetime". However, he was good enough to sign my bus ticket though!

Posted 1:50pm 8th September 2014

torminator (Liverpool) says...

Doherty why is one of your first comments about what other club's fans will say? Maybe you're the one obsessed with what others think of Chelsea. If this article was about Rodgers and mostly praising him to the hilt don't you think non-Liverpool fans first reactions would be "David Brent!" Or some other put-down? It's normal that other club's fans don't like your club or it's staff, are non-Chelsea fans not allowed disagree or post an alternate view which they genuinely believe?

Posted 11:43am 7th September 2014

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