'Clamour' For Giggs Indicative Of Our Shallowness

Ryan Giggs looked good in a suit and was described as a 'proper football man', so John Nicholson isn't surprised that he's being touted for the Untied job after just one match...

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murray (Arsenal) says...

I hope that MU appoint him. There have been times when players promoted to management without experience have succeeded but usually for a short time and usually only when they either inherit a successful team or are simply doing the opposite of the unpopular manager just sacked. Where it seems to me that successful players promoted to management fail is when they stop relying on the players they know and have to purchase new players or when it starts to go wrong and they have not had the personal experience of failure to learn from so flounder when it goes wrong. Even Guardiola has I believe a spotty record of purchasing players and he had the luxury of managing a team just about any player would have given their left nut to play in. If you think it was funny watching United fans bicker over whether Moyes should be sacked imagine the results when it is over one of their own. Just as I argued that I hoped Tim S. would be successful enough at Spurs for him to get the job fulltime because his inevitable failure would lead to another season wasted so too do I hope that MU appoint Giggs as his failure would waste yet another season. Maybe John can clarify but didn't Leeds appoint almost every player from their glory days in the 1970's and didn't every one of them fail?

Posted 7:12am 30th April 2014

lexbitte (Manchester United) says...

John, you will eat your words eventually. From my second guess, your article smells a kick-back. Whether Giggs is chosen or not, we cant deny the fact that he has restored some faith in MUTD once again

Posted 10:21pm 29th April 2014

jhenson37 (Manchester United) says...

Bring in Van Gaal and make Giggs his number 2. This should give Giggs the time to get more acquainted with what managers need and it will provide ManU with both the experience of van Gaal as a proven manager and the experience of Giggs in way of ManU politics and respect within the squad. In 2-3 years time it could make since to move Giggs into that top spot. Lets not get starry eyed after 1 game in charge.

Posted 6:01pm 29th April 2014

jonnywishbone2 (Arsenal) says...

Mike, tallest dwarf? I did include the word "apparent" because he has always come across to me as being dim, but I concede I may be wrong. Maybe it's just the accent.

Posted 4:10pm 29th April 2014

dhirt11 (Liverpool) says...

Giggs could be the recipe for another disaster at OT..

Posted 3:37pm 29th April 2014

Mike_Christie (Manchester United) says...

Jonnwishbone, Giggs apparent thickness? Seriously? In footballing terms he's a towering genius. He's eloquent, measured and had the footballing sense to be able to reinvent himself numerous times from flying winger to steady deep lying playmaker.

Posted 2:25pm 29th April 2014

jonnywishbone2 (Arsenal) says...

Giggs might turn out to be the second coming of Brian Clough. On the other hand, perhaps as a manager we'll learn in time he has more of the Nigel Clough about him. The fact is simply that there is no way of knowing. If you're a United fan, and the prospect of being managed by an all time club legend excites you on a visceral level and you want the club to take a punt on him, then I think that's fine. The problem is when people in the media, who are paid to presumably have sensible, informed opinions about the game, try to dress their pro-British pro-their mate agenda as an intellectually sound argument. And some of this dressing involves using the meaningless PFM phrase, saying he "knows the club" etc. Personally I think Giggs' apparent thickness will prevent him from being any good.

Posted 1:52pm 29th April 2014

anthony 83 (Manchester United) says...

I can only conclude that John doesn't get paid for these articles - but instead is given a small line of text at the bottom to try plug his (probably) equally positive books...

Posted 1:34pm 29th April 2014

guru (Manchester United) says...

OMW ... I never thought it possible but a good article from the English press ... almost balanced in its view of the reality !!! I agree mostly with what is written ... Giggs right now will be a mistake. For every MU fan it would be a dream come true ... but can MU take the risk? The answer is NO. The failure of Moyes has to be followed by a statement of intent ... and a big name manager is the way to go. Let him mentor Giggs and someday he can manage and we can live the dream.

Posted 12:15pm 29th April 2014

onceupon says...

I think jimbob87 puts it correctly. It's not the time to get carried away. I don't think the ManU board will either. A big name manager is what is needed to steady the ship and like jimmy1975 said, it is the best way to send a strong message to players across Europe that United mean business and will compete at the top as early as next year. Appointing Giggs now would only add to the uncertainty around the club.

@man of ire: I don't think that the point is Giggs can't be a good manager for United but that this is not the right time to have an ex-player with no management experience take over. I agree with you that managing a club lower down the league will not necessarily prepare him adequately for the United job though. As many have suggested, Giggs staying as assistant manager to someone like Van Gaal would give him the opportunity to complete his badges as he learns from an experience manager (with a different approach than Ferguson) and give him the time to fully understand the requirements for the job. He could then take over after that with United stabilize and in a good position.

Posted 10:24am 29th April 2014

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